XLS Medical Fat Binder vs. Alli Slimming Tablets
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XLS Medical Fat Binder vs. Alli Slimming Tablets

xls medical vs alli slimming pills

When choosing a diet pill or supplement to aid your weight loss, it is important to find one that will produce the best results. Which product will do this depends upon a number of factors, including the user’s starting weight.

For those who are have a BMI of 28 and above, and are based in the UK, Alli may be a viable option, and is available at many pharmacies. But, how does this product compare to an unregulated weight loss solution, such as XLS Medical?

This review will compare Alli with XLS Medical by looking at the weight loss claims made, customer feedback, the price, as well as how each product works.

XLS Medical vs. Alli – Active Ingredients

Orlistat is the active ingredient in Alli. Orlistat was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1999, and is available only under prescription or at the discretion of a pharmacist. Orlistat is also available under the brand name of Xenical, which has a more concentrated dose, making it a prescription only product. Orlistat has been tested in clinical trials extensively, and so its side effects are well documented, as well as having plenty of evidence to support its effectiveness. Because it is slow acting and needs to be taken over a prolonged period, results may seem slow, but patients who take an Orlistat based product are more likely to maintain this weight loss after they stop taking the product. The key ingredient is chemically based, rather than being derived from any natural ingredient such as a plant. This is where Orlistat differs from most other fat binders on the market, most of which are plant based and available over the counter.

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The primary active ingredient of XLS Medical is the patented Litramine™, which is derived from dried prickly pear leaves. XLS Medical also has added fat-soluble vitamins, which are intended to prevent a deficit of those vitamins, as their absorption is hindered by use of fat binding products. Opuntia Ficus Indica, the plant that Litramine™ is derived from, has been clinically proven to lower blood cholesterol levels, and therefore reduce cardiovascular risk. The claims that are made about Litramine™, and the clinical trials that support these claims, are discussed in more detail below.

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XLS Medical vs. Alli – How Do They Work?

XLS Medical works by providing additional insoluble fibre that binds with dietary fat in the stomach. This fat-fibre complex becomes too large to pass through the walls of the small intestine, and so the altered fat passes through the body without being absorbed. This means that fewer calories are taken into the body, which, when combined with a healthy balanced diet and exercise, leads to a calorie deficit, and weight loss. Fat is targeted (rather than developing a product that affects carbohydrates or protein) because it has the highest calorie density compared to other types of food.

Litramine™ also provides additional soluble fibre, which, unlike insoluble fibre, is absorbed into the system. This element of the product is not well advertised by XLS Medical, but may act as a further contributor towards weight loss. This soluble fibre is the element that positively affects blood cholesterol levels. After this initial process, XLS Medical then releases fat soluble vitamins A, D3 and E-acetate, to prevent a deficiency in these, sometimes caused by this kind of diet pill.

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Orlistat, the active ingredient of Alli, affects the body on a chemical level, binding with and inhibiting enzymes in the stomach called gastrointestinal lipase. This type of enzyme is the one that usually interacts with dietary fats to break them down, so that they can be absorbed into the body for use or storage. With some of the enzyme in the stomach inhibited, less fat can be processed, and so less can be absorbed by the body. This then reduces the amount of calories taken in by the body, causing weight loss over a prolonged period of time. The unconsumed fat is then removed from the body via bowel movements.

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XLS Medical vs. Alli – How Effective Are They?

The makers of Alli claim that it can prevent around 25% of fat from being absorbed by the body. In terms of how much weight loss this can cause, the official website for Alli estimates that for every 2 pounds lost by healthy eating, an extra pound will be lost by use of Alli, which is effectively a 50% boost in weight loss. Alli is certainly not marketed to be a miracle weight loss pill, and without making any other changes to diet or activity level, users will most likely see only minor results.

The official website of XLS Medical cites several studies as clinical proof of the product’s effectiveness, and their statistics and claims are derived from these studies. XLS Medical claims to be able to bind up to 27% of dietary fats consumed in a meal, which prevents a significant number of consumed calories from being absorbed into the body. In addition to this, the makers of the pill make the dramatic claim that the use of XLS Medical causes three times as much weight loss as dieting alone.

It is not clear in what context this claim is made, such as over what time period, for whom, and how this translates into actual pounds lost. As these statistics are based on clinical trials that are performed using very specific circumstances, these claims should be viewed as the optimal performance, which is somewhat difficult to reproduce in day to day circumstances. Results with fat binders will always be more prominent if use of the diet pills is combined with a balanced diet and exercise regime.

XLS Medical vs. Alli – Consumer Feedback

It is likely that the claims listed above, especially XLS Medical’s claim that it causes 3 times as much weight loss as dieting alone, have raised customers’ expectations considerably. According to our estimations based upon the reliable customer reviews we found, around 40% of XLS Medical users appear to feel conned or ripped off because of their lack of results, especially when considering the expense of the product. However, it is important to point out that some users of the pill have reported good results, and others have reported some weight loss, even though they were disappointed with the time it took to lose the weight.

Consumer feedback for Alli is mixed. When Alli is used properly, it is undeniable that it is effective. The additional resources available such as the recipe book and online forum also seem to have a positive effect in helping users to stay motivated. However, there are some people who report very little weight loss, and a significant minority of users (around 9%) stop taking Alli because of continuing unpleasant side effects.

As well as these short term side effects, there are more long term and damaging side effects that have been linked with the use of Orlistat which are referred to in more detail below. These potential side effects are a mixture of short term and long term, with prolonged damage to the body possible. However, Alli is only available from a pharmacist to those who meet the minimum BMI requirements of 28, which is well into the overweight category.

The undesirability of effects upon health that often occur in people who are obese may well outweigh any side effects that occur from taking Orlistat in an attempt to lose weight. Whilst this is not a decision to take lightly without personal research into the product, it may be that the Orlistat side effects are the lesser of two evils in many cases.

XLS Medical vs. Alli – Side-Effects

XLS Medical is derived from a natural plant source and so there should be very few side effects, especially compared to chemical based diet pills. Despite claims that it is gentle on the system and doesn’t interfere with the “body’s natural workings”, reported side effects of XLS Medical include bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches and even sickness. The possible causes for these side effects are investigated fully elsewhere on dietpill-reviews in this article.

It is recommended that to avoid some of these side effects, plenty of liquids are drunk as a part of a diet regime, and meals that are very high in fat are avoided or eaten only in moderation.

Read more about XLS Medical side-effects.

Orlistat, and therefore Alli, have been very well researched, as evidenced by their approval by the FDA. This means that the side effects, or “diet related treatment effects” that can occur with its use are well documented. These side effects can be serious, and are the reason that many users seem to consider Orlistat as a last resort to aid weight loss.

It is likely that Orlistat has more side effects than some other fat binders because it works on a chemical level, interfering with how the body works, rather than interacting with just the food that is consumed. The official Alli website openly admits that misuse of the pills in combination with a diet high in fat will lead to unpleasant “diet related treatment effects” such as oily stools, wind with or without oily spotting and diarrhoea.

The website also repeatedly mentions that Alli is for use alongside a healthy diet, to help to boost dieting efforts, and states that anyone not willing to make changes to their diet (to both aid weight loss and avoid nasty side effects) should most likely not take Alli. The website also offers tips on how to avoid any side effects, and explains the causes behind changed bowel movements in an easy to understand manner.

Orlistat has been associated with some long term side effects, such as an increased risk of kidney damage or liver damage. These risks can be discussed in more detail with either a pharmacist or doctor, before a decision is made about whether or not to take Alli. It is the risk of these long term effects that make products containing Orlistat, such as Alli and Xenical, harder to recommend, despite the fact that ultimately as a product they do work.

Learn more about Alli side effects.

XLS Medical vs. Alli – How Much Do They Cost?

Unlike its more concentrated counterpart Xenical, Alli is not available on prescription, and so is not limited in price by the NHS. Alli capsules are sold in packets of 84, which is enough tablets for a 28 day supply. They are available in most pharmacies, such as Boots Pharmacy or Lloyd’s Pharmacy, and the price seems to range between £35 and £50 for a month’s supply. For those who are looking for an Orlistat based product who have a BMI of 30 or above, the cost of Alli may be offputting, especially as its sister product, Xenical, is available on prescription, which incurs a much smaller charge than £35 a month.

XLS Medical is available at a large variety of retailers, including Boots and Asda, as well as at online retailers such as Amazon. The price for XLS medical varies immensely, with 180 tablets, which is a month’s supply, costing £59.99 in Boots, although it can be found cheaper elsewhere. This puts XLS medical amongst the more expensive diet pills available, especially considering that they only claim to hold one weight loss element, fat binding. With XLS Medical, it is definitely best to shop around to avoid paying over the odds.

Our Recommendation

When comparing Alli and XLS Medical, it is clear that both diet pills have their drawbacks. XLS Medical raises concerns because of the large number of customers who feel disappointed or ripped off, whereas Alli raises concerns because of the side effects associated with it, as its safety cannot be guaranteed. The side effects of both diet pills can be minimised by following a reduced-fat diet plan and drinking plenty of water. Alli seems to have more support in the form of diet plans, advice leaflets, and access to the Alli forum, where it is possible to interact with other Alli users to swap tips and advice, as well as to provide each other with encouragement and support.

However, there is significant evidence from clinical studies to suggest that both XLS Medical and Alli can contribute to weight loss efforts. Significant research should be conducted by the individual user before deciding to invest in either of these products, and both will produce more definitive results when combined with a healthy and balanced diet regime, as well as regular exercise.

XLS Medical may have its limitations, and is an expensive product, but it is not a chemical based product and supposedly does not interfere with the actual workings of the body, whereas Orlistat based diet pills such as Alli have been linked with an increased change of long term side effects. Further to this, those who are not obese but seeking to lose weight do not have the option of an Orlistat based diet pill available to them, making it a more limited product that XLS Medical, which is available over the counter and online. However, the use of Alli comes with support from the company, advice, and is clearly intended to be a long term slimming solution, which minimises the chances of weight regain once the product is no longer being used.

It may be that neither product is ideal and that better weight loss products are available. Further comparisons of these two diet pills can be made with a wider range of products available in the UK by going to our diet pills comparison page.

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