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The VitaBurn pill website is full of impressively exaggerated claims concerning what the pills can do in terms of weight loss and body toning. The manufacturers claim that it is the ‘hottest new diet craze’ and that the product is the best weight loss aid on the market.

In the following article, we will examine whether the pills do in fact live up to any of the claims put forward by the manufacturers and look into how the pills work and the effects they might have on users. Having done this we will be in a position to rate the pills and see whether they are useful to consumers and thus worth purchasing on a monthly basis.

Vita Burn Review

VitaBurn Pros
  • Uses stimulant ingredients well known to have weight loss effects such as Green Coffee extract.
  • Uses natural ingredients.
VitaBurn Cons
  • There are no credible consumer reviews available.
  • Risks of side effects are not acknowledged by the manufacturers although they do exist and could in some cases be serious.
  • No information is given as to how to take the pills until after purchase.
  • Company is deceitful in the way it takes orders.
  • Does not encourage healthy lifestyle habits.

VitaBurn Free Trial Auto-billing Scam Warning

A quick warning before we go any further: we’ve had a large number of consumer reports stating that the VitaBurn product has been linked to a number of free diet pill scams – whereby you are “given” a free sample and provide your Credit Card details to pay a small “shipping charge” only to find your credit card is billed monthly thereafter and can be very hard to cancel. Read our article on free diet pill scams to learn more.

VitaBurn Review

VitaBurn is marketed as being at the top of its field in the diet industry. It claims to be able to beat all other similar products on the market and the manufacturers boast that this is due to the fact that a combination of very powerful weight loss ingredients are used in the pills, with the primary of those being a green coffee extract. It is this particular extract that they say makes VitaBurn able to outdo all other caffeine based pills and result in significant weight loss.

In the VitaBurn review below, we examine how true the above claim is and also whether the pills come with any adverse side effects that consumers should be pre-warned about.

Claimed weight loss benefits

VitaBurn weight loss claimsThe manufacturers of VitaBurn have inundated the product’s main website with numerous impressive claims concerning how much of an effect the pills can have and how they can actually benefit health. This is assumedly in order to encourage consumers to want to try the pills and sign up for a free trial.

On this website, the manufacturers make assertions that three weight loss properties can be attributed to the pills; an ability to boost the metabolism, suppress the appetite and increase the rate at which fat is burnt within the body. It is also emphasised however, that although the pills do only have three out of the five main weight loss features, these three together are supposedly strong enough to result in fast and significant weight loss.

Green coffee and the various other ingredients in the pills, which are well-known thermogenic enhancing agents, have proven abilities to act as both a stimulant and as a fat burner via a boosted metabolism. Having said this, without specific data relating to the quantities of this extract used, we cannot accurately predict whether any of the weight loss properties at all will in fact materialise as a result of taking the pills regardless of the fact that they are potentially existent.

Our experts however, are not convinced by the alleged ability of the pills to work as an appetite suppressant. The citrus aurantium, which is most associated with the appetite suppressing qualities of the pills, has not been sufficiently proven to be able to do what the manufactures claim.

How VitaBurn Works

green coffee bean in VitaBurnThe main ingredient used in the VitaBurn pills is a form of green coffee extract. This can work to reduce weight in two different ways. Firstly, coffee in general is a well-known stimulant. This means that it can increase the rate at which fat is burnt through the thermogenic process.

Secondly, green coffee in particular is associated with increased levels of chlorogenic acid compared to that in roasted caffeine extracts. This is beneficial for weight loss because the acid has glucose controlling properties, which is thought also to be associated with the absorption of less fat in the body

The pills also contain other various stimulants including green tea and guarana extract, whilst other natural ingredients are used mainly for their claimed abilities to speed up the metabolism.

Due to these effects, our experts recommend that the VitaBurn pills should not be used by the following groups of people:

– Pregnant or nursing women.
– Those that have history of heart disease.
– Those particularly sensitive to caffeine.
– Those suffering from or that have a history of Osteoporosis.
– Those suffering from or that have a history of eye problems.
– Those that have any other underlying medical issue.

For more detailed information regarding the effects of the pills and a more exhaustive list of ingredients, you can read our How Does VitaBurn Work article.

Key VitaBurn Ingredients

bitter orange also in VitaBurnThere is a large number of ingredients listed that are contained within the VitaBurn pills and these include: green tea, bee pollen, guarana extract, citrus aurantium and white kidney beans as secondary ingredients, while the main ingredient is that of green coffee. The active compound within green coffee, chlorogenic acid, is claimed to have various weight benefits and allegedly comes with no serious health warnings.

It must be noted however that no information concerning the amounts of this ingredient contained in the pills is given and so we can make no comment on whether its proven effects will be experienced over the course of taking the pills.

Learn more by reading our article on VitaBurn Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 30/100

We have given VitaBurn such a low score in this area purely down to the fact that no quantitative data has been given by the manufacturers. Due to this, even though the main and some of the secondary ingredients have been proven to have beneficial effects on weight loss, it cannot be said whether these effects will actually surface for users.
Speed of results: 30/100

There are no consumer reviews available on which we can rely on in order to predict the time in which users will be able to actually notice any weight loss. As well as this, we cannot predict how long the pills will take to start working, as we are unaware of their strength since this information has again not been provided by the manufacturers.
Appetite Suppression: 10/100

The makers of VitaBurn claim that the pills are able to suppress the appetite via the ingredient citrus aurantium. Despite this, we have not given the pills a high score in this area since this effect has not been scientifically confirmed and even though appetite suppression is a common property of stimulants, there will only be the potential of some minimal effect.
Long Term Results: 10/100

No weight loss system has been put in place or promoted by the manufacturers of VitaBurn even though they do acknowledge that regular exercise in combination with low calorie diets do lead to the most effective and healthy weight loss. Despite this, they encourage no change in lifestyle habits and users are therefore more likely to put back on any weight that they have lost shortly after discontinuing the use of the pills. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 65/100

The pills are subject to the common side effects associated with most stimulant products although these will be fairly tolerable and only mildly unpleasant. There are other more serious risks however, that can be linked to the main ingredient but these are rare and should only affect those who are prone to or are suffering from pre-existing conditions – see our article on VitaBurn Side Effects.
Value for money: 10/100

Considering the lack of information surrounding the pills, and whether they actually contain enough ingredients in order to be effective, a large charge of up to approximately £80 per month does not seem like very good value for money at all. Our experts would label it as a hefty and unnecessary financial risk when there are cheaper and much more reliable products on the market claiming to do the same things.

VitaBurn Side Effects

VitaBurn Potential side effectsSince the majority of the ingredients used in the pills are stimulants you might assume that the pills come relatively side effect free compared to other diet products with more controversial ingredients. This does not mean that no side effects will be experienced at all.

Due to the fact that green coffee and a mixture of other stimulant ingredients are used in the pills, means that users may be prone to suffering from the common side effects usually associated with stimulant compounds. These include but are not limited to; nausea, headaches, insomnia and jitteriness.

As well as this, there are a few more serious side effects that can be linked to the green coffee ingredient, in particular the potential materialisation of Glaucoma and Osteoporosis.

For more detailed information on this matter, you can read our VitaBurn Side Effects article.

Where to Buy VitaBurn

If you have decided to purchase the VitaBurn Green Coffee diet pills, we would recommend having a look at our Where to Buy VitaBurn article. If you have bought VitaBurn, we would also recommend you read our How to use VitaBurn article.

Overall Verdict

Unlike some other diet products, our experts feel as though they can give more of a definitive statement regarding the use of VitaBurn pills: in short, it is more likely than not that these pills on their own will not work to aid users in losing significant amounts of weight (contrary to the claims of the manufacturers!).

We feel as though we are able to say this due to a number of factors, which when combined provide an overall negative view of the VitaBurn pills and the manufacturing company.

There is a significant lack of published information made available to potential consumers concerning the quantities of the ingredients used in the pills and this raises significant questions and doubt as to the reputability of the company. It would be in their interests to reveal this information online to users and so it is confusing as to why the manufacturers of the pills have not done this.

In general, it does not appear that these pills will be any different to the vast array of other stimulant based diet products on the market. The only thing which may have set these pills apart from the rest was its inclusion of citrus aurantium claimed to suppress the appetite although the jury is still out on whether it can actually do this. So for the time being VitaBurn looks relatively unimpressive, especially due to the lack of quantitative information that the manufacturers provide.

There is also the fact that the company operates on an automatic enrolment system, which is not made terribly clear to consumers before they sign up to the misleadingly named ‘free trial’. It appears that this company and its products are not well established in terms of consumer friendliness and that they may be motivated largely on a monetary basis. The company has been the subject of a number of complaints about how they handle their customers and portray their product.

For these reasons (which are explained in more detail in our Company Behind VitaBurn article), our experts would not recommend purchasing these pills on the basis that they just cannot tell whether they will be effective.

Overall: 26/100

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