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Bootea is a weight loss supplement comprising two parts: Daytime Bootea Detox and Bedtime Cleanse. We have reviewed Bootea against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision if the right product for their needs.

Read the review below to find out if “Bootea Teatox” works, whether it has any supporting clinical evidence and the potential side-effects.

Bootea Review

Bootea Pros
  • Comes with a free PDF diet plan
  • Available to buy on the high-street as well as online
Bootea Cons
  • Detoxing is not believed to be a very useful means of weight loss according to medical research
  • Laxatives can have associated side-effects

Bootea Review

Green weight loss Tea

Bootea is a detox tea that comes in a package of a Daytime Detox and a Bedtime Cleanse together. You can also buy the two as individual packets.

Bootea sells a number of weight loss products including bootea Teatox and Bootea Shakes. Bootea has a very attractive advertising campaign which it promotes through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. However, a good marketing does not necessarily equal a good product so we do not take this in to account when reviewing a product.

Below we will examine the weight loss claims that Bootea makes and examine if their is any evidence to back up these claims.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Bootea claims to be a fat burner, metabolism booster and an appetite suppressant.

The product also claims to act a detox agent. However, we have not found any clinical studies showing a link between detox and weight loss.

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How Bootea Works


The official website of Bootea elaborates on how this particular weight loss supplement works: essentially, its function is divided into two different features: one of which is performed by the Daytime Detox and the other by the Bedtime Cleanse.

The Daytime Detox is to be taken at the start of the day and Bootea claim its main purpose is to detoxify the body. Meanwhile, the Bedtime Cleanse aims to act as a laxative and its main purpose is to allow stable and smooth laxative movements of the bowel right before sleeping.

Bootea Daytime Detox
The Daytime Detox according to the manufacturers has two prime functions: it helps to simultaneously boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. Metabolism boosting can provide you with more more energy, while appetite suppression, can reduce hunger cravings.

Bootea Bedtime Cleanse

The Bedtime Cleanse is designed to act as a laxative. It is supposed to be taken right before you sleep. Bootea claims this helps you to prevent the conversion of calories into excessive fats.

The Diet Plan
To help you with your weight loss goals the official website also contains a Flexi Diet Plan, which is aimed at helping you maintain healthy dietary habits whilst using Bootea teatox.

You can download the Flexi Diet Plan for free on the website. The manufacturers assert that while it is not necessary for you to follow the diet plan, it is nonetheless advisable. They also state that the best results can only be achieved as a result of an effective combination of the intake of the Bootea weight loss supplement and the Flexi Diet Plan.

This diet plan offers suggestions on healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as two snacks in addition. However, if you commit to this diet plan, you are expected to refrain entirely from meat.

Bootea is promoted as a detox; detoxification is essentially the removal of unwanted items and more specifically “toxins” from one’s body. This elimination takes place through the bowels primarily, as well as through the kidneys and the lungs. The manufacturers of Bootea promote it as a Teatox, which is an interesting marketing catch.

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Key Bootea Ingredients

Since Bootea is essentially a combination of two different types of tea, the two differ in terms of ingredient composition. Hence, we will discuss the two separately. Let us focus first on Daytime Detox and its ingredients, which are as follows:

Yerba Mate:

yerba mate in booteaYerba Mate is a plant found in South American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. It is often used in weight loss supplement plans and formulas because it is believed to have lipid metabolism properties. Lipids, known more commonly as fats, as believed to be burnt by the extensive usage of the leaves of the Yerba Mate plant. Studies pay testimony to the fact that Yerba Mate could be quite useful in reducing the content of lipids in one’s body. Yerba Mate also contains a substantial amount of caffeine, and it is believed that caffeine is also useful as a metabolism booster and a weight loss agent.

A study on Yerba Mate yielded results that suggest that Yerba Mate can potentially help with both weight loss and diabetes.

Gotu Kola:

A herb known more commonly as the Centella asiatica, Gotu Kola is found in several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, India and Sri Lanka amongst others. It is a medical drug and is commonly used for medical purposes in several other formulas, though one cannot find extensive evidence for it when it comes to weight loss mechanisms and fat burning.

Dandelion Leaf:

Dandelion leaves are organic products in nature and their usage results in one urinating more. Dandelion leaves also contain luteolin, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are believed to play a crucial role in the metabolism processes.

Bedtime Cleanse Key Ingredients:

Senna Leaves:

Senna leaves are leaves of a natural plant, and they are believed to contain sennoside. Sennoside acts as a laxative by frustrating the lining of the bowels and hence it is believed to be the ingredient that allows Bedtime Cleanse to live up to the laxative role associated with it.

Fenugreek seeds:

Fenugreek-Seeds-in-BooteaFenugreek is a plant from the family Fabaceae and is a very common food ingredient in the Indian subcontinent. It is used for diabetic patients because it is believed to increase the level of glucose tolerance of the body, and so this could explain why it is contained in this particular weight loss supplement here.

Hawthorn leaves:

These are another kind of leaves contained in Bedtime Cleanse as a part of the Bootea Weight Loss Supplement. Hawthorn leaves are believed to be a diuretic and hence could be potentially useful when it comes to supplementing the actions of a weight loss supplement.

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Bootea Teatox Clinical Studies

Bootea teatox does not have any clinical trials on the product as a whole. Therefore we will look at trials on the key ingredients instead.

Chinese Oolong Tea
Chinese Oolong Tea clinical studiesOolong tea is used in China as a medicinal herb. In the case of Bootea, it is contained in the Daytime Detox. It is believed to both increase the expenditure of energy and inhibit the absorption of fats. Studies conducted in 1998 involving 102 women as participants showed that at the end of a six-week period for which Chinese Oolong tea was administered to them regularly, there was a loss in body weight.

Another similar study involved 12 male participants who were administered four different types of drinks over a period of three days. The following were the four types: full strength oolong tea, caffeinated water with caffeine in the same strength as that of oolong tea, half strength oolong tea and finally non-caffeinated water. The results showed that the expenditure of energy was 3 % higher when the participants drank full strength oolong tea. Moreover, fat oxidation was also found to be about 12 % more for the participants that consumed full strength oolong tea.

Researchers concluded that “..consumption of oolong tea stimulates both EE and fat oxidation in normal weight men. This raises the possibility that tea consumption could have some beneficial effect on an individual’s ability to maintain a lower body fat content. However, any beneficial effect would only be realized if the effect was sustained upon chronic consumption of tea and the individual did not compensate with greater food intake in response to tea consumption.”

Therefore you would need to take oolong tea consistently over a long time period whilst ensuring you didn’t eat any more than normal to see benefits.

Senna Leaves
Senna-leaves clinical studySenna leaves are contained in the other component of Bootea Teatox, which is the Bedtime Cleanse. Several studies certify that senna leaves have laxative properties and it can be used effectively to clean one’s bowel from toxic materials. However, one cannot say the same for the weight loss power of this particular ingredient.

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Bootea Teatox Side Effects

The official website lists the side effects that you can expect if you take the Bootea weight loss supplement consistently.

The manufacturers assert that it is unlikely that you will experience any side effects from the usage of the Daytime Detox. However, they feel that the same cannot be said for the Bedtime Cleanse, owing to the presence primarily of Senna leaves. Added to the Bedtime Cleanse for a laxative purpose, the Senna leaves sometimes cause irritation in the bowels, resulting in pain and cramping.

While the website does not mention any other side effects, we have listed some possible side effects below, based on the individual ingredients and the detox process.

A potential side effect associated with any detox programme is bowel pain and in more advanced cases, bowel disorders.

Extensive usage of Bootea Teatox may lead to dehydration. This is because you are urinating more regularly and hence this loss of fluids from your body can result in significant dehydration.

According to WebMD, Hawthorn (an ingredient contained in the Bedtime Cleanse) can have major interactions with certain medications. View full details here (click ‘interactions’ tab).

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How to use Bootea Teatox

Unlike most weight loss supplements out in the shelves these days, the Bootea weight loss supplement is not in pill form. Instead, it comes in the form of teabags.

The ‘How to Use’ page on the official website gives different instructions for both the Daytime Detox and the Bedtime Cleanse, and hence we too shall divide our instructions accordingly.

Instructions for Daytime Detox
How to make BooteaThe first instruction for Daytime Detox, as the name suggests, is that it should be taken in the morning. You are supposed to boil one cup of water, pour it over a single teabag of the Daytime Detox and then keep it dipped inside the boiling water for around 3 to 5 minutes. Moreover, the infusion for 3 to 5 minutes allows all the nutrients to come through into the water, allowing you to attain the functioning of the Daytime Detox.

Instructions for Bedtime Cleanse
The Bedtime Cleanse teabags are not to be used every night, but instead every alternate night, starting from the first night. The manufacturers also inform us that the teabags are free of caffeine, so you do not need to worry about staying up at night since that is not likely to happen. The other instructions are the same as those associated with the Daytime Detox. Pour a cup’s worth of boiling water, add in the teabag, and keep it inserted for around 3 to 5 minutes.

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Who makes Bootea Teatox

Bootea is made by a Leeds, UK-based company called Eighty Twenty Ventures Ltd. They also sell a range of other products including: Bootea Shakes, Bootea Multivits, Little Oats and a fitness plan.

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Where to Buy Bootea 14 days Teatox

You can purchase Bootea 14 days Teatox weight loss supplement from its official website. You can either purchase the Bootea weight loss supplement as one complete package containing both Daytime Detox and Bedtime Cleanse or you can purchase the two separately. If you purchase Bootea as a whole, a 14-day supply will cost you £19.99 while a 28-day supply will cost you £34.99. Meanwhile, if you wish to buy the two separately, you can only get a 14-day supply. The 14-day Daytime Detox supply is for £10.99, and the 14-day supply of Bedtime Cleanse costs the same amount. delivers all over the United Kingdom free of charge, and it usually takes from 1 to 3 days for the package to be delivered.

If you wish for the product to be delivered to the European Union territory outside of the United Kingdom, you will have to pay £3 and the average shipping time is 3 to 7 working days.

Finally, if you wish for the product to be delivered anywhere else in the rest of the world, it would cost you £5 and would take usually around 5 to 10 working days. You can pay with a PayPal account if you have one, or otherwise with your card.

Holland and Barrett

Bootea teatox is also available to buy in-store and online at sell 21 Bootea Tea Bags for £19.99 plus £1.99 UK delivery 42 Bootea Tea Bags for £34.99 with free UK delivery. Both packages can be delivered overseas for 6.95.

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Does Bootea Meet Our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: None.

One-off payment: Bootea offers both one-off payment options starting from £19.99 and a subscription option which is charged at £17.99 per month. In this case we feel that the subscription option is clearly labelled and it appear to be easy to update or cancel your subscription.

Manufacturing Standard: Not specified.

Accompanying Diet Plan: Yes, free PDF Eating Plan with all orders.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes.

Company contact details readily available: Yes.

Bootea doesn’t meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as it does not offer a 30 day or more money-back-guarantee and we can’t find details of the manufacturing standard.

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Overall Verdict on Bootea Teatox

Bootea contains oolong tea which has clinical studies which suggest possible weight loss properties. The product also comes with a free diet plan. However, the detox aspect of Bootea is believed to be an unhealthy and unproductive activity and does not have any clinical links with weight loss.

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5 responses to “Bootea”

  1. Lynn Learning says:

    Bootea claims they will deliver the tea within 1-3 business days to Canada/US, it’s been almost a month and I still haven’t received it! They claimed it was held up by customs but I still don’t think it’s acceptable to take a full month. I was hoping to start the tea 4 weeks before my vacation and now if I’m lucky I will have 1 week…so pissed….definitely NOT RELIABLE i would order a different tea not from them!!

  2. annku says:

    I ordered a pack of teas 22th May for 32 GBP that is about 50 USD. After 2 weeks I received a message:

    “DPD tried to deliver your order to you but we’ve been told that the driver couldn’t access your address as a door code was required:Please respond to us within 24 hours with your full correct address….”

    I immediately answered them that I do not have door code, the address was correct and everything should have been fine. They answered that they will give me refund but will not refund the posting fees. The posting fees were half of the order amount.

    After this they are not answering any of my e-mails!!

  3. Someone says:

    the night time cleanse makes you poop loads! and I suffered with the WORST cramping ever! unbearable

  4. LR says:

    WARNING: Bootea can stop the contraceptive pill working. I can’t believe they son’t make more of this on their packaging and website – a baby is a SERIOUS side effect!
    Reading this blog it looks like there are several Bootea Babies on the way…

  5. Kathleen Brown says:

    I spent a lot of money for a laxative.

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