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The big selling point that is used by the makers of Triadalean is that their product can apparently reduce body fat by a massive 15.6%. This is quite a large reduction but it lacks any sort of time frame.

Read on to find out if it can live up to these high expectations or if it falls short by a long way.

Triadalean review

Triadalean Pros
  • No pros
Triadalean Cons
  • Clinical study provided has big question marks around i
  • No ingredient details listed
  • Very poor customer reviews online
  • Very high price on the official website

Triadalean Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

Triadalean claims to be a metabolism boosting diet pill that works through raising your core body temperature helping to burn your fat away. We are sadly given very little reason to believe this due to the fact that the full ingredient list is missing and additionally, we’d like a better clinical trial.

How Triadalean Works

Triadalean works through increasing your body temperature and therefore increasing your chances of burning fat and boosting your metabolism that ultimately results in burning more fat at a quicker rate too. There isn’t a lot of information given on the official site, simply the eye catching 15.6% reduction in body fat claim and then the results of a clinical trial that was apparently done using Triadalean.

This is all we are given, there is no ingredient list, no thorough explanation of how the process works and no customer testimonials. It is also important to note that in the small print it admits that, ‘these claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.’

Taken on face value the clinical study, which seems to form the main basis of why you should buy Triadalean, looks quite impressive. It claims that Triadalean was used in a 12 week study on just 20 people. They were split in to two groups, one received Triadalean while the other received a placebo pill. Apparently the Triadalean group saw a ‘truly significant loss of body weight’ and the majority of that came from fat mass whereby the mean reduction in body fat was 15.6%.

This study is ok but there are no links to who carried it out or an in-depth look at how it was done and the results found. The group is a very small number which could have been handpicked to get the best results and it doesn’t say how much exercise was done by any of the participants. It reveals the study group were told not to diet and only to stick to around 1500 calories, but this calorie amount would be considered dieting to many people and so you should take these ‘study’ results with a big pinch of salt. Read about some FDA guidelines on what makes a good clinical study.

For more information, we would recommend you read our How Does Triadalean Work and Triadalean Clinical Studies article.

Key Triadalean Ingredients

guarana in triadaleanThe website does not reveal any kind of information, only those study results, which means we are left guessing as to what might be included. How it expects anyone to trust in this product with basically no information is beyond us, let alone how it expects anyone to buy it based on this. There is very little contact information for the product either which means if you wanted to get in touch to ask, you’d probably find it quite difficult.

After some searching online through some third party websites we have discovered what MIGHT be included. This is by no means the official ingredient list though, but it apparently contains caffeine, guarana extract, citrus extract and a host of chemicals known as ‘amines.’ Sadly no ingredient amounts could be found so we have no idea how effective or safe these ingredients might be.


Weight Loss Power:


There is basically no information to form an opinion on Triadalean. Ingredients are not revealed, how it works isn’t fully explained, the clinical trial is not trustworthy and there are no customer testimonials. With so much hidden about this product we can only assume the makers are hiding a poor product with very little chance of actually helping you to lose weight.

For more information read our Triadalean Amazon Customer Reviews article.

Speed of results:


Once again we have to make assumptions and guesses about how potent Triadalean is. There is so much crucial information hidden about this product that it simply cannot be a fast acting weight loss supplement. If it was, why would the makers hide almost everything about the product? It makes it very suspicious, which raises further questions about safety and getting your money’s worth.

Appetite Suppression:


This is an area which is not seemingly targeted by Triadalean as nothing is mentioned about appetite suppression in the very short introduction line on the official website. This is however based on more assumptions, as the ingredient details there are, are not exactly certain and nothing of note explaining how the product actually works.

Long Term Results:


Once again this is an area where we have zero information or idea of how Triadalean might affect you. The study which forms 95% of the official website apparently took place over 12 weeks which is not exactly long term and there is nothing mentioned about how the participants did in maintaining their weight or keeping it off. We therefore have to assume that it has relatively poor long term results but this is untested. See our top rated diet pills.



Safety has to be a big concern when so little is known about the product. Without knowing exactly what the ingredients are and how much of each is included it is impossible to call it safe. In fact we would recommend not investing in Triadalean purely because it would be such a safety risk when you know so little about what is in it or how it might react in your body – see our article Triadalean Side Effects.

Value for money:


Before even finding out the price we can say that Triadalean is poor value for money because so little is actually known about it. The fact that the price for just a single month’s worth of tablets is a hefty $79.99 makes it even worse value for money. This is a frankly ridiculous price to charge after offering basically no information about the product. It is made to look even more ridiculous after finding out Amazon US are selling it for $13.

Learn more by reading our article on Where to buy Triadalean.

Triadalean Side Effects

caffeine in triadaleanIt is impossible even to guess at potential side effects of Triadalean considering there is effectively nothing revealed about the product. It is therefore incredibly inadvisable to invest in Triadalean as you have no idea what is in it or how it might react to your body. The clinical study which is used on the official site makes no mention of any side effects so we have no idea how safe or unsafe Triadalean actually is. IN regards to the caffeine content, this may cause some side effects such as trouble sleeping.

For more information regarding side effects, you can read our Triadalean Side Effects.

Where to Buy Triadalean

Triadalean is available from the official website for the high price of $79.99 for a single month. This does come with free shipping however and there is a money back guarantee, although the contact details for getting in touch are limited. Triadalean is also available on Amazon US through a third party retailer for the surprisingly low price of $13 and free shipping. Unsurprisingly over 50% of 40 reviews on Amazon are one star.

For more information, please read our Where To Buy Triadalean article.

Overall Verdict

You should not go anywhere near Triadalean. The only information we are told about this product on the official website is concerning a clinical study, which itself is difficult to believe because so much information is missing from this. There is no concrete ingredient information, no customer feedback, sparse contact details, a high price and not even a fully explained method of how it works. Customer reviews on the Amazon US page are overwhelmingly negative too, making it one of the worst diet pills around. The official website is one of the worst we have ever seen and we would urge you to look elsewhere for a diet pill.

Learn more by reading our article on Triadalean Frequently Asked Questions.

For more information about our concerns, we recommend you read our Covaxil Laboratories: Is Triadalean a Scam? article.



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