XLS Medical vs. Rasva – Which Is A Better Fat Binder?
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XLS Medical vs. Rasva – Which Is A Better Fat Binder?

With high profile marketing campaigns and dramatic claims made about many different fat binding products, it can be difficult to make a decision as to which product is right for you.

This review will help take some mystery out of the decision, by comparing XLS Medical with one of its competitors, Rasva.

xls medical vs rasva diet pills

This will be achieved by looking at the weight loss claims made, customer feedback, the price, as well as how each product works.

XLS Medical vs. Rasva – The Active Ingredients

The Prickly Pear CactusXLS Medical has the main ingredient of Litramine™, which is derived from dried leaves of the prickly pear, also known as Opuntia Ficus Indica. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins. The manufacturers of XLS Medical have trademarked Litramine™, suggesting that the product is effective enough to protect from competitors within the diet pill market. XLS medical is supplemented with fat-soluble vitamins A, D3 and E-acetate, to prevent a deficiency caused by the nature of this diet pill. This element makes XLS Medical stand out in the fat binding group of diet pills. XLS Medical is clinically proven as an effective weight loss measure, with its main ingredient clinically proven to inhibit the absorption of fat into the small intestine, lower blood cholesterol, and cause weight loss.

There is one listed ingredient in Rasva, and that is KiOnutrime-CS, a natural plant fibre. There are no other ingredients listed, which has raises suspicions about the safety and effectiveness of Rasva as a weight loss tablet. Furthermore, it has not been clinically proven that KiOnutrime-CS actually is effective in binding fat to prevent its absorption by the small intestine. Very little other information is available about the composition of Rasva.

XLS Medical vs. Rasva – How Do They Work?

Essentially, XLS Medical works by providing additional insoluble fibre that binds with dietary fat in the stomach. This fat-fibre complex is too large to pass through the walls of the small intestine, and so the altered fat passes through the body without being absorbed. This means that fewer calories are taken into the body, which, when combined with a healthy balanced diet and exercise, leads to a calorie deficit, and weight loss. XLS medical then releases fat soluble vitamins into the body, to prevent any deficiency due to the lost fat intake. Learn more about how XLS works.

Rasva claims to work in a similar way, supposedly detecting and binding to fat in the stomach, to prevent it from being absorbed into the body. Two tablets are taken 15 minutes before each meal, so that the active ingredient is already present in the stomach, and ready to work straight away. The official website for Rasva makes the dramatic claim that the tablets can bind up to 800 times its own weight in fat.

XLS Medical vs. Rasva – How Effective Are They?

XLS Medical seemingly has mixed results. The product seems to be somewhat effective, with clinical trials finding that the pills enhance the effects of a controlled diet and exercise in terms of weight lost, a reduction in BMI, and a reduction in waist circumference. Consumer feedback also reports some success, although often not as much weight loss as expected, with a significant proportion of consumers being disappointed with results or feeling ripped off, especially when taking into account the price.

Rasva’s website makes dramatic claims about its effectiveness, and yet there is no evidence for this put forward in the form of research or clinical trials. This is despite claims that Rasva is a clinically proven product. Some clinical trials seem to have been performed investigating the effectiveness of KiOnutrime-CS, the active ingredient in Rasva, although their reliability is debateable. The most information about the effectiveness of Rasva appears to come from customer feedback. Customer reviews raise concerns about the lack of information provided about the product, and in general seem unimpressed by how slow working the product is.

XLS Medical vs. Rasva – Side-Effects

woman looking uncomfortableWith XLS Medical being derived from a natural plant source, there should be very few side effects, especially compared to chemically based diet pills. That being said, some users have reported side effects for XLS Medical. Despite claims that XLS Medical is gentle on the system and doesn’t interfere with the “body’s natural workings”, reported side effects include bloating, diarrhoea, constipation, headaches and even sickness. The possible causes for these side effects are investigated fully in our article on XLS Medical side effects. It is recommended that to avoid some of these side effects, plenty of liquids are drunk throughout the day, and meals that are very high in fat are avoided or eaten only in moderation.

Rasva has had no serious reported side effects, but, due to the lack of information about the products, its safety is not guaranteed, and there may be side effects that have not been linked to the product yet. The official Rasva website promotes stimulated bowel movements as a desired effect of taking Rasva regularly. This may be a way to advertise the unpleasant side effects of loose stool or diarrhoea so that they are seen in a less negative light. It is important to remember that all fat binders have an effect on bowel movements due to the way that they work. However, customer feedback suggests that bowel related side effects are common following the use of Rasva. Stomach pains and excessive bowel movements, to the point of inconvenience to the user have been reported in significant numbers.

XLS Medical vs. Rasva – What’s The Cost?

XLS medical is available at a large variety of retailers, including Boots and Asda, as well as at online retailers such as Amazon. The price for XLS medical varies immensely, with 180 tablets, which is a month’s supply, costing £59.99 in Boots, although it can be found slightly cheaper elsewhere. This puts XLS medical amongst the more expensive diet pills available, especially considering that they only claim to hold one weight loss element, fat binding. With XLS Medical, it is definitely best to shop around to avoid paying over the odds.
Rasva is similarly expensive, with prices of around £50 for one month’s “standard supply”, or around £75 for a “recommended month supply” of a higher number of tablets taken per day. Considering the lack of effectiveness reported by consumers, as well as the lack of clinical support for the product, this price is excessively high for a fat binding product.

Our Recommendation

Clearly XLS Medical is the superior diet pill over Rasva. This is because there is more research to support XLS Medical’s efficiency and safety- two things that cannot be guaranteed with Rasva. It is our recommendation that of the two products assessed here, Rasva is to be avoided. XLS Medical may prove to be a somewhat effective weight loss aide, when combined with diet and exercise, and there is more information available in our full XLS Medical review. However, considering the price, there are better weight loss supplements available. View our page on the 5 best diet supplements.

Whichever product is used, it is important to remember that the claims made are either based upon clinical trials which provided optimum weight loss conditions, or potentially have little basis in fact. To gain optimum results, weight loss success from a diet pill is more likely if combined with a balanced, healthy calorie controlled diet and regular exercise.

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