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Yacon Syrup

There are some types of weight loss supplements which seem to come up time and time again, and it is important that you get an idea of just how they work and why so many different companies are offering something similar. One such weight loss supplement is yacon syrup, which has become somewhat popular after having been mentioned by Dr Oz as a weight loss product that works. There are plenty of different brands which are currently offering their own versions of yacon syrup, so we have taken a look at this substance to give you an idea as to whether you should avoid it or try it out.

Yacon Syrup Pros
  • Very low in calorie content
  • Clinical evidence seems positive
  • Available from a large range of suppliers
  • No severe side effects reported
  • Easy to take
Yacon Syrup Cons
  • Can be expensive depending on the supplier
  • Side effects could include stomach upset if your system is not used to it
  • May not be as effective for everyone
  • You must like the taste, as it only has one flavour!

Yacon Syrup Review

When you come across something in the world of diet pill supplements which is a bit different from the norm, it is always worthwhile to give it a look and see whether it could work for you. Rather than being a diet pill like normal supplements, yacon syrup is, not surprisingly, a syrup which you can consume via a spoon right from the bottle – just as if it were cough medicine or something similar.

Claimed weight loss benefits

It is claimed in various places and by various companies that the main benefit of yacon syrup is the fact that a large percentage of it cannot be digested properly inside your body. This means that each spoonful contains just 20 calories , and also means that you will feel fuller before every meal because you have managed to fill up on something that will be passing through your system without adding many calories to your diet. It will not burn fat or speed up your metabolism, and nor is it a carbohydrate blocker, but it will have the effect of suppressing your appetite so that you are able to stick to a diet plan more easily.

How Yacon Syrup Works

woman saying no to unhealthy foodThe high amount of indigestible fibre contained in yacon syrup helps it to pass through your system without the bulk of what you have consumed being digested. This is because there are a large percentage of fructooligosaccharides in the syrup, which cannot be recognised by the digestive system and will therefore be rejected and will pass through your system fully. For more information, read our How Yacon Syrup Works article and our How to Use Yacon Syrup article.

Key Yacon Syrup Ingredients

Of course, the unusual thing about yacon syrup in this context is the fact that it is an ingredient in itself, so when you are looking at the ingredients list of any yacon syrup product you should expect to see nothing other than the syrup itself on the list. If there is something else there then you should certainly be questioning why it is there; preservatives may be included in a small number of cases, and the only other thing that could have any reason to be there might be the elements which form pills in the case where this product may be in a dry pill format. This is only in rare cases however, as most manufacturers seem to have gone the route of providing the syrup just as it is. This means that it is easier to take, and also comes in a form that is more palatable, with a natural taste.

For more information, read our Yacon Syrup Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 70/100

The clinical trials actually seem to suggest that there could be a good basis for the weight loss claims that have been made about yacon syrup. This is a great sign in that it could help you to lose weight when used correctly.
Speed of results: 60/100

Weight loss may take place at a steady rate, but it should happen at an accelerated rate to what you would be able to achieve on your own, particularly if you still put in the same amount of effort that you would without a supplement.
Appetite Suppression: 70/100

Good evidence exists that you will feel more full after using yacon syrup – not least because of the fact that, quite simply, it is a foodstuff rather than a pill. You should therefore experience appetite suppression on at least a small scale.
Long Term Results: 50/100

We do not have as much evidence about long term use as we do about short term, but it is likely that weight loss will slow down over time – partly because you will have less to lose, and partly because you may readjust to the syrup and the feeling of fullness it gives you, causing you to return to previous eating habits.
Safety: 70/100

There do not seem to be any really serious side effects associated with yacon syrup, but if you take too much at once then you may experience diarrhoea and other unpleasant effects. These are not as dangerous as what you might find with other weight loss supplements, however.
Value for money: 60/100

The price for yacon syrup in general seems to be around the industry average for weight loss products, and you can shop around to look for the cheapest versions as well as treating yourself to the premium options if you prefer. This gives you a lot of freedom to make your own buying decisions.

Yacon Syrup Side Effects

When it comes to side effects, it is of course very important to know what you may come across when you are trying new supplements. In the case of yacon syrup, the good news is that the potential side effects are limited to a small amount of possibilities, and you may be able to prevent them just by taking it in a sensible manner.

One thing to look out for is that if you start taking a large dose every day rather than easing into it, you are more likely to experience side effects brought on by the large amount of soluble fibre going into your system. These can include flatulence, diarrhoea, nausea, stomach pains, and discomfort caused by increased gas. However, it seems as though there may be no side effects for some people, particularly if you already consume a lower amount of soluble fibre in your diet as this means that your body will be better adjusted.

If you do find that you experience negative side effects, simply lower your dosage and increase it gradually rather than going in at the deep end. You will most likely find that you go to the toilet more often, because of the fact that you will be emptying out the indigestible parts of the yacon syrup.

For more information, read our Yacon Syrup Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Yacon Syrup

where to buyThe great news is that there are plenty of places where you can buy yacon syrup, and plenty of brands which sell it as well. Even if you just shop on Amazon, you can find a range of prices and brands, which will give you plenty of options and will give you the chance to check them all out and decide which of them sounds the best to you. If you want to go for a premium option you could pay as much as £24.99 for 8oz, while on the other hand you could buy three bottles of a less premium brand at around the same price with added shipping. From the research that we have conducted, it seems that you can expect to pay from around £15 to £30 for a batch, although the amount that you get for that price can also vary.

The main things to look out for are customer reviews, which can tell you more about what others have experienced with the product, and the company names. You can look up the company with a simple search in order to understand more about whether they produce good and highly respected supplements, and whether they have had any problems before. These simple checks will prevent you from buying the wrong thing and may help you find the supplement that is perfect for you.

For more information, read our articles on Where to Buy Yacon Syrup and The Company Behind Yacon Syrup.

Overall Verdict

Weight loss claimsYacon syrup can come in many forms and from different suppliers, and while this is one of the strengths of the substance, that is also unfortunately one of its biggest weaknesses. The fact of the matter is that one supplier may give you the best weight loss product you will ever come across, while another might offer something that is watered down and sub-par, even though they are based on the same main ingredient.

A word of caution; you need to be very careful about the manufacturers who are behind the product that you are looking at buying, making sure that they are a reliable and trustworthy source so that you can have the best possible chance of finding a product that works for you. If the idea is to lose weight in a sustainable and safe way, then yacon syrup is one of the best supplements that we have come across – but only if you go for the right product. Look for something that is one hundred per cent pure yacon syrup, and be sure to follow all of the guidance and instructions that tell you how to take it.

The important thing also seems to be that you take it slowly from the start. The side effect reports that we have seen suggest that if you start taking yacon syrup in a large dosage right from the beginning, you could start to experience diarrhoea and other unpleasant side effects which are associated with a high amount of soluble fibre coming into your diet. This means that you really have to be careful in order to limit the amount of side effects that you might end up experiencing, as you cannot rely just on the guidelines given by the manufacturers to help you out. The impact of the syrup is likely to be measured by your normal diet and the amount of soluble fibre that you normally ingest.

After looking at all of the different factors associated with yacon syrup, it seems certain that it is one of the better weight loss solutions which can currently be found on the market. With low risk of side effects and good results seen in clinical trials, it seems that this is one supplement that we really have to give the thumbs up to – and if you are looking for something that will suppress your appetite enough to help you stick to a good diet and exercise plan while you lose weight, then this could well be exactly the supplement that you have been searching for.

Overall: 63/100

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