Water Pills for Weight Loss
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Water Pills for Weight Loss

Water pills are thought to be a quick way to slim down and lose weight. Some popular diuretic ingredients have been linked to weight loss. However, there does not seem to be any clinical studies to suggest that water pills might aid weight loss and they might cause side effects.

In today’s society, it is believed that people are increasingly looking for new ways to lose weight and many are turning to supplements, which are readily available on the high street or online. Water pills are a form of supplement that is easy to purchase and is thought to help you to achieve your weight loss goals. It is important to examine what water pills are, how they may aid in weight loss, analyse clinical studies on water pills and look at potential side effects in order to reach a conclusion on how effective water pills might be for weight loss.

What are Water Pills?

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Water pills may be better known as diuretic supplements and have supposedly become available in health and supplement stores. It is thought that water pills will induce diuresis, which is described as the need to urinate. It is claimed that diuretics do this by promoting the excretion of salt (sodium) and water from the kidneys with certain ingredients. Water pills may contain natural or manufactured ingredients to cause this effect.

Is it claimed that water pills may help to treat high blood pressure and might help to treat some types of liver disease. More recently, it has been said that water pills might aid weight loss. Controversially, they are understood to be used by some bodybuilders before competitions to, in theory, look more muscular and they are also believed to be taken by some celebrities before events to make them look thinner.

How do Water Pills aid Weight Loss?


Water pills are marketed as a quick slimming solution and it is thought that they might aid in weight loss efforts. It is said that due to the diuretic effect, they may help to reduce puffiness and bloating by promoting the removal of water and sodium from the body. In today’s society, is it claimed that food may contain sodium to enhance flavour, preserve freshness or even to enhance its appearance. In particular, sodium is thought to be high in ready meals, processed and unhealthy food choices. Due to the availability of this food, it is believed that the modern day diet may include high levels of sodium in the body. It is said that this may cause water retention in the body; this might cause weight gain and bloating. Thus, by inducing diuresis, water pills might help you to lose this weight and may combat the bloating associated with sodium.

Water pills may contain natural or manufactured ingredients depending on the price and brand of supplement. A common ingredient in some water pill supplements is caffeine, as it is believed to have a diuretic effect. Dandelion root is thought to be a popular ingredient in some water pills due to its supposed diuretic effect. It is also thought that Uva ursi be found in some water pills for the same reasons.

However, any effect that water pills and their ingredients may have is only likely to be temporary. There does not seem to be any studies that suggest there is a link between taking water pills and losing fat. There might only be temporary weight loss on the scales or maybe a slimmer figure in the mirror, but water pills might not be the most effective way to lose weight permanently for the long term. Once you stop taking water pills, there is the potential that your weight may return to what it was before.

It may be better to make some lifestyle changes to lose weight, such as eating a balanced and healthy diet and getting regular exercise rather than taking water pills. To lose weight, it is understood that the body needs to use more calories than you consume. For example, it is thought that 45 minutes of exercise can increase the metabolic rate for 14 hours in young males, meaning that the body may burn more calories for that period of time after working out. This may be a more successful way to see results in the long term.

Although, it must be mentioned that some ingredients that are thought to be contained in water pills may be linked to weight loss individually. It might be these ingredients that could give the impression that water pills aid in weight loss. For example, caffeine is thought to be a stimulant, which may boost the metabolism and could burn more calories. It is thought that this might happen via the process of thermogenesis, which is when the body produces heat. Dandelion has also been linked to potentially reducing fat absorption and may break down fat, though evidence in support of these claims is lacking.

Therefore, water pills may help to reduce the appearance of bloating and might help to make the stomach appear flatter; thus, you may look like you have lost weight. However, there does not seem to be any evidence that water pills help with weight loss and they may not be a effective for permanent weight loss. Although, some ingredients that are thought to be popular in this supplement may be linked to weight loss.

Clinical Studies on Water Pills

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The use of water pills for weight loss is thought to be controversial and there is a lack of clinical studies that link this form of supplement to weight loss. One study found that taking water pills or diuretics was a less popular strategy among those trying to lose weight, with only 1% of men and 2% women taking them to try and slim down. This kind of study may indicate that it might not be the best supplement to take to aid in weight loss efforts. It does not however help to assess the effectiveness of water pills for weight management.

However, some of the ingredients that are commonly found in water pills may be linked to weight loss individually. Clinical studies suggest that some ingredients might aid in weight management, which may give the impression that water pills could be beneficial. For example, caffeine is a popular ingredient in water pills and a study found that high caffeine intake was associated with weight loss through the process of thermogenesis and fat oxidation. In habitual low caffeine drinks, it was also thought to improve weight maintenance through thermogenesis and fat oxidation. This may indicate that caffeine might help in weight loss efforts.

Another study found that the supposedly popular dandelion root may be able to lower fatty acids known as lipids; meaning it might have the potential for aiding in weight loss upon further study. Although, it must be noted that other ingredients thought to be contained in water supplements do not seem to be linked with evidence of inducing weight loss, such as uva ursi, parsley and buchu.

Side effects associated with Water Pills

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It is thought that water pills, as supposed diuretics, may be safe for most people to take as a supplement. Although, they may not be recommended for those that suffer from some medical conditions or are taking medications. In particular, water pills may not be safe for those that suffer from kidney problems or diabetes. It is recommended that you talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about taking water pills.

Some common side effects of water pills might include headaches, dizziness or diarrhoea. As it is supposedly a diuretic, it may increase urination, which could result in dehydration. Other possible side effects of taking water pills might include electrolyte abnormalities.

It is also important to think about side effects associated with certain ingredients that are added to water pills. It may be best to look at the ingredients list before purchasing water pills as they will vary from brand to brand. If it contains caffeine, it may not be suitable for those that are sensitive to stimulants. It may cause side effects such as stomach irritation, nausea, an increased heart rate or headaches. High doses might not be safe to consume, which could cause an irregular heartbeat. Uva Ursi may cause nausea, stomach discomfort or discoloration of the urine. It is possibly unsafe for long term use and might cause liver damage and even eye problems.


In conclusion, water pills are believed to work as diuretic supplements, which may help you to temporarily lose weight on the scales. They might also help to make you appear slimmer, as they could help you to ‘beat the bloat’. Some ingredients that are thought to be contained in some water pills may be linked to weight loss. However, water pills are unlikely to help an individual to lose weight and fat permanently. There does not seem to be any clinical studies on water pills as a supplement that suggest a link between their use and permanent weight loss and there may also be side effects associated with their use. There might be specific side effects for some of the possible ingredients in water pills – be sure to read the ingredients list carefully before use.

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