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Xipisan is another addition to the ever expanding fat binder breed of weight loss supplements. This type of product has become very popular in recent times as it doesn’t require much effort from the consumer.This particular product has come under fire from the advertising standards authority for false advertising, which is never a good sign. Unfortunately, the product doesn’t match up to the more famous fat binders such as Proactol Plus and XLS Medical but can it still be of benefit to you, the consumer?

Xipisan review

Xipisan Pros
  • Some websites offer various purchasing options
Xipisan Cons
  • No ingredient information
  • Manufacturer has received a warning from the advertising standards authority
  • Very expensive
  • General lack of information

Xipisan Review

The following extract is taken from the now non-existent official website:

‘In principle it functions like a sponge. Its active substance is released from the capsule during digestion and attaches to body fat. These complex fat molecules cannot be digested and leave your body easily. In principle, Xipisan reduces body fat deposits in the belly, thighs and buttocks. It also makes sure that the fat from your last meal leaves your body before being digested. Xipisan stimulates the digestive system by rapidly eliminating the fat-molecules, and after all, that is precisely the effect you are looking for.’

Due to the fact that the company got a warning from the advertising standards authority for making false claims, it is unlikely that the product will deliver.

For more information about the manufacturer, we recommend you read our Company Behind Xipisan article.

How Xipisan Works

Weight loss from fat bindingIn a person who is not taking a fat binder product the fat molecules digested from food are targeted and broken down by enzymes released from the pancreas. Once the enzymes have come into contact with the fat molecules they cross into the small intestine and are absorbed. If a person begins taking fat binders, then the fat molecules combine to form bigger molecules, which the enzymes cannot break down. The molecules of fat form a structure which is gel-like in appearance and consistency and is easily excreted by the body. This means that less fat is retained by the body, which is reflected on the weighing scales.

The above description is true of all fat binders regardless of the ingredients that they include. In the case of Xipisan, the particular ingredient responsible for this is chitin.

For more information about the weight loss effects of Xipisan, read our How Xipisan Works article.

Key Xipisan Ingredients

fibre ingredient in lipo-13This product contains only one ingredient which is chitin. There is no scientific evidence to show that chitin actually makes any difference to weight loss and so it would not be representative to talk about the ingredient as if it worked.

What we do know is that high amounts of chitin do contain a sufficient amount of fibre to slow down the release of glucose into the bloodstream. Fibre has been scientifically proven to increase the time it takes food to be digested; this has two main benefits. The first benefit is that more vitamins and minerals can be digested. Of course you could simply eat your meal at a slower pace and achieve the same results but for some people this isn’t possible. Secondly, fibre can slow down the release of glucose into the blood stream which causes a higher percentage of fat to be used for energy production.

For more information regarding the effects of the ingredients, read our Xipisan Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 20/100

This product is unlikely to change your life in terms of weight loss as it only contains one ingredient. The quantity of this ingredient is not even disclosed, which suggests it is very low and unlikely to provide much of a punch in terms of weight loss potential.
Speed of results: 30/100

As a fat binder, this product should get to work fairly quickly, however Xipisan is by no means at the top end of the fat binders available. You are also advised to take either one or two tablets three times a day, which indicates that the effect doesn’t last for that long. In addition to this, the quantity of the sole ingredient is not divulged, which means we have no way of knowing how effective the product is likely to be.
Appetite Suppression: 0/100

This product is not intended as an appetite suppressant and nor does the sole ingredient possess this property. You may experience a small indirect effect on appetite, but if appetite suppression is your goal then this is not the product for you.
Long Term Results: 20/100

In a similar fashion to a lot of diet supplements, the effectiveness of the ingredients decrease with the length of time you take the product for. This is because the body builds up a tolerance to the ingredients, which render them less effective. As this product contains only one ingredient, it is therefore likely to become less effective fairly quickly.
Safety: 80/100

Aside from the usual side effects associated with fat binders the product is fairly safe; this however comes at a cost. The reason why this product is relatively free of side effects is because the quantity of its single ingredient is probably very low and largely ineffective. So while this product may be very safe, you pay the price in terms of reduced effectiveness.
Value for money: 10/100

This product scores very poorly in terms of value for money. Even if the product was a tried and tested product, the retail price of between £20 and £25 (depending on where you buy the product from), only lasts for ten days if you follow the instructions. This means that you could be paying upwards of £60 for a month which is very expensive considering that the product only has one ingredient, which is largely unproven as a weight loss aid.

Xipisan Side Effects

Consult a GPAdios is a very weak product and as a result doesn’t cause side effects, however it doesn’t seem to cause any real positive effects either. As a fat blocker, Xipisan exhibits many of the same side effects as other fat blocker products. Examples of these side effects can be digestive discomfort, nausea, diarrhoea and vomiting. Those who are currently taking medication that thin the blood or medication to control diabetes should be especially careful as in taking this product, as chitin can interfere with these medications. If you are currently taking medications and you are unsure whether taking a product that contains chitin is advisable then consult your doctor who should be able to advise you on the issue.

For more information, we recommend you read our Xipisan Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Xipisan

There are two main websites where you can buy the product from; one website offers a range of options while EBay only offers the sixty tablet option but at a cheaper price, so it will depend on the level of commitment you want to show to the product.

On the first website, your first option is to buy a pack of sixty capsules for £24.95 including a £3.80 delivery charge. If you bear in mind that you are meant to take six tablets per day then this indicates very poor value for money. The second option available is to buy three bottles of the product for a total price of £71.85; this is a saving of £1 per bottle. The third option available is to buy four bottles of the product for a total of £91.80, this works out as a £2 saving per bottle. The fourth and final option is to buy six bottles of the product for £131.70 which equates to a saving of £3 per bottle.

The second website (ebay) provides the option of buying a single sixty tablet packet for £19.99 plus £3.49 in delivery charges, therefore this particular offer presents the best value for money when compared with the previous website. The seller goes by the name of weightlossdirect and possesses a 98.71% confidence rating and so appears to be a legitimate seller.

For more information about buying the product, read our Where To Buy Xipisan article and our How To Use Xipisan articles.

Overall Verdict

There is nothing in the information provided above that suggests this product will be well worth your time. The product only contains one ingredient, has had previous trouble with the advertising standards authority and is very expensive. On the plus side, the product has very little side effects associated with it and should begin working almost immediately after taking the product. All things considered though, this product is unlikely to help you reach your goals and you could certainly do a lot better for a similar price.

Overall: 32/100

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