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Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss is an American product produced by Iovate Health Sciences International Inc. This review is to provide a factual account of the pros and cons of Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss for use as a weight loss aid, taking into account mechanism of action, key ingredients and their safety, and results seen in consumers of this product.

This review should allow you to form your own opinion on whether Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss is a product you wish to try.

xenadrine review

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Pros
  • Cheap compared to many other products on the market
  • Endorsement from a number of ex-users of the product
Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Cons
  • High caffeine content
  • Doubts surrounding the company behind and previous incarnations of the product
  • Very few ‘active’ ingredients considering the money being spent
  • Have to import from the USA

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Review

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss is an American product originally produced by Cytodyne Technologies, and currently produced by Iovate Health Sciences International Inc., and is one of a number of products in the Xenadrine range.
Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss is marketed as an aid to weight loss by acting to speed up metabolic function. It does not claim to bind fat, act as a carbohydrate blocker, or suppress your appetite in any way. It also does not come with a diet plan.

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How Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Works

xenadrine boosts metabolismIn order for weight loss to be achieved, at the most basic level of understanding, there needs to be a net expenditure of energy, i.e. the total energy used must equal more than the total energy gained from food and drink consumption for a set time period. Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss claims to do this by stimulating the metabolism. It claims to have clinical data to back up this theory, and publishes the results of a trial carried out on Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss on the product description page of their website.

The Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss website claims that Xenadrine works due to the potent key ingredient, anhydrous caffeine, increasing basal metabolic rate. This means that there is increased energy expenditure in the body, due to the extra energy needed to carry out the metabolic chemical reactions. Whether this is true or not is debatable, as a number of controversies exist surrounding Xenadrine since the removal of ephedrine from the formula.

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Key Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Ingredients

Caffeine in xenadrineThere are a number of recent diet pill staples included in the formula for Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss, such as L-carnitine (a non-essential amino acid), but the predominant ingredient is simply caffeine. This caffeine is in anhydrous form (i.e. it is dehydrated) and is said to supply 200mg of caffeine. What you are getting with Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills is essentially a caffeine pill. This brings in to question its suitability for people who want to lose weight who are already in a high-risk bracket for heart conditions such as angina. Because of the publically known risk factors linking caffeine consumption and worsening symptoms for those with heart conditions, this may be a major reason for people who are very overweight and/or have heart conditions to consider avoiding this product.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

The data published on the Xenadrine product group website would appear to back up the weight loss contribution of Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills. However, their trials’ legitimacy has been called into question a number of times, with their understanding of peer review being questionable and so more reliable third party data is needed to confirm its ability.
Speed of results: 60/100

The product website page states that a 17lbs. weight loss was seen within 8 weeks on average, and a 21lbs. weight loss was seen after 12 weeks on average when using Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills, or a combination of a few of the active ingredients in Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills. Again however, as the legitimacy of the trials surrounding Xenadrine products has been called into question a number of times, it is wise to take these figures as rough estimates only.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

There are no claims from the makers of Xenadrine products that Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills specifically target appetite suppression, however, they do state that the pills will give you boosted energy levels, though no trial data is provided by the makers to support this in any of their online supplementary materials.
Long Term Results: 20/100

As previously mentioned, the trials listed on the Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss product page give values for time periods up to 12 weeks only as a maximum. Beyond this there has been no investigation, and so it is possible that the effects would begin to plateau as time progressed. We simply need more data, and reliable data at that, in order to be sure of the long-term effects of Xenadrine products across the board.
Safety: 80/100

In terms of safety there appears to be no information suggesting the current version of the Xenedrine Powerful weight Loss pills are dangerous in any way, with the majority of the pill being made up of anhydrous caffeine and calcium, both of which are present in some way in most peoples’ every day diet.
Value for money: 50/100

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills are at the lower end of the price range for dieting products, though they are only available from the USA, meaning that the cost of importing them may counteract the value for money that you are receiving in terms of the raw value pre-import. This may mean that better products are available for the same total price (if you include import pricing) and so it is most likely much better value for money to find an equal or better product that retails in the UK for a similar price.

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss Side Effects

headacheAs previously stated, the major ingredient in Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss is caffeine, in its dehydrated form. This could be concerning for those who already have a high caffeine intake and do not realize that there is such a high caffeine content in these pills. Whilst the lethal dose of caffeine is around 5 grams, which is equivalent to 25 cups of coffee, symptoms of caffeine poisoning come much earlier and are particularly unpleasant;symptoms such as nausea, headaches and light-headedness.

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Where to Buy Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss

There are a number of places to buy Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills on the Internet, but all involve importing the product from the USA, or purchasing from a specialist health and fitness store that stocks US patented products. A well-known example of a site that sells US imported products is dolphinfitness, but it does not carry the reputation that a website such as carries, and so many people may feel more comfortable importing it via a website they have heard of before, such as the US Amazon site. This really is personal preference.

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Overall Verdict

Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss seems like a product that has been cleverly marketed considering its main content is simply dehydrated caffeine, which is available in many everyday food and drink items in a more natural form. This having been said, the clinical results on the product website page for Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills seem to sell the product’s abilities well, showing reasonable weight losses in the short term (up to 3 months).

questioning the legitimacy of resultsThere has been either a lack of understanding or a blatant disregard for the existence of peer-review publishing systems within the scientific literature where Iovate Health Sciences Inc. is concerned, as they have simply not carried out the correct publishing procedure, and have been allowed to get away with it. However, the results shown appear to be very good, and it is a shame that the legitimacy of them has to be brought into question, as if they had been proven to be more legitimate then the product would have a good grounding as a strong market leader It is highly likely that because the company in question is not one of the ‘Big Pharma’ companies such as GlaxoSmithKline or AstraZeneca, that they have simply fallen into the trap because they don’t have the funding for a full scale clinical investigation

Before caffeine was included as the main active ingredient in Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss pills, it was well documented that the main ingredient was ephedra, a particularly dangerous compound. It was also well documented that the company in question failed to disclose concerns surrounding the substance, and that they were sued by the State in California. The moral grounding of a company is one of the most defining factors in the pharmaceuticals industry, and it is questionable whether one would be able to trust a company that had withheld information such as this from the general public when marketing a product containing the substance as a safe aid to weight loss themselves. This, coupled with suspicion surrounding the multiple aliases of the company (may be enough for many people to avoid the product altogether, however, some may say that the company has likely made a mistake and learnt from it, and would be unlikely to do such a thing again for fear of their reputation being further tarnished and for fear of another lawsuit.

All in all, Xenadrine Powerful Weight Loss seems like a product that is simple and has some evidence supporting its effectiveness. Despite this though, there are many doubts cast over the reliability of the studies and the product itself, as well as the company backing it. It is one of the cheaper products on the market, but due to the cost of importing it to the UK there may well be cheaper, more reliable products retailed in the UK itself.

Overall: 54/100

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