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Warrior Blaze Reborn

Blaze Reborn by Warrior Supplements contains an extensive list of ingredients designed to help with metabolism boosting and weight loss. Its high caffeine content makes it potent, but many of its ingredients come with severe health warning.


Warrior Blaze Reborn Pros
  • Some ingredients have proven effective in clinical trials
Warrior Blaze Reborn Cons
  • Some ingredients come with health risks and side effects
  • Not all ingredients clinically proven as successful weight loss aids

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Warrior Blaze Reborn Review

Blaze Reborn is a high-caffeine weight loss supplement produced by Warrior Supplements designed to boost the user’s metabolism. In addition to caffeine it contains an extensive list of other ingredients, some of which are common to weight loss pills (such as bitter orange and capsicum extract) and other which are less common. Many of these ingredients have not been proven in clinical trials to have much benefit to weight loss, and some of them come with severe potential health risks. What’s more, the high caffeine content of Blaze Reborn makes it unsuitable for a variety of users, especially those with heart conditions or who are taking other medication.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Claimed weight loss benefits

Warrior Supplements claim that Blaze Reborn will boost the user’s metabolism through an increase in thermogenesis – the process by which the body burns off extra energy. According to Warrior Supplements, Blaze Reborn’s large doses of energy-boosting ingredients such as caffeine and capsicum mean that users will burn through extra energy faster, particularly when the supplement is combined with exercise. Warrior Supplements also claim that Blaze Reborn contains ingredients to boost the user’s mood in order to make dieting and intense workouts more bearable. Warrior Supplements claims that Blaze Reborn will help users to burn fat faster than any other weight loss supplement ever produced.

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How Warrior Blaze Reborn Works

Blaze Reborn’s ingredient list is extensive and comprehensive, as the supplement contains many of the most common diet pill ingredients currently available on the market, plus a few rarer ones. The pill contains large doses of caffeine alongside capsicum extract, carnitine, green tea extract and green coffee extract, all of which are believed to boost the user’s metabolism. The supplement also contains hydroxytryptophan which is believed to be a mood enhancer that will enable the user to maintain a positive attitude throughout their workout and diet experience. The supplement also contains traces of chromium (to help regulate blood sugar) and black pepper extract (also a metabolism booster).

Caffeine is used in a variety of weight loss supplements because of its stimulant qualities. Consuming caffeine gives the user an increased energy boost which in turn speeds up the user’s metabolism. This energy boost is what gives caffeine users an energetic buzz, and what helps people to stay alert and attentive while under its influence. As the body consumes more energy, it begins to consume its fat storage cells to keep pace, which means that the user burns through more fat and therefore loses weight.

Hydroxytryptophan is used in weight loss supplements because of its mood altering effects. It is used within the body to produce serotonin, which regulates mood within the brain, and as such it is included in supplements because it is believed to help keep its users in a good mood. This has several benefits to weight loss, as firstly, it helps users to deal more capably with the hunger brought on by dieting, and secondly, it helps the user to keep pushing throughout intense workouts even after they get tired.

Another name for peppers, capsicum’s weight loss benefit comes from a substance it contains called capsaicin, which is present in all forms of peppers except bell peppers, and which gives peppers their fiery taste. Capsaicin causes an increase of heat within the body as the body expels extra energy – hence eating a spicy pepper will cause the eater to have an increase in body temperature and sometimes sweat as a result. As the body expends more energy over this time, it burns calories faster.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter orange peel (also known as citrus aurantium) is believed to speed up the heart rate of the user and to therefore to pump the blood through the body faster. This is beneficial because it helps the user to burn more calories at a faster rate, although it is also dangerous to those with potential heart problems.

Carnitine is produced naturally in the body, and is used in the process of breaking down fat. Carnitine is used to transport fat cells from where they are stored to where they are needed so that they can be burned for extra energy. The theory behind carnitine’s inclusion in diet pills is that adding additional carnitine into the body will help speed up the rate that fat can be removed from reserves and transported for burning, thus speeding up the fat burning process.

Raspberry Ketone
The supposed weight loss benefits associated with raspberry ketone is due to its ability to break down fat. It contains a substance called norepinephrine, which breaks down fat cells within the body – thus, raspberry ketone is believed to help the body to break down more fat over a shorter period of time, however this has not been proven conclusively by clinical studies.

Green Coffee Extract
Green coffee is high in caffeine and as such, users will experience an energy buzz that results in the body burning excess energy at an increased rate. Also, coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which reduces the amount of glucose in the blood and therefore encourages the body to burn fat in order to balance out energy levels. Chlorogenic acid is mostly lost when coffee beans are roasted, which is why green bean extract is used.

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is believed to be useful as a weight loss supplement for two main reasons. Firstly, it contains caffeine, and therefore boosts the user’s metabolism and energy expenditure after consumption. Secondly, it is a natural antioxidant, which helps the body to recover from the effects of obesity and therefore enables the user to maintain a healthy weight.

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Key Ingredients

Caffeine 538
Blaze Reborn contains many different active ingredients, some of which occur naturally in common foods, and others that are more artificial. Among the active ingredients are metabolism boosters such as caffeine, green tea and green coffee extract; fruit extracts such as bitter orange peel and raspberry ketone; and chemicals including 5-hydroxytryptophan and L-carnitine. In addition to all of these ingredients, Blaze Reborn contains traces of chromium and black pepper extract. Chromium aids insulin in the bloodstream and can be found in many foods including cheese, asparagus and cereals. Black pepper is a common cooking ingredient and is believed to have metabolism boosting properties. Neither have any confirmed negative side effects.

Caffeine is widely used throughout the world thanks to its stimulant qualities. It occurs naturally in many plants and can be found in a variety of common foods and drinks including chocolate, coffee, tea, cola and many energy drinks. In addition to its stimulant qualities it is also highly addictive, and overuse of coffee can lead to sleeping disorders, headaches and nausea. Withdrawals for addicts can also have many of these effects. Doctors recommend limiting caffeine intake, as serious side effects including heart disease and osteoporosis can occur in extreme cases as a result of regular caffeine overdose.

Hydroxytryptophan is used in the body to produce serotonin, which is a chemical in the human brain that controls mood and helps people to feel happy. Low levels of serotonin is one cause of depression, and as such, it has been theorised that taking hydroxytryptophan as a supplement gives the body more ingredients to make serotonin, and will therefore boost mood. Hydroxytryptophan is manufactured from the seeds of the African griffonia simplicifolio plant and has been used as a supplement in attempts to cure depression and fibromyalgia as well as its use in weight loss supplements.

Capsicum is another name for red peppers, one of the most common food ingredients in the world. All varieties of peppers except the bell pepper contain capsaicin, which is the substance that gives peppers their powerful spicy taste. Capsaicin is used in a variety of herbal remedies and is often used in creams as a topical painkiller and to soothe skin irritation. Because eating spicy food encourages energy expenditure, capsicum is also often used as a metabolism booster. These uses of capsaicin have not been proven effective in clinical trials. Capsicum is almost entirely free from negative side effects to those who do not have an allergy to spicy food.

Bitter Orange Peel
Bitter oranges grow throughout east Africa and tropical Asia, and are used as cures in traditional Chinese medicine for many ailments including heartburn, indigestion and weight loss. In addition to being eaten, bitter orange is also used in aromatherapy and in some cosmetics. It is believed that chemicals within the peel of the bitter orange strongly resemble ephedra, a substance that has previously been used for its weight loss properties but which has now been banned by the US Food and Drug Administration due to health and safety concerns. Not enough research into bitter orange peel has been done to determine its weight loss potential, nor its safety.

Carnitine is produced naturally in the body – it is made in the kidneys and liver, and stored in the muscles, heart, brain and sperm (men only). Carnitine can also be found in protein-rich food such as beef and lamb. Carnitine is used in transporting fat cells from reserves to the place that they need to be burned for energy, which is why it is thought by some to help with weight loss. While the body normally produces enough carnitine naturally, some conditions such as angina can cause a lack of carnitine. As such, carnitine is sometimes given as a supplement to those suffering from diseases including angina and heart disease.

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberries are a common fruit in Western Europe that are high in Vitamin C and are enjoyed for their sharp taste. Eating raspberries is believed by some to have a variety of health benefits, including hair loss prevention and increased metabolism. Raspberry ketone is therefore a regular ingredient in many diet pills, despite a current lack in clinical evidence that shows a strong benefit to raspberry ketone as a weight loss supplement. While some positive effects have been seen in some studies, the quantities present in supplements are far too low to have any real effect.

Green Coffee Extract
Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. Green coffee beans are beans that have not been properly roasted – during the roasting process much of the beans’ chlorogenic acid is lost, and using green coffee beans instead of roasted ones helps to ensure that the levels of this helpful acid are maintained. Chlorogenic acid is believed to be helpful in combating diseases including heart disease and diabetes as well as its use as a weight loss supplement – however many of these purported health benefits have not been proven in clinical trials.

Green Tea Extract
Another very popular drink worldwide, tea is brewed from the leaves of the camellia sinensis tree, and is used in herbal medicine throughout Asia. Depending on the way the leaves are brewed, tea leaves can produce black tea (which is the most popular throughout the West) or green tea (which is more popular throughout the East). Green tea has been anecdotally linked to the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer thanks to its antioxidant qualities. Green tea, as with all products of camellia sinensis leaves, contains moderate amounts of caffeine, which is believed to be its main benefit as a weight loss supplement.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538
No clinical studies have been conducted into the specific benefits of any product by Warrior Supplements, but there have been some clinical trials into the effectiveness of some of its ingredients. Some of Blaze Reborn’s ingredients are more established than others in the weight loss supplement market and as such have benefited from more rigorous research, while other relative newcomers have not been tested enough to determine whether or not they have any real benefit. A clinical trial involves testing ingredients in a controlled environment with proper scientific rigour to ensure that results are free from accidental bias and can be reproduced.

Caffeine has been the subject of many clinical trials to determine its effectiveness as a weight loss substance. One trial in 1989 measured the effects of caffeine on stationary subjects. Participants were split into two groups with one group receiving caffeine supplements and the other receiving placebos and being used as a control group. Their resting energy expenditure was measured over 150 minutes after taking their supplements to determine whether or not there was an increase in energy loss. On average the caffeine group burned 8-11% more energy, which led scientists to conclude that caffeine consumption does have an impact on energy expenditure, and therefore, calorie burning.

Few clinical trials to date have attempted to measure hydroxytryptophan’s influence on appetite suppression and weight loss. One paper from 2007 speculated the potential benefits that hydroxytryptophan might have on weight loss, based on previous studies which examined the effects of serotonin on appetite suppression. However, due to a lack of scientific evidence, the paper ultimately concluded that further research is necessary to determine whether or not hydroxytryptophan even has any benefits to serotonin production, let alone to the control of appetites. Without a clinical trial, any speculation cannot be relied on.

In 2009 a study looked at the benefits of capsicum to weight loss. Two groups of twenty participants were either given capsicum supplements or placebos so that scientists could examine what difference capsicum made. Over the period that they were given the supplements, the participants were regularly weighed and measured to determine how much difference the tablets made. The study found that there was a ‘nearly significant’ improvement in the group who were given capsicum, and concluded that any effects capsicum may have on weight loss are mild at best.

Bitter Orange Peel
There has not been a lot of clinical research into bitter orange peel’s success as a weight loss supplement. One review in 2004 attempted to analyse results from previous trials and determined that only one previous study could be found – this study had a very small participant pool and a short testing period, but found no benefits to taking bitter orange peel. The review determined that further research is necessary before a solid consensus can be reached regarding bitter orange peel’s effectiveness.

A study in 2000 looked at the effects of carnitine supplements on weight loss in obese women. In the study, 36 moderately obese women were divided into two groups, with half of them receiving carnitine supplements and the other half acting as a control group. All women studied walked 30 minutes four days a week for eight weeks for exercise. Five women who were receiving carnitine experience nausea or diarrhoea and therefore were allowed not to continue to the end of the experiment. In the women who did complete the trial, no significant changes to their average weight or body mass was found at the end of the eight week period. The study concluded that carnitine supplements do not have an effect on weight loss.

Raspberry Ketone
A 2005 study into the raspberry ketone’s benefits to weight loss in mice analysed mice fed high-fat diets over a ten week period. Mice were given various amounts of raspberry ketone alongside their high-fat food. The study found that the mice who received the most raspberry ketone (around 1% of their daily food) did experience fewer symptoms of obesity than those who received smaller or no doses. While this study does suggest that there is some benefit to raspberry ketone, the dosage that is included in most diet pills is far smaller than 1% of a person’s daily food, so effects may be limited.

Green Coffee Extract
Green coffee as a weight loss supplement has not been the subject of very many clinical trials. A study in 2011 attempted to analyse research from all existing trials to create a larger picture of green coffee extract’s weight loss potential. Researchers identified five previous studies into green coffee, of which three were looked at in detail. The studies showed on average a ‘significant difference’ in body weight was achieved through the use of green coffee supplements in these five trials, however, all five showed signs of bias, either in the setup of the experiment or in the way that the scientists had interpreted the results. The analysis into these five studies ultimately concluded that while the results appear promising, more clinical trials are needed before green coffee can be categorically proven effective in aiding weight loss.

Green Tea Extract
Not all reviews into the effectiveness of green tea extract produce the same results. A 2012 review of studies into green tea extract attempted to analyse many different studies to determine a consensus on its effectiveness to weight loss. It found that studies conducted in Japan are more likely to find green tea effective (possibly due to a difference in diet or bias on the part of Japanese or Western scientists) and the review concluded that there is a ‘statistically significant’ benefit to green tea, although further studies are necessary.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

Blaze Reborn contains several ingredients, most notable caffeine, which have had at least moderately successful clinical trials and studies, and as such, those users who are participating in regular exercise and a healthy diet are likely to experience an improvement in weight loss as a result of regularly taking this supplement.
Speed of results: 60/100

Caffeine has been proven in clinical trials to work fast, and users should experience an energy boost soon after taking the supplement for the first time. Provided the supplement is taken regularly and the user maintains a healthy lifestyle, they should see notable weight loss beginning within a few weeks of beginning use of Blaze Reborn, and should find that they are able to get more out of their workouts right from the start.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

While Blaze Reborn is not designed as an appetite suppressant, some ingredients are believed to produce a reduction in appetite – although evidence for this is purely anecdotal and as users will be experiencing increased energy expenditure due to the metabolism boost caused by the supplement, they are likely to experience greater hunger as a result of this increased calorie burning.
Long Term Results: 60/100

Caffeine has been proven in clinical trials to continue working over an extended period of time, so users who continue taking Blaze Reborn will enjoy good long term weight loss – however, this will depend on the user’s diet and level of exercise. Long term user of high caffeine products should be cautious, though, as prolonged usage will increase the risk of negative side effects and addiction.
Safety: 20/100

While some ingredients within Blaze Reborn are not associated with any dangerous side effects, some including caffeine come with a severe health warning, particularly to those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or who suffer from a heart condition. In addition to this, many ingredients have not been properly researched in clinical studies and as such their full potential side effects or potential reactions with other medication are not currently known, making this a particularly risky supplement for many users.
Value for money: 60/100

At £29.99 for at least a month’s supply, Blaze Reborn is relatively cheap compared to some products, especially considering the speed of results that its high caffeine content will yield. Warrior Supplements recommend rationing the tablets to below the maximum daily dosage at least when starting the supplement in order to check for negative reactions – doing so prevents dangerous side effects and helps the supply to last longer.

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Warrior Blaze Reborn Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538
Blaze Reborn contains a long list of ingredients, some of which come with extensive potential side effects and others which are relatively harmless. The product itself comes with a large health warning which states that pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take the supplement. The warning also cautions users to consult with their doctor should they be suffering from a long list of pre-existing medical conditions including high or low blood pressure; heart, liver or thyroid disease; seizures; psychiatric disease; diabetes; and difficulty urinating – this is by no means a comprehensive list and users using any medication should consult a medical professional before taking Blaze Reborn.

Caffeine is a stimulant, and has a wide variety of potentially harmful side effects. Mild effects can include jitters and difficulty sleeping, but more serious side effects include potential heart disease and brittle bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Pregnant and breast feeding women should strictly limit their caffeine intake as it could damage the development of their child. Caffeine is also highly addictive and as such all users should be careful not to become too dependent on the drug.

Not all potential side effects of hydroxytryptophan have been investigated, and as such potential users should be extremely careful when considering taking it as a supplement. Known side effects for the supplement in capsule form include allergic reactions such as hives, difficulty breathing or a swelling of the face, mouth or throat – should users experience any of these symptoms they should seek emergency medical assistance. Less severe reported side effects include stomach pain, nausea, headaches and heartburn.

Very few side effects are reported from capsicum consumption, which is unsurprising as peppers are a very common ingredient in many foods around the world. While a very small percentage of the population may experience allergic reactions to peppers, the more common effects are related to its spice – users may experience a burning sensation in the mouth and throat, and some experience an upset stomach or acid reflux. In most cases, these reactions to hot food are otherwise entirely harmless.

Bitter Orange Peel
Many medical professionals believe that not enough is known about bitter orange peel’s effects on the body to guarantee its safety. Chemicals within bitter orange peel share a lot in common with ephedra, a powerful but dangerous substance that raises the user’s heart rate and blood pressure, and which has been banned for use in weight loss products by the US Food and Drug Administration. Those on medication, sufferers of heart disease and pregnant or breastfeeding women should be particularly cautious when considering products containing bitter orange peel.

While not all potential side effects to carnitine have been clearly investigated, the supplement is known to cause several potential effects. Some are less harmful and include abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, headaches and nausea, while others are more potentially dangerous including impaired vision, dizziness, depression, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure and seizures. Anybody experiencing these symptoms should seek medical attention immediately.

Raspberry Ketone
While not enough clinical research has been done to guarantee that raspberry ketone is completely safe for use, it is not known to have any particularly adverse side effects. Nevertheless, those on heavy medication or with severe illness should consult a doctor or pharmacist before using any supplement.

Green Coffee Extract
There is a limited understanding of what potential side effects could result from taking green coffee as a supplement, although it is generally considered to be a relatively safe substance. Coffee is consumed widely throughout the world with very few ill effects to those who limit their intake. As coffee contains caffeine, however, users should be careful of consuming too much coffee, as this can lead to addiction, jitters, sleeping problems and in extreme cases, heart disease.

Green Tea Extract
While green tea is generally considered harmless, due to the caffeine content within it, overdosing on the substance is known to cause effects such as headaches, nausea and dizziness. That said, the dosage required to overdose is an excess of five cups of tea a day, which is far more than is contained in weight loss supplements. Regardless, pregnant or breastfeeding women should take care to limit their intake, as they should with all caffeinated products.

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How To Use

The recommended dose of Blaze Reborn is between two and three tablets per day, taken on an empty stomach. Warrior supplements advise taking one Blaze Reborn tablet first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to begin with, in order to assess tolerance to the high levels of stimulant ingredients within the product. After customers are comfortable with the initial dose they can begin to take a second tablet before lunch, at least four hours after the initial tablet. Those with a particularly high tolerance to stimulants may wish to take two tablets in the morning instead of one.

Because Warrior Blaze Reborn contains high levels of caffeine, it is unwise to take a dose less than five hours before sleep. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid the supplement as it can damage the growth of the child, and those with a heart condition or who are on heavy medication should check with their doctor before using the supplement.

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Who Makes Warrior Blaze Reborn

Blaze Reborn is manufactured by Warrior Supplements, which is a small company that solely produces sports supplements. Warrior Supplements is based in the UK and was founded in 2010. Their products are primarily sold through the UK-based Body Building Warehouse website. The company does not currently offer any form of money back guarantee. While reviews of Warrior products are generally positive, particularly those that are displayed on the Body Building Warehouse website, a substantial amount of Blaze Reborn’s Amazon reviews (around 20% of all reviews for the product) report customer dissatisfaction with the product, on the grounds that they felt it did not work for them.

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Where To Buy

Warrior Blaze Reborn is currently not available on the UK high street, and as such the primary location to buy the supplement is through the product’s primary distributor, the Body Building Warehouse website, where 90 capsule (a supply which lasts between one month and six weeks depending on dosage) can be purchased for £29.99. Orders of under £50 cost £1.99 for shipping, whereas orders over £50 come with free postage. That said, several other UK-based websites sell the supplement for slightly cheaper, such as Dolphin Fitness, who charge £24.95 with free shipping. Amazon and Body Conscious also stocks the product at £29.99 with free shipping, which makes them both slightly cheaper than the Body Building Warehouse.

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Overall Verdict

Warrior Blaze Reborn contains a collection of popular weight loss ingredients, some of which have been proven effective in clinical trials, and some of which have not. While some of the ingredients do not have many serious side effects, others can potentially cause the user significant harm. The supplement is likely to give some users measurable weight loss thanks to its high caffeine content, however this is will depend on the user’s diet and exercise routine. The supplement is not suitable for everyone, and if in doubt the user should seek advice from a medical professional before taking Blaze Reborn.

Overall: 47/100

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