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Unique Hoodia Review UK

There is a large variety of Hoodia based diet pills available at a range of prices. Unique Hoodia was the bestselling hoodia based diet supplement in 2012.

Unique HoodiaThe amount of Hoodia products available would suggest that it is a good ingredient for weight loss. Hoodia is a cactus extract has been used for hundreds of years by native tribes as an appetite suppressant but is Unique Hoodia worth £35 of your money?

Unique Hoodia Pros
  • Contains more of the hoodia product than other Hoodia supplements
  • Potential to help long-term dieting and portion control
Unique Hoodia Cons
  • A number of side-effects have been reported
  • More expensive than other Hoodia products

Unique Hoodia Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Unique Hoodia claims to be appetite suppressant and metabolism booster. We agree these are both benefits of Unique Hoodia.

How Unique Hoodia Works

Unique Hoodia works like many other hoodia products have for decades, using its key ingredient of cactus extract to control your appetite. It takes a natural route to weight loss; the appetite suppressor makes you eat less to lose weight without feelings of hunger that you might experience normally. It is unlike the many diet products which are advertised or viewed as ‘the miracle pill’ which will make changes within your body or leave you having to keep using them to keep the weight off.

The price of Unique Hoodia can be an off-putting factor, especially as you can find other Hoodia products for a cheaper price. However, the price can often suggest the product works well as you will often find the cheaper Hoodia products only have an extract of Hoodia unlike Unique Hoodia which contains the full dosage and therefore can warrant that higher price tag.

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Key Unique Hoodia Ingredients

Unique Hoodia is a one ingredient product using the cactus extract called Hoodia. The cactus, like Hoodia plant grows in the desert areas in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Angola. The popularity of this ingredient within diet pills originates in old stories that the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert relied on the Hoodia plant to avoid hunger on long hunting trips.

Unique Hoodia Results

Weight Loss Power: 72/100

The weight loss in Unique Hoodia is completely based on appetite suppression and it achieves this effectively. It is a sustainable way of losing weight as it could introduce a new healthier eating and controlled portion size diet routine into your life. Results won’t be seen without dieting, however, this product makes the dieting process a lot easier.

Speed of results: 80/100

In terms of appetite you will quickly notice that you’re feeling less hungry. In that sense it works in a matter of hours rather than days and is visible proof that the product is working. In regards to weight loss, it will depend on how well you diet but certainly diet will be aided by this product which should improve the speed of the weight loss.
Appetite Suppression: 90/100

This is the area where Hoodia does its work; you will very quickly and noticeably feel your appetite lessen. Unique Hoodia is one of the best products available for appetite suppression and it will allow you to focus on maintaining a good, healthy diet to lose weight.
Long Term Results: 60/100

In the long term Hoodia itself won’t help keep the weight off as it places the weight loss emphasis on the dieter rather than the pill. However, where Hoodia might help in the long term is it might encourage a new diet routine into your lifestyle, making you will eat less while taking Unique Hoodia and there is the chance some of that may stick in the long term which will help towards a healthier lifestyle.
Safety: 40/100

Unique Hoodia does come with a few side effects although none of them are serious or will hurt your long term health. Dieters on Unique Hoodia may experience side effects including: bowl problems, stomach aches, dizziness and headaches or other small discomforts. However, there aren’t many diet supplements which don’t have the chance of side effects.

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Value for money: 65/100

As we explained earlier, the price tag for Unique Hoodia is higher than some other supplements that feature Hoodia. However, Unique Hoodia features a decent amount of the Hoodia ingredient while cheaper options won’t feature as much of it. Unique Hoodia is the best Hoodia supplement and so is better value for money than other Hoodia products even at its higher price.

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Unique Hoodia Side Effects

This is probably one of the main let downs for Unique Hoodia with a number of side effects which may make the dieting process a bit more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Some side effects reported include bowl problems, stomach aches, headaches and dizziness.

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Where to Buy Unique Hoodia

Unique Hoodia does not seem to be available in any high street retailer so your search for the product would have to take place online where there are plenty of sellers offering the product but be careful to find a retailer you can trust.

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Overall Verdict

Unique Hoodia is the bestselling Hoodia product on the market and it is also one of the best appetite suppressants available. Despite a lot of mild side effects, Unique Hoodia might be worth trying as it will significantly help with your hunger and might also have the long lasting effect of portion control. Having that said, it also might be worth comparing Unique Hoodia with our top rated diet supplements before making a final decision.

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Learn more about the company behind Unique Hoodia: Unique Hoodia Company

Overall: 65/100

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