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Appesat is claimed to be an appetite suppressant and so may help you to lose weight by giving you support in following your calorie controlled diet plan. Unfortunately the product is no longer sold by the manufacturer.

Below we have reviewed Appesat against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.


Appesat Pros
  • Easy to take
Appesat Cons
  • Scientific evidence surrounding the only active ingredient is lacking in terms of efficacy and safety

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Appesat Review

Hunger is one of the main reasons behind weight gain, and failure to stick to diet plans. By suppressing the appetite, Appesat claims to tackle this common problem. Appesat contains just one ingredient, which is a proprietary blend; the product has gained a lot of media attention in the past.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Appesat is primarily claimed to help weight loss by suppressing the appetite.

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How Appesat Works

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Appesat supposedly works using Bioginate Complex which comes from a type of seaweed. When it reaches your stomach, the ingredient supposedly expands, giving you a feeling of being full, and thus suppressing the appetite. Laminaria digitata is the name of the main component, which is a strain of seaweed harvested commercially on the French Atlantic coast. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency supposedly approved it as a medical device; this is a government body that vets new treatment.

Well Appesat contains an active ingredient, which is claimed to have been developed to be resistant to stomach acid and remain active for hours. When Appesat is taken before food it supposedly works by stimulating hunger ‘sensors’ in the stomach wall, it then sends signals to the brain to tell it that the stomach is full and to stop eating. So with Appesat being active in the stomach before, during and after you eat you should get an increased amount of ‘stomach full’ messages sent to the brain which allows you to feel fuller for longer.

The effects of Appesat are said to be similar to those of a gastric balloon, which is an inflatable implant surgically inserted into the stomach and then filled with a saline solution. When Appesat is taken with water, the fibrous seaweed extract purportedly swells to several times its normal size in the stomach. The fibre cannot be digested or absorbed into the body, which is why when the pill is taken with water it is broken down in the stomach and then flushed out of the body as waste. Due to the pill not being able to be absorbed into the bloodstream Appesat is not classed as a pharmaceutical drug

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Key Appesat Ingredients

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Laminaria digitata

The only active ingredient in the product is called Bioginate Complex on the product label, but refers to the extract of a species of seaweed. The type of seaweed that is the main ingredient is called Laminaria digitata. It is believed to be fibrous in nature, having a swelling effect on the stomach and so making the consumer feel full with contributing to the consumer’s calorie intake. There has been some evidence on the substance to suggest that it works; this will be discussed in the section below.

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Clinical Studies

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Although supposedly approved as a medical device by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, there is now no mention of the product on the website of this agency. Appesat has purportedly had three clinical trials that prove that by taking Appesat you can lose around one and half stones over a 3-month period. The clinical studies are also said to have shown that the product is well tolerated, and safe to use if you take 990mg with water daily. Unfortunately we could not locate these precise three studies and they do not appear to openly available in the literature so we cannot state whether or not they are reliable.

There has been an experimental study undertaken at the University of Liverpool, which puts doubt on the efficiency of Appesat. The study investigated the impact of a patented fibre complex containing CM3 alginate (Biogenate complex TM; APPEsat TM) on food intake and appetite ratings in women. 17 normal to slightly overweight female volunteers were recruited by an advertisement across the University and through the press. On study days, participants consumed a fixed load breakfast, which was then followed at 4-hour intervals by a lunch and dinner of their choice. They were given doses of Appesat (three tablets) or a placebo with 250ml water 30 minutes before each meal.

The results showed that there was no impact on food intake or appetite in the short-term. This study itself cannot 100% prove that Appesat doesn’t work, but it does show that in the short-term there isn’t much effect on appetite and food intake. As said before there isn’t a copy of the trials nor does Appesat have a website linking to these clinical trials. What ever the reason for this is unknown but it does cast a lot of doubt on Appesat and whether it can be trusted. It is known that clinical trials are not 100% reliable, due to the companies sometimes faking results or missing out vital information. But this aside the fact that Appesat has only been tested on a small number of people shows that it hasn’t been tested thoroughly enough to support the many claims and guarantee of success that it promises.

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Appesat Side Effects

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Side effects of Appesat are claimed to be uncommon. Some people have reported minor headaches but it is not known whether this is related to the product or not. The lack of clinical studies on the product as a whole and the main ingredient means that it cannot be stated with certainty whether or not there may be side effects.

Bioginate Complex

WebMD states that the key component of the product, Laminiara, may be unsafe for use due to its high iodine content. The iodine may harm thyroid function, particularly when more than 150mg is consumed per day. The seaweed might cause dangerously high potassium levels and damage the kidneys if absorbed into the blood. Appesit is however not thought to be absorbed into the bloodstream, so this side effect should not occur. Laminaria Digitata is said to increase hypertensive effects (high blood pressure), this would explain why some people after having taken Appesat have complained of pounding hearts and dizziness, which can be due to high blood pressure.

Due to Appesat being a fibre based product there is also a chance that you could experience some of the side effects that comes with taking fibre, if taken suddenly or in large amounts. Eating a large amount of fibre in a short period of time can cause flatulence, bloating and abdominal cramps. This normally goes away once your body adjusts to the amount of fibre you are taking in.

Laminaria digitata is unsafe to women who are pregnant or breast-feeding due to the effect it has on hormones, there is also a possibility that the seaweed could contain some poisonous chemicals due to the dumping of waste in ocean waters.

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How to Use

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To use Appesat, the customer is advised to take 2 or 3 capsules with at least 250ml of cold water (that’s normally one tall glass), 30 minutes before each meal at the minimum. For best results, it has been suggested that the tablets should be combined with a reduced calorie diet and regular exercise.

Appesat should not be taken if your BMI is lower than 18.5, you are pregnant or breast feeding, you have a history of cardiovascular conditions (including high blood pressure), or if you have a thyroid or hormone-related condition. It is not recommended for children, and you should consult a doctor before taking the product if you have any pre-existing health condition or are taking any form of medication.

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Who Makes It?

Appesat was original manufactured by a company called Goldshield, which was advertised as a leading British pharmaceutical and health care company. They were founded in 1991 and their products included LIPObind (weight management product), Flexeze (Glucosamine and Chondroitin product), Lubramine (joint care product), plus many more.

In June 2010 a brand new identity and packaging design was created for the SHAPE.SMART range, which was a new brand under the Goldshield’s healthcare division and consisted of three weight loss products; APPEsat, LIPObind and DEcarb.

In 2012, Goldshield and Anpharm came together under a new name Mercury Pharma; the name then subsequently became Amdipharm Mercury Company limited when Mercury Pharma merged with Amdipharm. It is now an international speciality pharmaceutical company that supposedly delivers high quality medicines with the customer in mind in 112 territories. This company however doesn’t seem to manufacture Appesat or any of the other SHAPE.SMART products.

Apparently, the manufacturers, due to the negative comments and feedback, have discontinued Appesat; this would explain why there is no longer a website for Appesat and you can only buy them from Amazon or online pharmacies.

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Where to Buy Appesat


Appesat was originally available from boots and its own website; you could get 50 capsules for £29.95. The official website is no longer available nor are they available from boots. However, they are still available from some online sources, with 50 capsules ranging between £20 and £29.

From Amazon you can buy many different tablet quantities. You can purchase 50 tablets for £23, 100 tablets for £45, 150 tablets for £65.25 and 500 tablets for £200. Chemist direct only offers 50 capsules for £22.99, there’s currently a sale and the original price was £29.99. Pharmacy2U, another online shop, sells 50 capsules for £28.59.

Appesat isn’t available in the supermarkets, high street pharmacies or health stores. Research has shown that it was once available from Superdrug, Lloyds Pharmacy and Boots, but they are no longer sold here the reason behind this is unknown.

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Does Appesat Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: The product can be purchased with a one-off payment from various online retailers, but not the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: We were unable to find details of a manufacturing standard.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan on any of the retailers’ websites.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, a full ingredients list is available.

Company contact details readily available: Not for the manufacturers, but most retailers provide contact details.

Appesat does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as the product is no longer sold by the manufacturers; as such, there is no money-back-guarantee or diet plan, and some information is lacking, including manufacturing standards.

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Overall Verdict

Appesat gained a lot of media attention and was once available to purchase from high street stores in the UK. However, the product is no longer sold by the manufacturers or any well-known retailers. The product contains just one ingredient that is claimed to help to suppress the appetite. We were unable to find any strong clinical evidence in support of this claim. The main component of the product, a type of seaweed, may cause severe side effects if it enters the bloodstream.

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