XLS Medical vs Raspberry Ketone
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XLS Medical vs Raspberry Ketone

XLS Medical vs Raspberry KetoneIn this article, we will be comparing two products, which are very popular in the mainstream media at the moment; these products are XLS Medical and Raspberry Ketone. At the best of times, it can be difficult to look past all of the advertising words and catchphrases that typically fill up an advertising page on their respective websites. This article will attempt to wade through this kind of information and deliver you the information that really matters. We will investigate the key ingredients, how the product works with support from scientific papers. We will then move onto explore the side effects that are associated with the product and ultimately how the public have received the product so far.

Active Ingredients

XLS Medical

Litramine comes from a CactusThe main active ingredient in XLS Medical is Litramine, which is further supported by Vitamins A, D, and E. Litramine is a patented natural fibre complex derived mainly from Opuntia ficus-indica (the leaves of the cactus plant) and has the ability to bind fats. A study has shown Litramine to reduce fat absorption by up to 27% with no undesirable side effects. The same study has shown Litramine to be safe, certified organic and does not contain any known allergens. It is manufactured and distributed by InQpharm.

The next ingredient is Vitamin A; this particular ingredient is primarily involved in keeping your immune system and skin healthy. According to the NHS page, you should get the recommended daily dose of Vitamin A in your diet (0.7 mg); however, exceeding 1.6mg for a prolonged period of time may weaken your bones leading to an increased risk of fractures. Vitamin D is an important vitamin involved in the regulation of calcium and phosphate to ensure that the correct levels are maintained. The average person should be able to get all of the vitamins they need from exposure to sunlight. Vitamin E is primarily involved in keeping cells healthy and excessive amounts of the vitamin are stored for future use so taking in more than you need should not cause much worry.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry KetonesUnsurprisingly the main active ingredient is Raspberry Ketone. This ingredient is what gives raspberries their distinct smell, although the ingredient is present in cranberries and blackberries as well. In its natural form, the ingredient is found in very low quantities and so the product is artificially produced in laboratories for inclusion in diet supplements. The traditional usage of raspberry ketones was in perfumes as it has a pleasant smell; however, in 1965 the FDA approved raspberry ketones as safe to include in small quantities as a food additive and as such has naturally found its way into the diet industry. It has been claimed that the ingredient can prevent weight gain although this is based on clinical studies undertaken with mice. No such effects have been replicated in human studies.

Common ingredients that are often bundled with this particular product often included African mango, Acai berry and either caffeine or green tea. The effectiveness of the product often depends on what supplementary ingredients are included, and the quantities of each ingredient.

How the product works

XLS Medical

How XLS Medical WorksWhen the dieter has eaten, the pill interacts with the fat from the food and creates fat-fibre complexes that are too large to pass through the walls of the small intestine. Due to not being absorbed, the fat-fibre complex then passes naturally via the stool. This then stops you absorbing the fat into your body, which results in weight gain. After the fat binding phase the essential fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are released and absorbed into the body. These vitamins are important for your health and with reducing fat, you reduce these vitamins, and this is where XLS Medical stands out because you can still get your vitamins while getting rid of the unwanted fat. The product also acts as a bulking agent, which makes you feel full for longer whereby reducing the amount of food that you feel you need to consume.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketones work by increasing the activity of a hormone called adiponectin, the function of this hormone is to exclusively burn fat cells. It has been established over the years through a vast number of medical studies that obese people have a lower level of adiponectin in comparison to leaner people. It has been explained that obese people have a high level of insulin which inhibits the production of adiponectin which tricks the person into thinking they are still hungry and leads to a ‘slow metabolism’. Therefore, a way of decreasing the level of insulin is needed in order for the adiponectin to be effective. This is where the raspberry ketones come into the picture. The ketones found in raspberries play a major part in inhibiting the production of insulin resulting in two benefits. The first benefit is that the individual will feel as though they are full and will generally eat less during the day, the second benefit is that adiponectin levels will be increased due to the low levels of insulin and thus fat stores will be used as the prime energy supplier rather than carbohydrate or muscle glycogen. This is the prime mechanism by which raspberry ketones work regardless of the actual product.

Various different manufacturers will include different ingredients that are included in their respective products but products labelled as Raspberry Ketone based products will generally follow the mechanism of action described above.

How effective is the product?

XLS Medical

XLS Medical Clinical StudiesWhat the Science says:

A study conducted by Grube et al (2013) investigated the effectiveness of Litramine using body weight reduction as a primary measure. The study recruited a total of one hundred and twenty five overweight/obese people to participate in the study. The subjects were split into two separate groups, one group were exposed to 3g per day of Litramine while the second group acted as a control group and received a placebo. The results indicated that more people who were exposed to the Litramine lost 5% of their starting body weight in comparison to the placebo.

What the Consumer says:

Unfortunately, the consumers of XLS Medical do not share the same opinion as the scientific evidence provided above. The average rating is only 2.5 stars out of 5 which is not a very good score considering the mainstream popularity of the product. The general consensus among consumers is that either the side effects have prevented them from continuing to take the product or that they haven’t lost as much weight as expected. Having said this there are many favourable reviews, which claim that they have since bought numerous packets to further their weight loss journey. Unfortunately, we cannot put this indecision down to a lack of reviews as there are plenty and so we can only assume that XLS Medical is not a magic weight loss product.

Raspberry Ketone

What the Science says:

A study conducted by Morimoto et al (2005) investigated the weight loss potential of raspberry ketones in mice. In order to test the effect of raspberry ketones, the mice were subject to two stages of experimentation. The first stage involved the mice being fed a high fat diet for a period of ten weeks with a 2% raspberry ketone content, stage two involved the mice being fed a high fat diet for six weeks with no raspberry ketone content followed by a five week high fat diet with a 1% raspberry ketone content.

The study discovered that when the raspberry ketones were introduced into the diet the mice lost both body weight and internal body fat percentage. The greatest difference was observed when raspberry ketones accounted for 2% of calorific intake. These outcomes were attributed to the ability of raspberry ketones to alter the metabolism of the body so that it would burn a higher percentage of fat tissue as opposed to carbohydrates or glycogen. The two concerns about this study are that this effect was seen in mice and so its translation into humans cannot be truly estimated, additionally the dosage of raspberry ketones was not specified and even if it were it would not be relevant in terms of correct human consumption.

What the Consumer says:

On the Amazon review page for Raspberry Ketone as supplied by Evolution Slimming, the reviews are not too favourable. There are a total of 135 customer reviews scoring the product an average of 3/5 stars. Upon closer inspection, you can see that forty nine consumers have rated the product at five stars while fifty two consumers have rated the product at one star. This is quite a strange representation as the top two scores (in terms of number of customer rankings) are at the exact opposite ends of the spectrum. A comment made by user ‘Paul M’ states that upon opening the product, he received a flyer explaining that if he left a 5 star review he would receive a further one month supply at no extra cost. This flyer could explain why some people have rated the product at five starts while the vast majority consider it a one star product. Regardless of this, it would appear that consumers are generally dissatisfied with the product claiming they have experienced little/no benefit.

Side effects of the products

XLS Medical

XLS Medical Potential Side Effects - diarrhoeaAs XLS Medical works by increasing the amount of fat/carbohydrates that your body absorbs then you are likely to experience some digestive discomfort. While these side effects are not major or life threatening, they may be serious enough to make the user stop taking the product. The first side effect is bloating; this is caused by the sudden increase in fibre, which is hard to digest causing excess gases to be created. The second side effect that is generally reported is diarrhoea, this is due to the excess fat that is in your digestive system and after all, it does have to go somewhere. The third and final commonly reported side effect is constipation; this particular side effect is due to people not increasing their levels of fluid intake in accordance with taking the product.

Raspberry Ketone

If you buy a product from a well renowned retailer then you should be safe from any side effects. The main problem arises when you look for the cheaper options; this is because there has been an influx of Raspberry Ketones manufactured in China into the European markets, which can pose a threat. Side effects that these products may cause include migraines, insomnia, dizziness and thyroid problems. To avoid any serious complications it is advised to avoid buying products if you are currently on anti-depressant or asthma medications as they can interact with these medications and lead to serious problems. Additionally, sufferers from seizures and kidney disease should steer well clear.

The best advice to follow when buying Raspberry Ketone products is:

1. Buy from a retailer that you can trust, always research the company and read reviews where possible

2. Avoid formulas containing ephedrine, this is a clear indicator the product could be detrimental to your health

3. Choose a product that has some kind of certification

4. Price is usually a predictor of safety, very cheap products often lack the necessary testing which more expensive products are more likely to have undertaken

Cost of the products

XLS Medical

Due to its mainstream popularity, XLS Medical is available from a number of retailers both in the UK and around Europe. This should enable you to search for the best possible deal, which is not possible if only one or two retailers stock the product. The first port of call is always the official website. In this case, the official website does not actually sell the product but does provide links as to where the product can be purchased, in this instance the affiliate companies are Amazon, Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and Tesco.

Let us first examine the products that Amazon are offering, as they have the cheapest prices out of all of the affiliates. The first option available is to buy a pack of thirty tablets for a total of £10.54. The second option available is to buy sixty tablets for a total of £16.37, which provides good value for money considering that it is only £6 more than the thirty tablet option. The third option that is available to you is to buy 120 tablets for the total price of £28.66; once again, this provides a good saving on both buying equivalent amounts of both the thirty and sixty tablet options. The final option presented by Amazon is to buy a whopping 180 tablets for a total price of £39.02. It is often unwise to buy such a large number of tablets as the effectiveness of the product will usually decrease over time, however if you are sure you want to commit to this particular offering then it does provide good value for money when the other prices are taken into consideration.

Raspberry Ketone

Cost of raspberry ketone plusThere are literally hundreds of different types of Raspberry Ketone based products which charge a variety of prices, however for simplicities sake, this article will only look at the market leader and supplier of Raspberry ketone which is a company called Raspberry Ketone Plus. A one month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (60 tablets) is currently retailing for £19.95, this seems to be a special offer at the time of writing as the figure £39.95 is crossed out. There is no indication for how long this offer will last but £39.95 does seem a bit on the expensive side. If this price is correct then paying £19.95 would appear to be a good deal. The second option being advertised on their website is a two month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (120 tablets) for a price of £36.95. The third option is to buy a three month supply of Raspberry Ketone Plus (180 tablets) for a total price of £53.95, this is reduced from the full price of £119.85. The product is retailing for £18.95 for a one month supply on Amazon and is available with free delivery; this means the product is £1 cheaper than on the official website and Amazon do seem to be quite reliable when making sure orders are fulfilled.


While being completely different products, both XLS Medical and Raspberry Ketone share many similarities. There is a slight price difference, which is understandable as they are completely different; however, the price difference is not that significant. It is interesting to note that consumers have almost identical opinions of both products. Unfortunately, these views do not reflect the popularity that both products have been enjoying in recent years. This may be because consumers believe that the products warrant trying based purely on the reception they have rather than doing some research beforehand. Both products are fairly safe to consume although you have to use more caution when buying raspberry ketone products as they do have the potential to cause harm if you do not buy from a renowned retailer. At the end of the day, we are comparing two very different products and so even if one doesn’t work for you then that doesn’t mean that the other product won’t work.

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