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Thermacuts is a weight loss supplement designed to work through fat burning, appetite suppression and metabolism boosting. It is able to do so owing to the potent mix of ingredients that it contains. Let us look in more detail at how this product works and what its merits and demerits are.

Thermacuts Pros
  • It contains a fairly potent mix of ingredients
  • It is capable of carrying out metabolism boosting, fat burning and appetite suppression
Thermacuts Cons
  • It is capable of manifesting side effects
  • It does not have clinical validity as a product

Thermacuts Review

Thermacuts is believed to provide weight loss results through the possession of a potent mix of ingredients that include guarana, green tea, cayenne and Vitamin B6.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular weight loss supplement has three claims; metabolism boosting, appetite suppression and fat burning.

How Thermacuts Works

boosts metabolismGreen tea extract is fairly popular as a weight loss ingredient owing to the presence of antioxidants. Antioxidants within green tea play two roles primarily. Firstly, they allow for extensive thermogenesis, which is the process through which heat is generated within the body. This caters for fairly large amounts of energy to be released that can contribute to weight loss as well as a boost in metabolism. This in turn contributes to the burning of fat at fairly impressive rates. Secondly, antioxidants allow for the oxidation of fat, resulting in further fat burning.

Additionally, green tea is a detox agent. What this means is that it allows the removal of substances which would otherwise be accumulated within the body and be stored as fats. By removing these substances, a lower level of fat is stored.

For more information, read our How Thermacuts Works article and our How to Use Thermacuts article.

Key Thermacuts Ingredients


CaffeineCaffeine is a fairly common ingredient when it comes to weight loss supplements. This is because it is attributed with several features. It plays a role in lipid (fat) oxidation and the breakdown of body fat. Additionally, it is an exceptionally strong and useful source of energy and can hence help in boosting metabolism for fat burning and weight loss.


Guarana is found commonly in some regions in the continent of South America and is believed to be rich in caffeine. It is therefore used extensively in energy drinks and weight loss supplements for the purpose of providing energy for effective metabolism boosting. It is also believed that this particular ingredient results in an increase in the rate at which fat is released into the bloodstream and made readily available. This phenomenon in known as lipolysis and it allows for fat to be burned at higher and faster rates.

Vitamin B6

Known to chemists as pyridoxine, Vitamin B6 is a water soluble nutrient that is part of the B vitamin family. It is believed to be a fairly important nutrient because it contributes to the maintenance of metabolic processes within the body. This comes about because it plays a role in regulating about 100 different enzymes within the body. By regulating these enzymes in accordance with its provisions and functions, it helps to maintain a progressive metabolic rate and thus allows fat to be burned effectively. Particularly, Vitamin B6 targets glycogen, which is a molecule that stores carbohydrates. Essentially, what happens is that Vitamin B6 converts carbohydrates into glucose, and this glucose is subsequently converted into energy which results in an increase in the metabolic rates within the body.

Citrus aurantium

Citrus aurantium is also known as bitter orange, and is derived from a tree sharing the same name as itself. Its prime contribution is believed to be towards appetite suppression. This is essentially owing to the presence of the chemical synephrine within this ingredient. It is believed that synephrine also plays a role in metabolism boosting and increasing the expenditure level of energy significantly.

More information about the effects of these ingredients can be found in our Thermacuts Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 50/100

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement has modest weight loss powers. This is because it contains a potent mix of ingredients. However, we do not know in full detail how effective this particular supplement can be. It would therefore be fair to assign it with a modest value when it comes to weight loss power.
Speed of results: 5/100

Again owing to the lack of information for Thermacuts in this regard, we have no choice but to assign this particular weight loss supplement with a low score when it comes to speed of results.
Appetite Suppression: 50/100

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement does have appetite suppression powers owing to the ingredients present. Therefore, we feel it is fair to assign Thermacuts with a fairly decent score when it comes to appetite suppression.
Long Term Results: 5/100

Owing to the lack of information in this regard, we really have no idea whether this particular weight loss supplement has any long term effects or not. Hence, we have no choice but to grant this particular weight loss supplement with a low score when it comes to long term effects.
Safety: 50/100

While this particular weight loss supplement is not on the whole unsafe, it is capable of manifesting some side effects which are influential even if they are not potentially disastrous. Therefore, we feel it is fair to assign the Thermacuts weight loss supplement with an average score when it comes to safety.
Value for money: 60/100

This particular weight loss supplement appears to be very moderately priced and therefore it can be said that it has value for money. In this regard, we feel it is fine to assign a decent score to Thermacuts weight loss supplement when it comes to this particular indicator.

Thermacuts Side Effects

Let us look at ingredients one by one. First up we have green tea. The problem associated with green tea is that it contains caffeine in exceptionally large quantities and therefore it manifests side effects associated with caffeine. For instance, green tea can cause sleep disorders, most notable amongst which is insomnia. Moreover, it can cause anxiety, nervousness, jerkiness and tension. It is also associated with vomiting and nausea. Finally, green tea can cause increase in levels of blood pressure and heart beat rates.

Next up we have citrus aurantium. This particular ingredient can cause rapid rises in blood pressure and can increase the likelihood of fainting. It can also increase the likelihood of having a heart attack or a stroke. Citrus aurantium is also troublesome for those people who have glaucoma. Lastly, this particular ingredient can also cause a heart condition known as long QT interval syndrome.

Finally we have guarana, which can also cause problems owing to the caffeine content and therefore with the usual side effects as aforementioned. Additional problems include stomach cramps, pain while urinating, ringing in the ears as well as dieresis.

For more information, read our Thermacuts Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Thermacuts

It is possible to purchase this particular weight loss supplement from the official website. Here you can purchase a one month supply of 120 capsules for a price of £26.5. There are also several other options you can read about in our Where to Buy Thermacuts article.

Additionally, you may want to read our Company Behind Thermacuts article.

Overall Verdict

We feel that this particular weight loss supplement is quite effective, owing to the potent mix of ingredients that it contains. It does however have noticeable demerits such as no clinical validity to support it and the incidence of some side effects associated with it. Hence, we would like to conclude by saying that while this particular weight loss supplement has no proof of producing exceptionally phenomenal results, it does appear to be useful and worthy of being tried.

Overall: 37/100

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