Best Carb Blocking Ingredients
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Best Carb Blocking Ingredients

It is thought that phaseolus vulgaris and vinegar may inhibit amylase, whilst seaweed, green coffee bean and cinnamon bark might inhibit amylase and glycosidase to block carbs. However, effectiveness may depend on dosage, some might suffer side effects and ingredients may not block all absorption of carbs.

It is believed that carbohydrates may make up as much as 75% of daily calorie intake. Thus, when people think about losing weight, they might cut down the amount of carbohydrates that they consume per day. However, this can be difficult due to supposed side effects such as lethargy and nausea. Subsequently, supplements have come onto the market in hope of combating this problem.

Carbohydrate blocking supplements are thought to be gaining popularity as people bid to take control of their diet. But, what are the best carb blocking ingredients to look out for? It is important to examine what a carbohydrate and carb blocker is, as well as analyse carb blocking ingredients and clinical studies to help us answer this question.

What are carbohydrates?

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It is claimed that carbohydrates are one of the three macronutrients that we can get from foods that we eat. It is thought that our bodies need these macronutrients to perform bodily functions and carry out everyday activities. It is thought that carbohydrates may be a substance that is used to make glucose, which supposedly gives our body energy. It is said to be our main source of energy.

There are supposedly three types of carbohydrate. These are thought to be sugar, starch and fibre. Sugars are thought to cause a quick rise in energy and may be contained naturally in fruits, but might also be consumed through chocolate bars and sweets. These are supposedly referred to as simple carbohydrates, which may cause a sudden energy spike.

High fibre and starchy carbohydrates are believed to release a slow and steady release in energy, which may be better during the day and might be contained in foods such as potatoes, bread and rice. These are supposedly called complex carbohydrates. It is the glucose that carbohydrates are broken down into that supposedly gives us this energy.

It is claimed that if you consume too many carbohydrates, it might be stored as fat in the body. This may be why low carb diets and carb blocking supplements are becoming popular on the market. In particular, it is thought that carb blockers might allow you to eat similar amounts of carbohydrates but may mean it is not stored as fat in the body.

What is a carb blocker?

It is thought that carb blocking supplements may help to stop the absorption of sugars and starches from some of the foods we eat. These supplements claim to help move carbohydrates quickly out of the body so that they are not absorbed. This may help to lower your calorie intake and might prevent carbohydrates or excess calories from being stored as fat. This might also encourage the body to use fat stores for energy throughout the day.

It is believed that the quality of the supplement and the ingredients that are used may affect the overall effectiveness of the carb blocker and it’s potential to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates.

What are the best carbohydrate blocking ingredients?


Phaseolus vulgaris is supposedly a popular main ingredient in many carb-blocking supplements as might be combined with others. This ingredient may be better known as white kidney beans. It is thought that this ingredient might help to block the activity of an enzyme in our bodies called amylase. Amylase is believed to dissolve carbohydrates into an absorbable form for digestion by our bodies, which is supposedly known as glucose. It is claimed that compounds in white kidney beans might stop amylase from breaking down the carbohydrates, which may stop it from being absorbed by the body. As it might stop the absorption of the carbohydrates you consume, it may reduce your overall calorie intake per day. This may allow you to lose weight and might mean you use stored fat for energy.

Another ingredient that is thought to stop the enzyme called amylase from digesting carbohydrates is vinegar. It is believed that vinegar contains acetic acid, which may prevent amylase from turning carbohydrates into glucose. It is even claimed that consuming vinegar before a meal might help to block the carbs in your body. This may allow you to lose weight and might allow you to eat carbohydrates without storing it as fat.

In a similar way to white kidney beans, seaweed is thought to inhibit amylase from working properly, along with the enzyme called glycosidase. This may reduce the rate of carbohydrate digestion and absorption in the body. Studies have found that many types of seaweed might have this effect but ascophyllum nodosum (brown seaweed) and fucus vesiculosus linnaeus (bladderwrack) is thought to be mentioned frequently.

Green coffee bean extract is said to be an ingredient that is used in carb blockers. It is thought that green coffee beans are beans that have not yet been roasted and when they are roasted it might reduce the amount of chlorogenic acid. This is supposedly why green coffee bean extract is used in supplements, as it is apparently unroasted and concentrated for more chlorogenic acid. It is claimed that this chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract which might inhibit amylase and glycosidase. It is believed that it may reduce postprandial glucose, which is supposedly the glucose level after a meal. This might help to reduce absorption of the carbs that we consume and may prevent them from being stored as fat after a meal.

Another ingredient that is thought to have carb blocking potential is cinnamon bark extract. It is said that this ingredient may help to lower blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes, which might highlight its usefulness in carb blocking ingredients. It is claimed that cinnamon bark extract may also inhibit the enzymes, amylase and glycosidase from doing their job in the body. This might be helpful in weight management and for those looking to cut down the amount of carbohydrates they consume.

However, it must be considered that it may only be high doses of these ingredients that may have this effect and not all supplements will contain the same amounts of certain ingredients. It might be important to look at how much the dosage is to see whether it might be effective in a carb blocker or perhaps look for a combination of ingredients.

It might be worth considering that there may be side effects associated with some of these ingredients. For example, it is thought that vinegar is highly acidic and this might irritate your throat of stomach. Green coffee beans may not be suitable for those that are sensitive to stimulants as it is said to contain caffeine. This might cause caffeine-related side effects such as nausea, increased heart rate or headaches.

It may also be important to remember that supposed carb blocking ingredients might help to stop the absorption of some carbohydrates, but this may not mean that foods are totally from free calories or can be consumed in high amounts. It is thought that carb blockers might only mean that a portion of the carbohydrate consumed passes through the gastrointestinal tract undigested for the body to dispose of. It is said that a healthy and balanced diet along with regular exercise may be the best way to lose weight. Although, adding carb blocking supplements may help you to shed a few unwanted pounds.

Clinical Studies on ingredients


Clinical studies and research seem to indicate that some of the ingredients in carb blockers may help to prevent the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. One study claimed that a supplement made of phaseolus vulgaris had the potential to induce weight loss through inhibiting amylase activity. It is thought that this ingredient may reduce absorption of carbohydrates and might reduce post-prandial spikes of glucose following a high glycaemic index meal.

A study even claimed that the anti-glycaemic properties of vinegar were evident when small amounts of vinegar were consumed with meals containing complex carbohydrates. It said that 10 grams of vinegar effectively reduced postprandial glycaemia by 20% compared to the placebo, which may suggest that it is blocking amylase from digesting the carbohydrates into glucose.

Studies seem to think that extracts and compounds from seaweed may significantly inhibit the activities of amylase and glycosidase, which may mean it can reduce post-prandial (after a meal) increase of blood glucose. This might mean it is a good ingredient in a carb blocking supplement.

Another study found that coffee enriched with chlorogenic acid induced a 6.9% reduction in the absorption of glucose. They believed that chlorogenic acid enriched coffee might have an effect on the absorption glucose, which they thought may lead to weight and fat loss. This might suggest that a higher dosage is needed than is found in just coffee to block carbs. This may be found with green coffee bean extract.

One study claimed that cinnamon bark extract might help to control postprandial glucose in diabetic patients. It suggested that this ingredient may be able to inhibit the activity of the enzymes, glycosidase and amylase. This might mean that it could act as an effective carb-blocking ingredient.


Therefore, carb blocking ingredients may help to lower the carbohydrates absorbed by the body. It is thought that some ingredients commonly contained in carb blockers such as phaseolus vulgaris and vinegar might prevent the enzyme called amylase from digesting carbs, whilst seaweed, green coffee bean extract and cinnamon bark extract might be able to inhibit the activity of amylase and glycosidase. However, it may depend on the doses used of each of these ingredients and whether they are combined in a supplement. Also, some ingredients might not be suitable for everyone and may cause side effects to occur. It is said that carb-blocking ingredients might not stop total absorption in carbs in the body and you may have to watch your overall diet to lose weight.

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