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There are dietary supplements on the market which have extravagant claims of rapid weight loss with no evidence to support these claims, so we have no idea about their effectiveness and safety. Unfortunately, Xenislim is one of these products.

Xenislim review

Xenislim Pros
  • 90 day money back guarantee
Xenislim Cons
  • No ingredient information
  • No user instructions
  • No official outlet to support guarantee

Xenislim Review

Xenislim is a supplement designed just for women, to work by suppressing the appetite and burning fat, with claims of reducing cellulite and even combating symptoms of PMS. This article will review exactly how Xenislim intends to do this and if it is a product to be trusted.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Xenislim claims to end hunger cravings while burning fat for fast and effective results. Additionally, the product is meant to elevate fatigue, get rid of cellulite and apparently result in a “sexy figure” as it targets hips, tummy, thighs and bum on the female body. Xenislim also states that its “scientifically engineered formula” supports a hormonal profile to reduce premenstrual symptoms.

How Xenislim Works

There is very little information surrounding Xenislim. It apparently contains a powerful proprietary formula which will put an end towards hunger cravings and boost energy levels, getting rid of fatigue and burning fat. Xenislim also states that it contains four essential vitamins and minerals to support women’s health. It doesn’t contain ingredients which are designed to enhance muscle building, making it more suitable for women. They do not disclose any ingredients or quantity amounts and there are no instructions on how to take Xenislim. The pack contains 30 pills but there is no indication on how long this supply is meant to last. There is a 90 day money back guarantee, however this again is questionable.

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Key Xenislim Ingredients

bitter orange peel in XenislimXenislim contains a mix of appetite suppressants, stimulants and amino acids. The appetite suppressants are bitter orange peel, cocoa powder, grape seed and ginger root. They do this by interfering with the hormones which tell the brain if it is full or not.

The stimulants are yerba mate, green tea and cocoa yerba mate in Xenislimpowder as they all contain caffeine. These are meant to kick start the metabolism while increasing energy expenditure. The amino acids are there to support internal body functions and can provide pain relief for the claimed help towards PMS symptoms.

Nothing in these ingredients suggest targeted use, so it is unclear as to why Xenislim has been advertised to target the midsection.

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Weight Loss Power:


The ingredients do show some potential, however as the manufacturers do not disclose an ingredient list or quantities and simply state that is a “proprietary formula” it is highly unlikely that there is enough of the ingredients to have an actual effect. Any supplement with no ingredient list should not be trusted.

Speed of results:


There is no evidence for the fast weight loss Xenislim advertises and without diet or exercise it is highly unlikely that Xenislim can have any effect at all. Any instant weight loss will be water weight as Xenislim is a diuretic, but by no means is effective weight loss.

Appetite Suppression:


There is some evidence suggesting that some of the ingredients do contain appetite suppressing abilities. However, with no ingredient amounts, the effect of these cannot be judged. Also without instructions, the user may take the pill incorrectly and thus not benefiting from the desired appetite suppression effect.

Long Term Results:


The ingredients in Xenislim are short term energy boosters and it is likely that after use, weight gain will return especially as there are no diet or exercise recommendations. Click here to see our top rated diet pills.



There appear to be no side effects of Xenislim, not even caffeine related ones many stimulant supplements have. However, there is no clinical testing to confirm the safety and so this still needs to be assessed.

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Value for money:


As there are no user instructions, there is no indication as to how long a 30 pack will last and could be anywhere between 10 days and a month. There are savings when bought in bulk but overall it is unlikely Xenislim will work so the money will be wasted.

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Xenislim Side Effects

There are no reported side effects of Xenislim, not even caffeine related ones, which make it seem unlikely that there is enough caffeine in Xenislim to have an effect.

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Where to Buy Xenislim

Xenislim does not have its own website or outlet and can only be purchased through third party retailers like Amazon, where it is priced at $19.95 for a pack of 30.

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Overall Verdict

Xenislim does contain some promising ingredients, however they are present in an unknown proprietary blend which is not disclosed, making it unlikely that Xenislim contains an amount that will have any effect. Some of the ingredients are believed to speed up metabolism and suppress appetite, but nothing to suggest instant success and the removal of cellulite like advertised. They are nothing special and are useless compared to other fat burners/appetite suppressants on the market.

There are very mixed reviews online and the company is not trustworthy; they even give out fake contact details.

Xenislim boasts many claims andincluding that it is specifically targeted at the midsection of women, however there is no evidence that Xenislim will have a targeted effect or as to why only women can use it, suggesting this is just a marketing ploy. Overall, Xenislim is not a recommended product.

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