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Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix is given the snappy tagline, ‘the shake mix that tastes like a cake mix’. This powdered mix acts as a meal replacement which claims to target weight loss by providing key nutrients and maintaining a healthy body.

vi shape nutritional shake mix

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Pros
  • The ViSalus company offers its customers extra weight loss guidance, such as fitness programmes, as part of their ‘challenge’ promotion campaign to use alongside their products
  • The manufacturer claims that children from the age of 4 can take the product and use Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix as a drink but not as a weight loss aid
  • The shake mix is gluten free and only contains 22 grams of carbohydrate
Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Cons
  • Using this product could prove difficult for some customers who are new to diet programmes
  • It could be difficult for a customer to maintain a healthy balanced diet when replacing everyday meals for Vi-shape Shake Mix

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Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Review

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix is a powder that should be added to milk (specifically semi-skimmed milk) to create a shake that is full of vitamins and minerals. The product is targeted at those who want to lose weight by undertaking a reduced calorie diet and replacing some meals with a nutrient rich shake, yet this way of losing weight may not appeal to everybody. The Vi company claim that rather than containing active ingredients to help an individual lose more weight, Vi-shape Mix instead ‘supports a healthy weight’ and helps to strengthen muscles. More information about the ViSalus company and their claims about their products is available on the Vi website.

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Claimed weight loss benefits

A calorie-reduced diet, suggested on the product fact sheet, may spur weight loss and Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix claims to provide the key nutrients which could continue the decrease in weight by maintaining the body’s functions in a healthy state. The company does not claim that their product binds fat or blocks carbohydrate to aid in weight loss like many other dietary supplements, it simply aims to supply the body with the nutrients it needs to ensure regularity when losing weight.

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How Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Works

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix works by providing the body with a multitude of vitamins and minerals to support healthy weight loss in both men and women. The company does not claim that their product contains ingredients which actively work in the body to bind fat, block carbohydrates or suppress appetite. Instead, they ensure their customers that alongside a reduced calorie diet, the Shake Mix could help them lose more weight than with diet and exercise alone. This approach towards weight loss may demand extra effort from the customer than other supplements, but the company claims that it is an effective product which carries less potential dangers than other diet pills.

Soy Protein Isolate
Soy Protein Isolate is a protein extracted from soy. It is very fibrous and is also a great source of calcium which can help strengthen bones. As the Visalus company states, this ingredient is not included to actively reduce weight but instead supports the body as an individual begins and continues to lose weight through diet and increased exercise.

This ingredient comes from soybeans. As well as being rich in fibre and protein, soy is often used as an alternative for some cholesterol medicines because it may help lower cholesterol in the blood. High cholesterol is often associated with increased weight, therefore this aspect of the ingredient could help when used in the Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix to maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

Digestive Resistant Dextrin
This ingredient, often termed as resistant starch, is highly enriched with fibre. It is recognised by important organisations, such as the British Nutrition Foundation, as a beneficial carbohydrate. It is claimed that the nutrients in the ingredient have a positive effect on metabolism function and glycaemic management (or blood sugar control); some sources also claim that it could also benefit the intestinal and digestive system. Therefore, Digestive Resistant Dextrin could be useful in a product like Vi-shape Shake Mix because it could help maintain the body’s natural functions and support healthy weight loss. Other clinical studies, as detailed in the below ‘clinical studies’ section of this review, have published results that show Digestive Resistant starches could provide satiety when taken in certain amounts. This means that the Shake Mix product may in fact also help with weight loss through appetite suppression, making it easier to follow through with a calorie reduced diet. More information about the sources mentioned above and key details of the ingredient are given on the Wikipedia page for Resistant Starch.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Whey Protein is exactly what the name suggests – the protein found in whey or the watery part of milk when it separates. The protein in Vi-shape Mix is a hydrolysate which means that it has undergone hydrolysis (water is used to break down chemical bonds). By undergoing this process and consuming it as part of a dietary supplement, the body absorbs amino acids faster than without using the hydrolysis process. This means that the nutrients are delivered to muscle tissues in the body at a more rapid rate which could help increase muscle mass gain.

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Key Ingredients

The majority of the ingredients in Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix are used as emulsifiers, thickeners or flavourings and have no claimed weight loss benefits. However, the product does have three active ingredients which contain a vast amount of nutrients that claim to support healthy weight loss in individuals who are on a reduced calorie diet and do moderately intense exercise. These ingredients do not necessarily affect certain internal functions of the body to spur weight loss, but the nutrients that they contain could prepare the body for rapid weight loss induced by diet and physical activity.

Soy Protein Isolate
Soy Protein Isolate is extracted from soybeans and used in many products including milk alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant, as well as in dietary supplements such as Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Soy Protein Isolate can be bought as a separate supplement in highstreet shops such as Holland and Barrett; however, this product is mainly targeted at those who wish to gain muscle mass. For the best weight loss results, the ViSalus company claims that their blend of ingredients affect weight loss in general instead of just muscle mass gain.

Digestive Resistant Dextrin
Resistant Starch, or Digestive Resistant Dextrin (as it is labelled on the product) may positively affect weight loss when consumed in products such as Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix. This is because Digestive Resistant Dextrin contains a vast amount of fibre which, when included in supplements and in some foods, can replace higher calorie foods and aid in a weight loss plan focused on calorie reduction. There has also been some, but limited, research to test the potential of Resistant Starch as an appetite suppressant. This could therefore prove to be another valuable aspect of the Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Details of clinical studies are given in the below section.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Whey Protein is ‘broken down’ to form the ingredient Whey Protein Hydrolysate; the reason for this process is so that the body can absorb the nutritional qualities in the ingredient faster than if it was consumed prior to the hydrolysis process (explained briefly and linked in the above ‘How Each Ingredient Works’ section of the review). The whey protein is extracted from milk, it separates from the curds and forms a watery substance. This substance contains lots of protein which can help individuals build muscle mass alongside regular strength training. Whey protein hydrolysate also contains the nine essential amino acids that the body requires to function to its maximum effect.

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Clinical Studies

The ViSalus company claims that all of their ingredients come from natural sources, however this does not necessarily suggest that they have all been fully researched to test their effectiveness and possible dangers as dietary supplement ingredients. Clinical studies are a crucial part of product testing as they can be used to build or weaken a product’s or ingredient’s reputation. The below section provides some details of clinical studies which have been undertaken to test the ingredients of Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix. It is key to have authoritative results which can provide customers with an insight to exactly what they could be consuming in their day-to-day dietary supplements.

Soy Protein Isolate
The most claimed effect of Soy Protein Isolate, and the probable reason for its inclusion in Vi-shape Mix, is that it can help individuals increase their muscle mass when used alongside regular strength training.

A study was undertaken in 2007 to test these claims of effectiveness where 20 male subjects were split into groups and givn equal doses of 4 different types of soy and whey protein (including Soy Protein Isolate) over a period of 12 weeks. However, this study was focused on a male audience and took testosterone levels into consideration when testing the different proteins. The study was concerned with proving that soy protein did not hinder muscle mass increase rather than claims that it positively increases muscle gain. This said, the results of the study showed that soy protein did not stop muscle mass increase and that the subjects on average gained muscle over the 12 week period. This study therefore suggests that Soy Protein Isolate could help individuals gain muscle mass when taken in a product such as Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix, yet research is still lacking and this cannot be 100% proven.

Digestive Resistant Dextrin
The first claim that some clinical studies have attempted to prove is that Digestive Resistant Dextrin, or Resistant Starch, positively affects the metabolic system and increases energy levels in the body. A clinical trial, in 1996, aimed their research at proving these claims to be true. Although this study was undertaken quite a while ago, its results still prove useful when discussing the effects of the ingredient. Two different starches were tested in this trial, one was standard corn-starch and the other a high amylose corn-starch (or resistant starch such as the one used in Vi-shape Shake Mix). These two starches were compared to one another when given to 24 male subjects, 14 of which had the metabolic disease, hyperinsulinemia, over a period of 14 weeks. The results showed that the regular corn-starch had very little effect on the metabolic systems of the male subjects but the resistant starch was found to be an effective use of energy and did have a positive influence on metabolism. As this study focused on male subjects, results could differ when consumed by females and could potentially be more or less effective. However, this research does go some way in supporting the claims of Digestive Resistant Dextrin being an effective weight loss aid.

More recent studies have started to make claims about Digestive Resistant Dextrin having a satiating effect upon individuals that consume a certain amount of the ingredient. These new claims are not supported by a vast amount of research, however one study from 2010 has gone some way in supporting that this could in fact be true. The study took a group of 20 young healthy male subjects and divided them in two. The first group were given a placebo pill and the other took 48 g of resistant starch this dose was divided between two controlled meals taken each day. The results were, on average, fairly inconclusive and showed that the Resistant Starch had very little effect upon food intake within the group of young male subjects. However, levels of insulin and C-peptide did respond to the Resistant Starch compared to to those who had consumed the placebo pill. Overall, this study does not fully support the claimed effects of Digestive Resistant Dextrin (RS) as an appetite suppressant considering the results found no significant satiating outcomes.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Associated with similar claims as Soy Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate could also positively affect muscle mass gain when taken as part of a dietary supplement or product such as Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix. Some clinical studies have attempted to prove these claims including a study from 2010 which tested the effects of Whey Protein when used alongside regular resistance exercise. The details of this study are brief but the results and conclusive points are given in a study report by the Cambridge Journals (part of Cambridge University Press). The method of this research is not given in the report but it did seem to have some positive results which showed that whey protein significantly improved muscle performance when used alongside moderate resistance exercise. This study also showed that whey protein that can be rapidly digested, such as whey protein hydrolysate, appear to be more efficient in spurring the process of turning muscle protein into muscle mass. This report suggests that by taking a supplement such as whey protein hydrolysate, prior to a resistance workout, it could positively promote an increase in muscle mass.

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Weight Loss Power: 40/100

Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix may only work when used as a meal replacement to constitute a calorie reduced diet. The product claims to replace some calorie packed foods, such as carbohydrates and saturated fats, with a vast amount of protein and essential fatty acids to potentially promote steady weight loss. The company also suggests that their customers should use the product alongside a regular exercise routine to achieve maximum weight loss benefits.
Speed of results: 30/100

There is a lack of information for this feature of the product and the FAQ sheet provided by the ViSalus company has no information about how long it may take for customers to experience the effects of weight loss. However, the NHS claims that reduced calorie diets don’t take an overly long period of time to take effect upon weight loss and with the help of Vi-shape Nutritional Mix this time period may be reduced further.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

The ViSalus company do not claim that their product can be used as an appetite suppressant, yet there have been claims and research undertaken to seek potential satiating effects. This research is currently limited but has spurred some interest within the dietary supplement sector.
Long Term Results: 50/100

There is no given limit on how long a customer can take the Shake Mix for and therefore the product could work as a weight loss aid long-term. However, if the customer ceases to use the product regularly as a meal replacement, the effects may not last if an increased calorie diet is recommenced.
Safety: 90/100

The potential side effects of the active ingredients are currently deemed possibly safe for use, however there is a chance of minor side effects when consuming some of the ingredients and research cannot fully prove the safety of the product’s ingredients. However, the company does state that the Shake Mix can be used by children from the age of 4 as a normal drink and not as part of a dietary plan so should cause no serious side effects to consumers.
Value for money: 30/100

To purchase the product individually may prove a little expensive. Each 930 g bag contains 30 servings or 60 scoops which is enough to last for up to one month. Amazon offers the product for £42.95 for one pack, yet it is £83.94 when a customer buys two together. The ViSalus UK online shop sells Vi-shape Nutritional Shake mix either individually or as part of a kit; prices range from £39 to £119 depending on the size and type of kit. It is also important to remember that the Mix must be added to milk which adds an extra cost on top of buying the product by itself.

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Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix Side Effects

Although ViSalus’ Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix claims that all of its active ingredients are 100% natural, it does not mean that they are without possible side effects. Such side effects may occur if the product is not taken according to guidelines or if a customer has an underlying health issue. However, some clinical research has been undertaken on the ingredients included in the product which shows the potential symptoms that may occur when it is consumed. Information about possible side effects caused by the ingredients of Vi-shape Shake Mix are available from various authoritative sources, some of which are linked in the below section.

Soy Protein Isolate
Soy, if consumed as part of an everyday balanced diet or in small amounts, is considered safe for use. However, when taken in dietary supplements for more than 6 months it may cause some minor symptoms such as bloating and constipation; rashes may also occur but only if an individual is allergic to soy. Soy Protein Isolate, as an extract from the soybean, may cause some of the above effects but it is unlikely to spur any severe symptoms unless the individual is allergic to soy. It is always sensible to consult a physician if you are thinking of consuming Soy Protein Isolate and have an underlying medical condition, are pregnant or nursing.

Digestive Resistant Dextrin
Resistant starches, such as Digestive Resistant Dextrin, are deemed possibly safe to use when taken according to dietary supplement instructions or in small amounts as part of a balanced diet or in small amounts. According to one source, those who consume resistant starches such as this one could experience gas, bloating or diarrhoea; this is because the high amount of fibre in the ingredient could affect the digestive and intestinal systems. These are the only reported side effects of this ingredient and they are all relatively minor in terms of severity. However, this ingredient should always be taken according to guidelines given on product packaging to reduce the risk of potential side effects.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate
Whey Protein, in all forms, is deemed to be likely safe for both children and adults when taken by mouth in relatively small quantities. It may cause some minor symptoms such as bloating, stomach cramps and tiredness when consumed more than the recommended amount on product packaging. However, people who are allergic to cow’s milk cannot consume whey protein because it is extracted from milk. As of yet, the majority of online sources report no severe side effects caused by consuming whey protein in any form.

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How To Use

The product website, linked earlier in this review, provides customers with in depth guidelines on how to use Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix. The website suggests that a customer should replace one or two meals per day with a Vi-shape Nutritional Shake, which is made by adding 2 scoops of the powdered mix to 250 ml of semi-skimmed milk. This source also advises customers to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to make sure they stay hydrated while they are undergoing their calorie restricted diet. These guidelines are given to ensure customers may achieve the best possible outcome from using the VI-shape Nutritional Shake Mix and they also take into account the guideline daily amounts of the active ingredients to guarantee the most safe way to use the product.

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Who Makes Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix

ViSalus’ main dietary product promotion is their ‘Vi Challenge’. This is an all-round health challenge which offers its customers a complete guide to achieving a general health boost. Customers are provided with fitness plans and challenge kits (packs containing multiple ViSalus products, all of which contain Vi-shape Nutritional Mix) to increase the potential of weight loss. The Vi-shape Nutritional Shape Mix acts as a baseline nutritious shake which provides key minerals and vitamins which could potentially aid in weight loss. One further benefit for UK customers is that the ViSalus company are now launching in the UK from their base in Surrey.

ViSalus also produce other dietary products which can be used alongside one another to possibly aid in weight loss. Their range of products include pills, snack foods and shakes which all claim to act upon different aspects of the body to help customers lose weight more rapidly than with diet and exercise alone. The company seem reputable as they provide multiple contact details and ask customers for their feedback after trying their products.

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Where To Buy

A UK customer can purchase Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix online from many retailers. The majority of online shops offer the product for around £40, including Amazon. eBay sell the product for a vast array of prices ranging from £6 to £40 depending on the seller source, although this may not be as reliable as other online vendors. Amazon offers the product for £42.95 for one pack, yet it is £83.94 when a customer buys two together. The ViSalus UK online shop provides customers with the product for a little cheaper than Amazon at £79 for two packs. This website also sells Vi challenge kits containing multiple products, prices range from £39 to £119 depending on size and type of kit.

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Overall Verdict

Overall, Vi-shape Nutritional Shake Mix seems like a relatively safe product which could help an individual lose weight when used as directed. A caloric restricted diet is often the most effective way to lose weight and this is promoted by the NHS. However, by replacing meals with the Shake Mix customers may find it hard to keep a balanced diet. The price of the product varies hugely depending on the retailer and, providing it is effective, it could prove to be good value for money. The minimal side effects and open-aged target audience are also good aspects of the product which support its high reputation as a dietary supplement.

Overall: 42/100

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