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Capsiplex Plus

Marketed as a fat burner and metabolism booster, Capsiplex is a supplement that claims to boost weight loss. Whether or not it can fulfil these claims is unclear.

Below we have reviewed Capsiplex against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.


Capsiplex Plus Pros
  • Stocked in a high-street retailer
Capsiplex Plus Cons
  • Side effects may occur, particularly due to the caffeine content

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Capsiplex Review

Capsiplex has been the subject of a preliminary clinical trial which indicated that it may have the potential to work as a fat burner; however, consumers can suffer from some unpleasant and unavoidable side-effects.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Capsiplex claims to be a fat burner and a metabolism booster.

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How Capsiplex Works

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Capsiplex is advertised as a fat burner. Its main ingredient, Capsicum has been shown in some clinical studies to help burn fat. Capsiplex supposedly uses this ingredient to boost your metabolism and burn the fat from the food you eat quicker than your body usually would. The main ingredient, Capsicum, is taken from hot chillies which is said to have the effect of firing up your metabolism. There are currently two types of Capsiplex; these are Capsiplex, and Capsiplex plus 5-HTP.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum is the generic name for the pepper family; there are 27 varieties of capsicum, which is also known as cayenne pepper. The smaller spicier ones have been used for thousands of years to give a kick to food and for potential health benefits. Capsiplex uses the capsicum from chillies; chillies contain a constituent called Capsaicin, this gives the chilli its heat and pungency, and it’s this, which is sad to be responsible for most of the beneficial actions. Chilli is very rich in carotenoids, the colourful plant pigment, which are believed to have antioxidant effects.

Capsaicins has a stimulating and dilatory effect on the body, making them potentially beneficial for circulation. Some also suggest that it can benefit heart health by helping to reduce blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. When you’re bunged up with a cold, it can also supposedly help with the respiratory problems caused by excessive mucus and blocked sinuses.

In terms of weight loss, capsicum is thought to be thermogenic; this means that it may produce heat and in turn, increase the metabolic rate. If the rate is raised, then you supposedly burn calories and lose weight at a faster rate.


Niacin also known as vitamin B and nicotinic acid helps the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) which is used to produce energy. Niacin is also part of the vitamin B complex and this helps to regulate the metabolism. Due to Niacin being water-soluble, it dissolves in the water and is excreted out continuously from the body; therefore, it must be constantly reclaimed through the diet to maintain the effects it has on the metabolism. B vitamins are also needed to promote healthy skin, eyes, hair and liver. They are also needed to help the nervous system function properly.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is a synthetic stimulant also known as 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine. This ingredient is sometimes said to work as a fat burner, metabolism booster and appetite suppressant. Caffeine Anhydrous has been used in many other diet pills.

Caffeine Anhydrous is caffeine that contains lower amounts of water – about 0.5 percent or less while normal caffeine contains 8.5 percent of water. The powder is only slightly soluble in water; it is a dry, odourless, white crystalline product that has a bitter taste. In powder form, caffeine takes up less space and it can be easily combined with other ingredients including those in weight loss supplements.

There have been a few scientific studies that indicate that Caffeine Anhydrous can help weight loss more than diet and exercise alone. It may be able to reduce body fat via thermogenesis and help you keep the weight off in the long term. On the Capsiplex website, it states that by taking Capsiplex the Caffeine Anhydrous can help to increase alertness, concentration and endurance.


Piperine is made from black pepper; it is the piperine that gives the pepper its taste. Just like capsicum, piperine is thought to have thermogenic properties. It supposedly blocks the formation of new fat cells, interfering with the activity of genes that control the generation of fat cells. Piperine has been used for centuries in traditional eastern medicine to treat gastrointestinal distress, pain, inflammation and other disorders.

Capsiplex 5-HTP pro

5HTP is a chemical that the body makes from tryptophan, an essential amino acid, which you get from food. After tryptophan is converted into 5-HTP, the chemical is then changed into another chemical called serotonin, a neurotransmitter which relays signals between brain cells. It is known that serotonin helps regulate your mood and behaviour so by taking Capsiplex 5-HTP pro it is claimed that you can get a positive effect on sleep, anxiety, mood, and appetite etc.

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Key Capsiplex Ingredients

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The key ingredient is Capsicum which is found in hot chillies. It supposedly has an effect of firing up your insides, giving you more energy and boosting the metabolism. Besides capsicum, the product also contains caffeine and piperine, both of which are believed to help fat burning and metabolism boosting. Caffeine is a stimulant and so may also provide the user with higher energy levels, helping to boost their athletic performance.

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Clinical Studies

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Capsiplex has had a number of clinical studies on the ingredients contained in Capsiplex. Capsiplex’s website makes sure to point out all the relevant studies and has a page dedicated to the clinical trial that was undertaken on Capsiplex. Before we look into the clinical trial supposedly undertaken on Capsiplex, we must first look into what studies have been done on Capsicum extract, niacin, caffeine anhydrous, piperine and 5-HTP which is included in Capsiplex plus.

Clinical Studies on Capsicum extract

There have been several studies undertaken to study the effects of capsicum on weight loss, appetite and the metabolism. On the website for Capsiplex, there are many references to clinical studies that have been taken. One of these studies titled ‘Effects of red pepper diet on the energy of metabolism in men’, looks into the effects of red pepper on the energy metabolism in men. The results for this showed that energy expenditure was only increased straight after the meal.

Another study titled ‘Effects of red pepper on appetite and energy intake, was split into two, study one looked into the effects of red pepper added to high fat and high carbohydrate meals on the energy and macronutrient intake in thirteen Japanese women. Study two looked into the effects of red pepper appetizer on energy and macronutrient intake in ten Caucasian men. The results showed that the ingestion of red pepper decreases appetite, protein, and fat intake.

Clinical Studies on Niacin

There have been few clinical studies to prove the effectiveness of Niacin. However, there has been a study titled ‘Chronic niacin overload may be involved in the increased prevalence of obesity in US children’, which supports the theory that by taking in too much niacin, you can increase your appetite. This effect isn’t helpful for those trying to lose weight; however, this study has only been taken on children and would need to be further studied to prove this theory.

Clinical Studies on Caffeine Anhydrous

Some studies have been undertaken to prove the effectiveness of caffeine on weight loss. One of these studies titled ‘Relationship between basal metabolic rate, thermogenic response to caffeine, and body weight loss following combined low calorie and exercise treatment in obese women, looked to see if there was any difference in metabolic rate and thermogenic response to caffeine in individual obese women and whether the difference affected weight loss. The findings for this study showed that by regularly using Caffeine Anhydrous at the right dosage obese patients are able to reduce their body fat levels more effectively than those who didn’t.

Clinical Studies on Piperine

There has been a study titled ‘Piperine, a Component of Black Pepper, Inhibits Adipogenesis by Antagonizing PPARγ Activity in 3T3-L1 Cells’, that researched the effects of black pepper extract on fat cells. The study showed that piperine interferes with the activity of genes that control the generation of fat cells. By doing, this piperine might even set off a metabolic chain reaction that keeps fat at bay. The group who carried out this study believe that piperine could be a potential treatment for obesity related diseases.

Clinical Studies on 5-HTP

There have been many small studies that have shown that 5-HTP can help people lose weight. The study titled ‘The effects of oral 5-hydroxytryptophan administration on feeding behaviour in obese adult female subjects’ showed that those who took 5-HTP ate fewer calories than those who didn’t, although they were not trying to lose weight via diet or exercise. There have also been many other studies that show that taking 5-HTP can help with depression, insomnia and even migraines and headaches.

Clinical studies on Capsiplex

To further test the effectiveness of Capsiplex a study was supposedly conducted at the University of Oklahoma, though no link is provided to this study so it cannot be guaranteed to be reliable. It is claimed on the official product website that twenty-five volunteers aged between ten and thirty took part in a double-blind randomised placebo controlled cross over study.
All volunteers were supposedly measured, had their blood taken and vital signs checked, they were then split into two. One-half of the group took Capsiplex for one week and the other half took a placebo, after a week the groups swapped over. The results of the study showed that those who took Capsiplex burned 3 times more calories before exercise and 3 percent more calories during, and 12 times more calories up to an hour after exercise compared to the placebo. They also found the product to be well tolerated, with no one complaining of any side effects.
Even after this study the manufacturers of Capsiplex states that the results are not 100 percent guaranteed and more testing is needed on Capsiplex. Also due to the trial not being truly a double-blind placebo trial because the subjects were aware of whether they were taking a placebo or not, it is stated that more tests will need to be done.

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Capsiplex Side Effects

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Due to Capsiplex and Capsiplex Plus being made up of all natural supplements, it claims that the possibility of a user developing side effects is rare, as long as they are used correctly. Unfortunately this claim is not backed by evidence and natural ingredients can cause as many side effects as synthetic supplements. They mention that due to the chilli extract and the caffeine some people might experience a warming effect on the body or nervousness, irritability or insomnia and if they do so they should consult a doctor.

However, there have been many customers complaining about experiencing side effects such as pain in the chest and stomach, hot sweats, hyperactivity and dizziness. Some of these side effects could be down to people not eating breakfast after taking Capsiplex or not using the product properly. But with these side effects in mind let’s look into the ingredients and see what potential side effects that can occur.

Each of Capsiplex and Capsiplex plus ingredients, such as the capsicum extract, is known to cause some mild to serious side effects. Therefore, there is a possibility that it can cause more side effects than previously thought.

Capsicum extract

When ingested, capsicum extract might irritate the stomach, it can also cause a runny nose and watery eyes. Consuming large amounts over time could also cause kidney and liver damage. Other possible side effects include sweating and hot flushes.


The recommended daily dose in a normal adult is 13 to 17 mg; if more than this is taken then there is a chance you could experience some unpleasant side effects. These include rapid heartbeat, one of the regular uses of niacin is to support and encourage production of energy for physical activity. Without enough Niacin, you don’t have enough energy and too much leads to a rapid heart beat and pulse. Other side effects include flushed skin, itching, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and liver damage. With niacin, also being taken in through your daily diet intake there is a possibility for taking in too much.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Anhydrous is safe in small amounts but should be consumed with caution by those with thyroid disease, diabetes, depression or high blood pressure. When you consume more than 300mg of caffeine, dependant on your size and weight, you could experience side effects from a caffeine overdose. These side effects include nervousness, restlessness, flushing, gastrointestinal disturbances, insomnia, and irregular or rapid heart beat. With Capsiplex containing 200mg of caffeine, you need to be careful with how much extra caffeine you take in.


There hasn’t been enough tests on piperine to find any side effects, even though there has been a suggestion that it can affect sperm. Without more scientific research this cannot be proved.


There have been reports that 5-HTP could cause a serious side effect called eosinophilia myalgia syndrome, this is an incurable and sometimes fatal flu-like neurological condition; however, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to support this claim. Other side effects of taking 5-HTP include heartburn, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, drowsiness, sexual problems and muscle problems.

As you can see there are many potential side effects that you can experience from taking Capsiplex, this would also explain the other side effects that customers have reported, even though more scientific research will need to be done to prove this. However many of the side effects are caused by over dosing on certain ingredients, such as the caffeine, also they are down to not taking Capsiplex properly, so before you take Capsiplex check your diet and make sure you take Capsiplex correctly.

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How to Use

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Using Capsiplex couldn’t be simpler, all you have to do is take 1 capsule with water 30 to 60 minutes before exercise. On a non-workout day you should take a tablet before breakfast, it is advised that you do not take before bed. You do not need to be on a strict diet when taking Capsiplex, however the less food you eat the more weight you will lose, so you should aim to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Capsiplex is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans due to it containing gelatine. It is recommended that you do not take more than the recommended dose, and if you are breast-feeding or pregnant, you shouldn’t use. It’s also not recommended for children.

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Who Makes It?

A company called Advanced Health Limited, which is based in Glasgow and was founded in 2006 by Managing Director Jane McCadden, makes Capsiplex. Advanced Health Limited is a health and slimming innovation that sells in numerous international markets.

Not much is known about the company, they do not have a website for the company and not much has been written about them. Jane McCadden supposedly worked very closely with a pharmacist called Sunil Lakani to develop a natural weight loss aid, which caused no harmful side effects and only helped to control portion size.

The company first launched with the release of their slimming product called Slendex in May 2007. Slendex, an anti cellulite treatment just like Capsiplex was also a big hit with the media appearing in many newspapers and magazines. The company supposedly expanded into beauty and launched the Athena 7 minute Lift, a wrinkle cream.

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Where to Buy Capsiplex


Capsiplex is not easy to find on the high street: big shops like Boots do not stock the pills. However, the product can be found in some Holland and Barrett stores. You can easily find these pills for sale online on the official website, the online Holland and Barrett store as well as Amazon.

From the Capsiplex website you can buy a range of quantities, there is currently a sale, which offers you free extras. The prices differ greatly between Capsiplex original and Capsiplex 5-HTP pro.

Capsiplex Original:
I month (30 tablets) for £29.99
2 months (60 tablets) for £53.98
Buy 3 get 1 free for £89.97
Buy 5 get 2 free for £149.95

Capsiplex 5-HTP plus:
1 month for £42.99
2 months for £77.95
Buy 3 get 1 free for £128.97
Buy 5 get 2 free for £214.95

You can get three quantity ranges from Amazon, when buying from here make sure you look to see that the products are sold by Advanced health, which is the company behind Capsiplex, this will reduce the risk of you buying fake Capsiplex tablets. You can get 1-month supply of Capsiplex for £29.99; you can also get 1-month supply of Capsiplex plus for £34.99. If you want to buy in bulk, you can buy three and get one free of the original Capsiplex tablets for £89.99.

From Holland & Barrett you can buy 1-month supply of the original tablets for £30.85 or you can buy two for £46.27.

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Does Capsiplex Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, purchase of the supplement seems to be a one-off payment, either from the official website or another retailer.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not provided.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There is no mention of a diet plan or any weight loss advice.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Not all ingredients and quantities are provided.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, a phone number, email address and postal address are provided.

Capsiplex does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan, and manufacturing details and ingredient quantities are not disclosed.

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Overall Verdict

Despite claims that the whole product has been clinically tested, no evidence is provided of this study. Nevertheless, some of the ingredients in the product have been the subject of positive clinical trials. There are a number of possible side effects associated with the product, particularly associated with the caffeine content. It is available from a high street store as well as the official website and contact details for the company are provided.

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