XLSrealstories.com – XLS Medical Ambassadors
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XLSrealstories.com – XLS Medical Ambassadors

When choosing a diet pill, it is important to check out customer reviews to help inform your decision. Increasingly there are websites that are dedicated to showcasing reviews of just one diet pill.

This article will look in depth at xlsrealstories.com, a website set up by the company behind XLS Medical, that contains user reviews of XLS Medical, a fat binding diet pill available over the counter in the UK. We examine whether the information is impartial and whether the reviews are credible.

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XLSrealstories.com is set up as a group of blogs of 15 users of XLS Medical, including a small bio on each participant, or Ambassador, as the website refers to them.

Each ambassador contributes around one blog entry per week, talking about their experience of XLS Medical, how it fits into their daily lives, and the ups and downs of trying to lose weight. They also share their current weight and keep track of the amount lost.

Who are the bloggers?

There is a mix of Ambassadors in terms of age, location, weight, background, history and lifestyle. However, there is a definite gender imbalance with only one man out of the 15 contributors to the website. However, this may generally reflect the customer base, as historically women are more likely to buy diet pills than men.

Each participant has a small bio about them, including their reasons for trying to lose weight.

Some have tried other diet pills before, whilst others have purely tried dieting or exercise. There are a prominent number of ambassadors who want to lose weight gained from a previous pregnancy. Others want to lose weight with the motivation of specific events, such as weddings that they attending over the summer, which provides them with a deadline. Several of the participants were already in the middle of their weight loss journey before starting to use XLS Medical. For example, Samantha L. documents that she lost over three stone before the trial began, and just needs the extra boost from XLS Medical to help her in the final stretch to reach her target weight.

Who created the website?

Whilst the information provided by xlsrealstories.com may all seem very useful, it is likely that what is written on this site is highly biased. The website is professionally made, and the design scheme matches that of the official XLS Medical web page. There are also plenty of links back to this XLS Medical site, and lots of promotional material on the product. It would certainly appear that the entire site is run by XLS Medical itself. It is therefore impossible to say how much of these blogs have been edited, adjusted or filtered by an editor working with XLS Medical’s best interests at heart.

Is it reliable?

The motivations of each ambassador may also be questioned. It is likely that in return for writing these blog entries, the participants were given a supply of XLS Medical for free, and possibly some form of financial payment as well. It is possible to doubt the enthusiasm of the writers and their successes, because it is not known if they would have used XLS Medical if they had been required to purchase it themselves. Some of the blog entries also refer to a professional photo shoot at the end of the project, which may act as a further motivation to lose weight.

screenshot 2 of XLS Medical Real Stories website

That being said, all of the bloggers appear to be taking the blog seriously, posting about different topics relating to their dieting experience. Some provide details about the negative side effects of XLS Medical such as diarrhea and constipation. Others talk about how difficult it can be to keep up the dieting, exercise and use of the pill through trials such as illness and family troubles such as funerals. They also mention how much weight they have already lost, and how much they want to lose before the project is over. Whilst they are blogging about their experience, the individual blog posts do not over-promote the product in question. It may be, therefore, that this site does provide a relatively open and honest perspective about the use and effects of XLS Medical.

Does the website show any results?

Without reading through each and every blog entry it can be difficult to locate the total weight lost by each participant so far. Add to this that not every participant posts on the site frequently (about once a week seems the average), and it is easy to see that not everyone’s information is up to date. However, there are some clear successes on the site, with some participants nearing their target weight. It may be that once the project has been completed and the final photo shoot and weigh-in have taken place, the website will be updated to show how much participants lost, and over what period of time.

At present, with the website still being actively contributed to, each mini-bio on the participants lists both starting weight and target weight, which is useful to compare to the current weight figures given in the blog entries.

What does the website aim to achieve?

Ultimately xlsrealstories.com is a promotional tool designed to encourage sales of XLS Medical. Upon first visiting the website, the promotional links to the XLS Medical website are visible before any information about the ambassadors or any details about the trial that they are undertaking and there is little official information about what is involved in the project, or why these particular ambassadors were chosen to participate. The project cannot be described as a clinical trial, as there are no controls, and the group seems to be choosing how to implement their own diet and exercise.

What is better: blogs or reviews?

Realistically, reading both blogs and reviews about diet pill products has its advantages. Weight loss blogs have the added advantage of documenting events throughout the weight loss experience, and so contain more detail, but take longer to sift through to gain the desired information. Customer reviews, such as those available on our own XLS Medical Review and the product sales pages on amazon.co.uk and similar sites, are often concise, and give a definitive opinion of the product. These reviews are most likely to be where negative side effects are mentioned, as consumers in general are quick to point out flaws with products that have cost them money.

When considering whether or not to take XLS Medical, xlsrealstories.com should indeed be consulted, but alongside other information that is available about the product. This other information could include other, unfunded user reviews and feedback, as well as the official xlsmedical.com, or our impartial XLS review.

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