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Turboslim Calorie Trapper

Turboslim Calorie Trapper is a diet pill made by the very professional and clinical looking Forte Pharma Laboratoires. They claim that the product is able to capture 50% of calories and lighten your meals.

Turboslim calorie trapper reviewUnsure what this actually means? So were we, read on to find out how Turboslim Calorie Trapper actually works and if it’s worth your dollars and pounds.

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Pros
  • Available in some reputable high street retailers
Turboslim Calorie Trapper Cons
  • The main ingredient is relatively new and has no tests or trials behind it
  • Product is untested which means effectiveness and safety is not proven
  • Could work out to be very expensive if you stick to recommended dosage

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Review

Turboslim Calorie Trapper diet pills claim to actually trap 50% of sugars and fats within your foods not allowing them to be digested. In our opinion, the ingredients don’t look strong enough and there are no clinical trials to suggest it will be as powerful or effective as it claims.

How Turboslim Calorie Trapper Works

The marketing and explanation of this product is limited to say the least, with nothing more than a few paragraphs of information. Therefore, we can completely understand if anyone out there gets confused by the turboslim calorie trapper claims to cut out 50% of the calories you eatphrase captures 50% of calories, because surely this is impossible? What it actually means, or so we gather, is that the product claims to trap fat and sugars within the foods they’re contained in, slowing down the absorption of them meaning less of them turn in to fat.

The makers also claim the product has a 90% satisfaction rate, which is a big claim considering we’re talking about a diet pill that no matter how effective, will never work for everyone. On the surface this all sounds great but delve a little deeper and you’ll find very little evidence that the product actually does this. We are given no clinical trial results, studies on the product or even customer testimonials.

We have severe doubts that this product will actually be as effective as it says it is. There is very little evidence behind it and the ingredient list also looks far from convincing too. Read more about why fats and sugars are so bad for us on the Great Ormond Street Hospital website.

Key Turboslim Calorie Trapper Ingredients

cocoa in turboslim calorie trapperThere is only one active ingredient included in Turboslim Calorie Trapper and this is a patented ingredient called Fibrocaptol, which is described on the official website as an ‘exclusive combination of orange fibres and cocoa.’ A combination of orange fibre and cocoa don’t exactly sound like the most potent of ingredients and we are left with nothing more than just faith in the product as there is very little to zero evidence to back up this ingredient.

The formula was only patented in 2008 and a simple online search about the product did not show up any clinical trials and no clear evidence of a fantastic weight loss ingredient. If this is truly the only ingredient included in Turboslim Calorie Trapper, we would be surprised if it was anywhere near as effective as the marketing says it is.


Weight Loss Power:


When researching a diet pill and determining how powerful it may or may not be, you look for two key things, the ingredients and proof of how effective it is. Turboslim Calorie Trapper has one ingredient which has no background linked to weight loss and no related studies either, while the product itself also has zero evidence behind it, not even customer testimonials. Therefore we can only assume the weight loss power of this supplement is quite low.

Speed of results:


Considering the lack of evidence behind the product and the very limited description and information we are given about it we can only assume the weight loss power is low and therefore any weight loss achieved will be slow going. Despite the good and innovative way of targeting weight loss in trapping fats and sugars, we do not believe it will actually achieve this desired effect and therefore weight loss will be slow.

Appetite Suppression:


In theory, trapping fats and sugars means you can continue to eat effectively what you want and not worry about fat being added to your body so your appetite should be fairly unaffected, if not improved as more of the food you eat is actually digested and not left as body fat. However, we do not believe Turboslim Calorie Trapper will work how it describes and therefore your appetite will be largely the same.

Long Term Results:


With so little evidence and testing done on either the main ingredient or the product itself, predicting how taking the product will affect you in the long term is difficult. We would imagine that any weight you have lost will come back quite quickly after stopping the pills because your diet will have likely remained unchanged. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



Usually safety would be a concern with a diet pill that is largely untested and has quite little information revealed about itself. However, considering there is only one main ingredient and it looks a fairly tame ingredient, we think that any side effects experienced will be minimal and therefore safety is not too much of a concern. We would of course love to see proper testing conducted to see not only how safe the product is but how effective too.

Value for money:


Interestingly Turboslim Calorie Trapper is not for sale on the official website. Instead the product can be found in stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett. The price is around £10/£15 for 60 capsules, however you are asked to take four capsules up to three times a day which means you may only have a week’s worth of pills in one box. Therefore a month’s supply could cost up to and over £60 making it hugely expensive and poor value for money.

Turboslim Calorie Trapper Side Effects

As there is so little known about Fibrocaptol and very little to no testing done on it, we have very little idea about what side effects might be experienced when taking Turboslim Calorie Trapper. We do not think it is a very strong ingredient, made from orange fibres and cocoa, but we would urge caution and maybe even a check with your doctor before taking.

Where to Buy Turboslim Calorie Trapper

Turboslim Calorie Trapper is available in a number of high street retailers, including Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett, which is a good sign. Prices can be between £10 and £15 for 60 tablets but as already revealed this may only be enough for a week of tablets and the monthly price could therefore rise to £60.

Overall Verdict

This product is not a dangerous or scam product, it has a good theory at the heart of it but just simply does not live up to the expectations. There is no testing done on the product or the one main ingredient, which means you have no idea how effective or safe the product is, ultimately making it impossible to invest in. The product could also work out very expensive as you are required to take a lot of tablets each day while you don’t get very many in each pack.

Safety could also be an issue down to the lack of product testing, even if the one main ingredient looks fairly tame and is natural. There are many better working, thoroughly tested and crucially cheaper products available which we would suggest instead of Turboslim Calorie Trapper.

Learn more by reading our article on Turboslim Calorie Trapper Frequently Asked Questions.



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