XLS Medical Fat Binder Ingredients
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XLS Medical Fat Binder Ingredients

XLS Medical Fat BinderThis article will look into all of the different ingredients that are used to make up the XLS Medical Fat Binder pill. We will look at these primarily on an individual basis but will also endeavour to provide a brief comment on how our experts think that they are likely to work together.

The XLS Medical Fat Binder is made up of 4 ingredients with one that is said to be absolutely key to its fat binding effects. These include, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E and LitramineTM.

How the Ingredients Work


fibre ingredient As you might have noticed, this is a patented formula that has been specially developed by a company called InQpharm. Its scientific name is IQP G-002AS. The InQpharm website gives a lot of helpful information on this ingredient and also provides a contact form should potential consumers want to get in touch to ask anything else. If you do find that you would like more information on this ingredient such as any medication that it may interfere with etc. then we would recommend that you attempt to get this information directly from this company.

But what really is Litramine™? The website describes the ingredient as a natural fibre complex which includes mainly fibres from the Opuntia ficus-indica; a particular species of cactus to which soluble fibres from another plant in the Acacia species are added.

This particular ingredient is the one that is most celebrated for what is called its ‘lipophilic activity’ meaning that it has a tendency to combine or dissolve in fats. In this case the ingredient combines with fats in the body so that they do not get absorbed and are excreted out which according to both XLS Medical and InQpharm ‘results in significant weight loss’.

green teaLitramine™ is said to be incredibly powerful and this is due to the properties that the particular plant fibres that it includes. Most important of these are the cactus fibres mentioned above which alone possess fat binding properties. It is stated though that this ingredient contains even more fat binding power because the company have engineered the ‘particle size and fibre ratio’ so that it is at an optimal level and more fats can be bound.

The site also tells us that the ingredient has been ‘mechanically treated with fibres’ although there is little information relating to what is meant by this. It is however emphasised that Litramine™ itself has been the subject of numerous clinical studies and has been proven to be able to bind dietary fats resulting from meal consumption. For more information on this point specifically you might want to read our article on XLS Medical Fat Binder Clinical Studies.

This ingredient is also said to have undergone a substantial amount of safety tests which is always a good thing to look for when deciding whether to buy a diet product, especially if it concerns the main ingredient.

The site goes on to say that because it is made from an organic plant source, there are actually no known harmful side effects that have resulted or will result from its consumption. This is said to be because it works to bind fat ‘without any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action’ which in basic terms means that while it is powerful, it does not affect the specific inner workings of the human body.

Safety and side effectsFurthermore, the ingredient has actually been certified as a medical device under the Medical Device Directive. This is particularly beneficial since this means that it has been approved in this field and undergone certain checks which to some extent guarantee its safety and effectiveness.

In terms of what you will actually be consuming inside of the XLS Medical Fat Binding capsules, this ingredient is described as being a granulated powder which is light green in colour assumedly owing to its plant fibre content. It is said to both taste and smell like cactus and, most importantly, it ‘does not contain any known allergens and has a well established safety profile’.

So from what we known so far about the main ingredient, it appears that this product has been very well researched and that a lot of effort has gone into choosing the best ingredients that can ensure both the safety and the effectiveness of the pills.


Deciding the best diet pills to takeBut what you are probably wondering is, if the key ingredient has such a high effectiveness for inducing weight loss, why do the pills need an additional 3? Well, Vitamins are often used in diet products for a number of reasons; some include them to aid the workings of any other main ingredient, some use them to counter side effects of the other ingredients and some just for general wellbeing. We will able to determine why XLS Medical has chosen to use them once we look at each Vitamin individually and what effects they have as this will allow us to understand the manufacturer’s choices.

The first of these is Vitamin A which like the Litramine™ is also an organic compound. It is often found naturally in foods such as cheese, eggs and yoghurt.

Vitamin A has a variety of important roles within the body, these include, aiding the immune system to be able to fight off infections, helping you to see in dim light and also maintaining healthy skin. So why is it in a fat binding diet product? The answer to this lies in the way that the XLS Medical Fat Binder works. You might recall from our How Does XLS Medical Fat Binder Work article, that it does this in 2 ways; the first by binding fat molecules with the fibres already discussed in order to make a compound that it too large for the body to absorb, and the second by releasing fat soluble vitamins into the body.

Fat burningIt is the second method that is of interest here, and it is particularly important for the maintenance of a users’ health. Due to the fact that body is now absorbing less fat, this means that it will not be getting all of the vitamins that are usually inherent in this food source, unsurprisingly this includes the 3 Vitamins that are included in the pills. By replacing what would otherwise be lacking due to the significantly lower absorption of fat, the pills make sure that users’ will not build up deficiencies in these Vitamins and will be able to maintain their overall health.

Vitamin D3 aids the body by functioning in a way that helps to manage the way that the body uses calcium and phosphorous. It does this by increasing the amount of calcium that is absorbed into the body which, as well all know, helps to maintain healthy bones. It also plays a role in aiding the immune system and growth. The principle here is pretty much the same, by including this ingredient in the pills, the manufacturers are effectively putting back what they have taken out by the first process of fat binding.

The replenishment of the last Vitamin included in the pills, Vitamin E, is also essential. This Vitamin plays a vital role in keeping the body healthy by effecting the maintenance of cell structure via its job aiding in the protection of cell membranes.

It is therefore now very easy to see why these particular ingredients have been added to the make up of the pills. They are the most commonly available fat soluble Vitamins that are found in foods and do some of the most important jobs in terms of the functioning of the body. Due to the nature of the pills themselves, an effect of their working is that these Vitamins will no longer be absorbed via the fats that they arrive in and so extra measures need to be taken in order to put them back into the body. This, quite evidently, makes sure that users can maintain a good health whilst taking these pills.

Overall Verdict

XLS Medical  Could Give ResultsIt seems then, that from their choice of ingredients, the manufactures of the XLS Medical Fat Binder pills have given careful consideration to the health and safety of their users. They have used natural and organic ingredients and have made sure that that their pills will not have any unnecessary harmful effects on the bodies of users.

They have also given great thought to the effectiveness of their product as the main ingredient Litramine TM is in fact only used in a handful of diet supplements showing that they have conducted a fair amount of research into the best possible ingredients that their product can include.

Overall, the ingredients used in this fat binding product are of a very high quality and are unlikely to cause any harmful effects (for more information on any side effects that you might experience as a result of consuming these pills you should read our XLS Medical Fat Binder Side Effects article). The opinion of our experts is that this is a very well developed product which has been manufactured with consumers, rather than a quick profit, in mind.

For more information, we recommend you read our XLS Medical Fat Binder Review article.

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