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USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks

USN Xedra Cut Lava Sticks is distinctive from other weight loss supplements because it is a drink rather than pills or capsules. Some of the ingredients may however cause side effects, some severe.

Below we have reviewed USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

USN Xedra Cut Lava Sticks Review

USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Pros
  • Comes as a drink that is available in a choice of two flavours
  • Some ingredients have been clinically studied
USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Cons
  • Has been discontinued and so is no longer available to purchase
  • May cause side effects, some of which could be severe

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USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Review

This weight loss supplement is advertised to work essentially through the action of thermogenesis, resulting in metabolism boosting. It contains a number of stimulant ingredients, some of which are better studied than others. The product comes as ‘sticks’ that are to be dissolved to create a drink.

Claimed weight loss benefits

This particular product is claimed to provide weight loss though metabolism boosting. This is supposedly made possible owing to the presence of several stimulant ingredients.

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How USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Works


The prime action of this weight loss supplement is thought to be that it makes possible the provision of energy for purposes of metabolism boosting. It is thought to achieve this through its mixture of ingredients, which includes several stimulants, such as caffeine and bitter orange.


Caffeine is capable of acting as a stimulant. It is thought that caffeine is capable of increasing the speed at which the processes of the metabolism are carried out. It supposedly does this through the process of thermogenesis – the process whereby heat is generated, and this heat is subsequently utilized as energy for various bodily functions. Therefore, the carrying out of thermogenesis supposedly results in providing energy for increasing the rate at which reactions within the body are carried out, resulting in metabolism boosting.

It is also thought that caffeine is able to block a particular neurotransmitter within the brain called adenosine. This in turn is said to allow for a higher rate of neurone firing from the brain, allowing for neurotransmitters such as dopamine and norepinephrine to be released. All of these actions purportedly result in accelerating the rate at which metabolic reactions take place.

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Key USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Ingredients

bitter orange peel in t5 fat burner


Caffeine is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements. This is because it is a stimulant in nature. It makes the body feel more alert, and this is thought to translate into processes being carried out quicker resulting in weight loss taking place. It is also believed that caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant in nature thanks to its potential effect on neurotransmitters in the brain.

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are essentially coffee beans that have not been roasted, and hence they are able to retain their green colour. The reason why they are not exposed to the process of roasting is to keep the chlorogenic acid within them intact, as roasting is believed to decrease its proportions. This acid is said to be useful, as it is believed to contribute to weight loss. The chologenic acid is thought to have a beneficial effect on metabolism boosting and fat burning.

L Carntine

L carnitine is an amino acid that is believed to have fat burning properties. It is believed that when this particular ingredient enters the bloodstream, it is broken down by blood plasma into simply carnitine. This is thought to play a role in the transportation of fatty acids. In turn, it is sometimes said that L carnitine can help to boost the breakdown of fat for energy.

Bitter Orange

Often used as a replacement for ephedra, this ingredient is known more specifically as Citrus aurantium. The name refers to a type of tree that produces an orange fruit, from which extract is taken. The chief contribution of this particular ingredient when it comes to weight loss and weight management is thought be the containment of synephrine. It is believed that intake of synephrine is associated positively with higher levels of metabolism as well as higher levels of energy expenditure. It may also be associated with a role in the suppression of one’s appetite. Bitter orange has however been associated with severe side effects.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a green, pumpkin-like fruit that is used quite popularly in Asia as a part of several dishes. It is believed to contribute to weight loss owing to the fact that it contains hydroxycitric acid. It is thought that this particular acid is able to suppress the synthesis of fat within the body. It is thought to achieve this by suppressing the action of citrus lyase, which is involved in the control of fats. It may also contribute to the suppression of appetite, though we do not have conclusive research to support this.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

It appears that this particular weight loss supplement does not have clinical validity associated with it. It has not been studied as a whole product and the official website does not link to any studies on any components of the product. In such a situation, we usually turn to individual ingredients and see if they have been clinically studied.


A double blind and placebo controlled study was undertaken on caffeine that involved 76 obese participants. The subjects were administered a mixture of green tea and caffeine. The low diet intervention period lasted for 4 weeks, which was followed by 3 months of weight maintenance. When the results came out, they demonstrated that users with high intake of caffeine showed reduced weight, fat mass as well as waist circumference at levels considerably higher than low caffeine users, indicating that there may be a relationship between increased intake of caffeine and weight loss.

Btter orange

For this particular ingredient we were able to come across a review study that involved a compilation of 20 studies. They involved a total of 360 participants. Products containing bitter orange were consumed for a period of 12 weeks. When the results came out, they demonstrated that intake of this particular ingredient resulted in a considerable increase of resting metabolic rate as well as energy expenditure. Weight loss was also noticed though it was modest in nature.

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USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

The official website does not have much to say about side effects. While this may tempt customers into believing that there are no side effects associated with this particular weight loss supplement at all, this is not the case. This weight loss supplement contains a number of ingredients, most of which are capable of manifesting side effects.


This particular ingredient is associated with a vast plethora of side effects. For instance, it can cause ringing in the ears, palpitations in the heart as well as stomach problems such as diarrhoea occasionally. It is also associated with problems along the lines of anxiety, nervousness, tension and depression. It may also cause cluster headaches as well as migraines. Related to this is the problem of sleeping disorders along the lines of insomnia. Lastly, it is associated with occasional rapid rises in heartbeat and blood pressure.

L Cartinine

This particular ingredient is associated with side effects such as nausea, vomiting and stomach upset. It may also cause heartburn and seizures. More specifically, it can make seizures worse in people already experiencing them. It may also cause sweat, breath and urine to have a fairly bad odour. Lastly, its intake can result in the thyroid gland becoming underactive, resulting in the condition of hypothyroidism.

Bitter orange

Bitter orange may be capable of causing some severe side effects. It can increase the likelihood of blood pressure and heart attacks. It can also cause strokes, as well as migraines and cluster headaches. It may also worsen the condition of glaucoma amongst those already experiencing it. Lastly, it is a stimulant and so it can be a bit troublesome prior to a surgery, which is why one must strictly avoid its usage prior to a surgery.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is generally believed to be quite safe as an ingredient, except for the fairly mild side effects that it is capable of causing. These include nausea, discomfort within the digestive tract, as well as headache. A full list of side effects may not yet be known for this ingredient, as it has not been well studied.

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How to Use

Oolong Tea 538

USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks come in a sachet form as they are supposed to be taken in the form of a drink. We are required to empty the contents of 1 sachet into 500 ml of water and mix and shake well. This is how the weight loss supplement is made. We are required to take it from between 2 to 3 times a day, with roughly a half hour gap between the intake of this particular weight loss supplement and a meal or snack. This product has to be taken prior to the intake of a meal or snack.

The first serving should preferably be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, prior to breakfast. The other serving can be taken prior to lunch. The manufacturers recommend not taking the weight loss supplement after 4 pm. Finally, the supplement should be taken 5 days in a row and not more. Hence, we are told to give a 2 day gap after every 5 days before starting off again.

We would recommend that you consult a doctor before taking this product if you have a pre-existing medical condition or are taking any medication. Do not take the product if you have a history of cardiovascular disease or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind this particular weight loss supplement is Ultra Sports Nutrition (USN). It specializes in a large variety of products, ranging from lean muscle supplements to body building supplements to protein shakes and meal replacements to multivitamins and more. It is based in Bromsgrove in the United Kingdom.

The Contact Us page appears to be quite helpful, as it provides the postal address as well as the email address. In addition, there is also a telephone number and a fax number. Lastly, there are text boxes where you can file your queries. There is however no mention of manufacturing standards or a money-back guarantee.

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Where to Buy USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks


USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks have been discontinued and so are no longer available to buy. We could not find the product in stock in any third-part retailers either. In the past, they were available from the official website or from Amazon. They were never available from any high street stores in the UK.

It was possible to a single box from the official website for a price of £19.99 and you got to choose between two flavours, cherry and orange. Delivery within the United Kingdom was free if you spent £20 or more.

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Does USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: The product was available from the official website for a one-off payment, but is no longer sold.

Manufacturing Standard: Manufacturing standards are not revealed on the official website.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There does not appear to be a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Ingredients were provided, but not quantities.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, this information is available on the official website.

USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it has been discontinued; when it was being sold, there was no money-back guarantee or diet plan, and information regarding manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities was lacking.

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Overall Verdict

USN Xedra-Cut Lava Sticks offers a product that is different from the majority of weight loss supplements on the market in terms of the method of intake. It should be consumed as a drink, rather than a pill. The product contains a number of popular ingredients, including several stimulants. Some of the ingredients have been clinically studied, though none have been proven to boost weight loss. Bitter orange has been associated with severe cardiovascular side effects, even in otherwise healthy individuals. The product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale from the official website or from any third part stores.

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