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Top 4 Best Diet Pills 2017

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Choosing the best diet pills can be a daunting task. We’ve done the hard work for you.

Our team of writers and editors have reviewed over 200 weight loss supplements and compiled a list of our Approved diet pills below.

All of the diet pills below meet our ‘Approved’ standard, which includes:

  • A minimum of 30 days money-back-guarantee.
  • Sold via a one-off payment rather than an auto-billing scheme.
  • Contains proven & safe weight loss ingredients

Approved Weight Loss Supplements Available in the UK

#1 Approved Choice – Gravitate Nutrition

    gravitate nutrition review

    Click here to find out why Gravitate Nutrition is approved.

  • Quick & easy weight loss
  • 60-day money-back-guarantee
  • Unique 2 product system with clinically proven ingredients
  • Safe, natural & stimulant-free formula

Gravitate is the only product we’ve come across to offer such an exciting combination of effective ingredients packaged into a well-thought-out and easy to take format. The clinically tested weight loss ingredients are powerful yet safe and natural.

Gravitate’s Ultimate Weight Loss Kit contains two products (Weight Loss Shakes & Hotsculpt) which work together to tackle weight loss from all angles and provides superior results compared to other competitors.

Gravitate Nutrition comes with guaranteed weight loss via a 60-day 100% money-back-guarantee. This is the biggest money-back-guarantee of all our approved products and makes the purchase practically risk-free.

#2 Approved Choice – Skinny Medical

Skinny Medical

Click here to find out why Skinny Medical is approved.

  • Comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee
  • Targets 5 of the 5 areas of weight loss
  • GMP certified for high quality ingredients and safety

Skinny Medical uses 9 natural ingredients which all have been clinically tested. The product is also GMP certified, granting it safe for human consumption and guaranteeing the high quality of its ingredients.

The product comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee.

#3 Superfruit Slim

Superfruit Slim Pills

Click here to find out why Superfruit Slim is approved.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee offered
  • Claimed to target three of the five key areas of weight loss

Superfruit Slim contains four key ingredients: Acai Berry, African Mango, Green Tea and Raspberry Ketones. These ingredients are all natural and are supported by clinical studies.

#4 Garcinia Cambogia Extra

garcinia cambogia extra slimming pills

Click here to find out why Garcinia Cambogia Extra is approved.

  • Few side effects associated with ingredients
  • Money back guarantee offered

Garcinia Cambogia Extra comes with a 30 day money-back-guarantee.The product is comprised of natural ingredients and openly displays its ingredient list along with ingredient quantities.

Products above are selected according to our Approved diet pills criteria and sorted by length of money-back-guarantee, by whether they have a diet plan, and finally by the date they were Approved.

Best Diet Pills Selection Criteria

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We use a strict criteria for selecting our Approved weight loss supplements. Here are the 6 points which diet pills must meet to be ranked as Approved.

  • 1. Product must come with a 30-day or more money-back guarantee.
  • 2. Products must be available to purchase via a single one-off payment.
  • 3. Product must be manufactured to one of the following quality standards: GMP, BRC, IOS 9001.
  • 4. Products either must come with their own sustainable diet plan or promote use alongside a diet plan.
  • 5. The product’s ingredients list and quantities disclosed.
  • 6. The company behind the product’s contact details must be readily available.
Learn more by reading Our full Approved diet pills criteria.

Considerations When Choosing The Best Diet Pill

When thinking about using diet pills to give your weight loss a boost, it is important that you make careful choices to ensure that you are taking the best diet pill for you. Not only will this help you achieve your desired results, it also reduces the risk of negative side effects, as well as enabling you to save money which may have otherwise been spent trialing various diet pills before you find the perfect one. These considerations can give you a helping hand to make sure that you have the best weight loss experience, and it is easier than you may think to find the best diet pill.

How Can We Help You Choose The Best Diet Pill?

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We have a list of what we consider best diet pills which can be found on this page. If, however, there is a specific diet pill that you are interest in, you can use our search feature to find our review on it. Finally, we also have other articles listed on this page which give specific advice for different people.

We’ve also developed a useful diet pills comparison tool to allow you to compare all diet pills on the market by criteria such as price and the area of weight loss targeted. We can also help you avoid the many diet pill scams such as those which enrol you into auto-billing schemes.

Choosing The Best Diet Pills By Benefits

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Each diet pill is designed to help you lose weight in a different way, unique to the product. Some diet pills will bind or burn fat whereas others will suppress your appetite. There are also diet pills targeted at metabolism boosting and others that specialise in carb blocking. Lastly, there are multi-function diet pills which target multiple areas of weight loss. With such a vast range of weight loss benefits, it is very important that you understand what these terms mean so that you know exactly what your product does.

Best Fat Binding/Burning Diet Pills

Fat binding pills will help you by preventing the absorption of fat into your cells. This is implemented by the fat binder latching onto fat, thus making them too big to pass through the wall of the small intestine, preventing the fat from being digested. Fat burners, however, will burn off that which you have already absorbed. By using a process called thermogenesis, fat burners increase the rate in which fat is broken down. This study shows that thermogenesis can promote weight loss in humans

Best Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills

When you are trying to stick to a calorie controlled diet, hunger pangs can be your worst enemy. An appetite suppressant will help you to feel fuller for longer, thus helping you to stick to your diet and lose weight more quickly.

Best Metabolism Boosting Diet Pills

Sometimes the best thing that you can do is give your metabolism a boost, so that working out is more effective and any food that you ingest is burned quicker.

Best Carbohydrate Blocking Diet Pills

Carbohydrate blockers, also known as starch blockers, aid weight loss by blocking the enzyme alpha-amylase which breaks down carbohydrates. Once blocked, carbohydrates can pass through the body undigested, their calories not being absorbed.

Choosing The Best Diet Pills By User

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A lot of the effects that you may experience when taking diet pills will rely on you, the user. You are a unique person with individual needs and a different body to everyone else; what may work for one person many not necessarily work for you.

Best Diet Pills For Men

Male dieters are often thinking beyond just losing weight, with considerations such as building muscle. If you fall into this category, it is important to go for fitness diet pills rather than those which are targeted simply to losing weight, therefore it is recommended that you look at fat burning diet pills. For more information, read our article on the best diet pills for men.

Best Diet Pills For Women

Women require less calories than men due to the fact that they generally have less muscle and more fat. This means that it’s easier to eat more calories than recommended, therefore metabolism boosting diet pills may be best for women to give women more energy to burn off the calories. Find out more by reading our article on the best diet pills for women.

Best Diet Pills For Over 60’s

As you get older, there are health issues to take into account, and you are less likely to be active enough to sustain an exercise regime like that of a younger person. Those who are over 60 may therefore want to focus on appetite suppression and metabolism boosters, as your metabolism naturally slows down with age. For more information, read our article on the best diet pills for the elderly.

Best Diet Pills For Teenagers

Teenagers often experience a loss of energy due to the hormonal changes in their bodies, so it may be necessary to counter this with metabolism and energy boosters. Most diet pills are only available to those who are 18 or over. This is because of growing rates which can dramatically change metabolism. For more information, read our best diet pills for teenagers article.

Best Diet Pills For Those With Medical Conditions

If you have an existing medical condition, then we always recommend that you take the time to consult with your doctor before taking any diet pills. You also have to think about whether the diet pills will interfere with your medication or vice versa. There are some conditions which we can think about in a general sense, helping you to pick the right weight loss options in each case.

Side Effects

Best Diet Pills For Underactive thyroid

An underactive thyroid can cause you to put on weight, as well as being more tired, and is normally treated with hormone replacement tablets. You should therefore look for diet pills which give you an energy and metabolism boost, but be sure to check with your doctor to ensure that you will not see any interference between the diet pills and your hormone replacement medication. You should avoid diet pills which include green tea if you have this condition, as they contain fluoride which could be harmful.

Best Diet Pills To Be Taken With Antidepressants

When using antidepressants, it is very important to be absolutely sure that you are not going to negate the effects of your medication by taking diet pills. While obesity may be a cause of or a result of depression, it is important to look after your mental health before thinking about your physical health. Again, check with your doctor before starting a course of new diet pills. There are different ingredients to avoid depending on what type of antidepressant you are using, as certain herbs and vitamins, and even aspirin, can cause a bad reaction.

Best Diet Pills For Diabetes

Losing weight can help with controlling your diabetes and so it should be taken very seriously, but look carefully at your particular medication and ensure that it will not react badly with any diet pills that you are intending to take. It is important to keep hydrated, so be careful around metabolism boosters, as these can cause you to feel more thirsty. However, you may find that – alongside your insulin – you experience health benefits from supplements which contain chromium, caffeine, Vitamin B3, and Vitamin D.

Choosing The Best Diet Pills By Goal

Diet pills are designed for one of two purposes: to help you lose weight quickly, or, to give you long term, sustainable weight loss. It is very important you know which of these you want to achieve as well as understanding which of these a diet pill tackles. Results will differ depending on which you go for; for example, a diet pill designed to give slow weight loss may also give you long-term results, whereas a diet pill designed for short-term weight loss may give you results quickly but the weight loss isn’t sustainable.

Best Diet Pills For Long-Term Weight Loss

This is often considered to be the best option due to the fact that it is sustainable. What this means is that you will be able to keep weight loss off in the long run. Results may take a few weeks to show, so this is probably not ideal if you want to lose weight for an event. Long term weight loss is better for those who want to change their figures for good. As you are likely to be taking these diet pills for a long time, it is important that you think about the cost of the diet pills and whether you will be able to continue buying them. Also take long term side effects into account.

Best Diet Pills For Rapid Weight Loss

This method is advisable if you need to meet a deadline for your weight loss, or if you have a health related reason to lose weight, but not in normal situations. The rapid weight loss caused by metabolism boosters and fat binders can be very effective, but if you stop taking the diet pills you may find the weight coming back on immediately, as you will not have addressed your underlying eating habits and lifestyle.

Types Of Diet Pills

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Natural or Chemical Diet Pills?

Some diet pills contain all natural ingredients, while others may include chemicals. A natural diet pill may appeal to those who are very health conscious, while chemical ingredients are great for those who want rapid weight loss or are trying to build muscles at the same time. A common assumption people make is that a natural diet pill will be guaranteed to have no side effects. This assumption is false; any diet pill can have side effects, so make sure that you research a product thoroughly before purchase.

Prescription Or Off-The-Shelf Diet Pills?

Off-the-shelf diet pills are readily available and quick to purchase. However, always be wary when purchasing off-the-shelf diet pills as they haven’t undergone any scientific testing and could have potentially harmful side effects. There are many safe off-the-shelf diet pills out there, but it may be difficult sometimes to find them amongst the many that either affect health or your finances. Prescription diet pills are more difficult to get hold of, however, one could be happy knowing that their product is likely safe for human consumption. It is important that you do not assume that prescription pills will be more effective or more safe, as this is not necessarily the case.


When it comes to choosing diet pills, there are many factors to think about – but if you start out with the points that we have laid out here, you will have a great foundation for finding the perfect diet pill for you.

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