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Fulfill Plus

Fulfill Plus is a diet pill that claims to help you with those weight loss defeating cravings. How true are these claims? Can Fulfill Plus really be the answer you’re looking for?

To find the answers we decided to investigate whether Fulfill Plus can really help you lose weight and examine the possible side effects.

Fulfill Plus box

Fulfill Plus Pros
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • The theory behind how the product works sounds promising for appetite suppression
Fulfill Plus Cons
  • Very expensive, one box won’t last one month
  • No clinical trials or tests on the product to prove its effectiveness

Fulfill Plus Review

Claimed weight loss benefits:

Fulfill Plus claims to be an appetite suppressant. Our experts agree with this claim.

How Fulfill Plus Works

Fulfill Plus uses a unique method to suppress your appetite. Each Fulfill Plus tablet includes a natural ingredient that creates a gelatinous mass in your stomach which expands and takes up room in your stomach leaving you feeling fuller sooner. The makers claim this will leave you wanting smaller portions and make you able to avoid the hunger cravings you might normally get if you ate less.

While this theory sounds good on the surface there are no clinical trials, tests or any evidence produced to tell potential customers just how effective this is and how much weight loss potential these tablets might have. There isn’t a great deal of information given on how this gel expands or any more detailed explanation of how the process works at all. The website also only features one, albeit in depth, customer testimonial which is disappointing and again doesn’t suggest it has worked for lots of people.

You are asked to take between three and five tablets with a glass of water around half an hour before you sit down to eat a meal. This potentially means you could be taking up to 15 tablets each day suggesting a very small weight loss power within each capsule. The official site also suggests that you should not take the product for more than 30 days continuously.

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Key Fulfill Plus Ingredients

Appetite/healthy eating photo
It appears there is only one key ingredient in Fulfill Plus and that is the ingredient which creates the gelatinous mass to grow in your stomach. 400mg of Plantago ovatae is included in each tablet, this is 100% natural and is a plant that is most often found in the southwest of the United States.

This ingredient appears to have potential weight loss qualities as it contains high level of soluble dietary fibre. When this comes in contact with water it can swell and absorb up to 50 times its weight in water. This could help weight loss although there has not been many tests conducted on its weight loss potential. There is further information on Psyllium, also known as Plantego Ovata, available in the health and wellness library website.


Weight Loss Power: 40/100

Without tests or clinical trials on the product it is hard to say exactly how powerful this product might be. The theory behind the product sounds good: eating less is a natural way to lose weight and the main ingredient does appear to be able to fill your stomach so the potential is there. However, there are no tests on its effectiveness and very few Fulfill Plus reviews from customers online, therefore its weight loss power can’t be confirmed. The fact that you need to take up to 15 tablets a day suggests one tablet isn’t very powerful.
Speed of results: 35/100

Eating less is the most natural way to lose weight but it’s not always the quickest. These tablets will help you to avoid the hunger feeling that can arise after not eating as much but they may not be hugely powerful with weight loss. Without many Fulfill Plus reviews from users and little actual product testing it is hard to predict but you may see weight loss, just not at any dramatic rate.
Appetite Suppression: 53/100

This is the key area this product works in. Although it doesn’t go into detail about how it works, you can see how it may boost your weight loss. By filling your stomach with the dietary fibre of Plantago Ovatae, your stomach will be able to take it less actual food. For more information on appetite suppressants, we would recommend you read our Appetite Suppressants article.
Long Term Results: 48/100

In the long term eating less and getting into a habit of controlling portions sizes is great for managing your weight. Food is the source of all weight gain so learning to eat slightly less, which these tablets may help you do, should be beneficial over the longer term too. Although the tablets might not have a direct effect on weight loss themselves, the teaching about portion sizes you might experience over the course of taking them might be helpful in the long term. Read more about portion sizes on the NHS website.
Safety: 73/100

As Fulfill Plus only uses natural ingredients it is one of the safer diet pills you could use. However, with the lack of testing and Fulfill Plus reviews from customers, the product cannot be called completely safe. The official website does suggest that you may experience some small side effects.

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Value for money: 10/100

One box of Fulfill Plus contains 120 capsules. The makers advise that you take between 3 and 5 capsules before every main meal which can mean you’re taking 9 to 15 tablets every day. It is also suggested that you can increase the dosage if you feel you need more effect. This means you might be taking at least 70 or more tablets every seven days, therefore a box might only last a couple of weeks. One box costs £32 which could see you spending £60 every month, making Fulfill Plus terrible value for money.

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Side Effects

Fulfill Plus uses natural ingredients and may not be too strong in effect, making it a relatively safe product to use. The official website warns that you could experience some more regular and/or softer faeces but says this is the only side effect you may see.

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Where to Buy Fulfill Plus

The official Fulfill Plus online shop offers the product for £37.90 and does not mention free shipping. It can also be bought on Amazon UK for £32.17 with free delivery or there is a subscription option where you can get the product regularly delivered every month for the cheaper price of £30.56 each month. The official website also says the product can be bought in selected Holland and Barrett stores.

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Overall Verdict

Without the testing or trials on the product it is hard to say just how effective it can be but for some people it will likely prove helpful in suppress appetite. The theory behind the product and the background behind the main ingredient seems like it could prove effective in the stomach.

There are very few Fulfill Plus reviews from customers, suggesting that it is not very popular and this also reduces chances to gain extra information on the product. Furthermore, not everyone is willing to pay potentially £60 or more every month for a product which is not guaranteed to be effective.

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Overall: 43/100

Frequently Asked Questions about Fulfill Plus diet pills

We’ve received a lot of emails about Fulfill Plus , so we’ve created an FAQ Section below to answer the most common questions.

1. How does Fulfill Plus work?

Fulfill Plus works simply by suppressing your appetite. Its main ingredient Plantago Ovatae grows inside your stomach leaving less room for food but also making you feel fuller. This should help control your appetite and leave you only wanting smaller portion sizes in meals. The idea is that you lose weight naturally through eating less although no tests have been carried out on the product to show its effectiveness.

2. How long do Fulfill Plus diet pills take to work?

The tablets should get to work quite quickly. You take the capsules with a glass of water which is what the main ingredient reacts with to expand within your stomach. You should see yourself not feeling like finishing your meal. In terms of weight loss the product won’t speed up the rate of weight loss any quicker than you would normally lose weight on a diet.

3. What side effects, if any, could I face?

The product is a relatively safe diet pill. It uses natural ingredients and the effect within your body is not extreme. The makers do warn you could experience changes in your bowel movements, potentially going more regularly or having softer faeces. With a lack of customer Fulfill Plus reviews it is hard to tell if there are any other side effects.

4. When do I take the Fulfill Plus tablets?

You are asked to take at least three but up to five tablets half an hour before every meal with a glass of water. You are given the freedom to up the dosage if you’re not seeing much of an effect but no more than five capsules per meal. This could mean you take up to 15 tablets each day and over 100 every seven days.

5. Do I have to diet or change my eating habits when taking the tablets?

If the product works the way it says it does then your eating habits may change because of the pills. Fulfill Plus is supposed to reduce your appetite which should see you eating less at each meal and dishing up smaller portion sizes. It might be a good idea to eat some healthier foods on top of this too.

6. What ingredients go into Fulfill Plus pills?

There is only one main ingredient, Plantago Ovatae. This is the substance which forms the gelatinous mass within your stomach by absorbing lots of liquid to expand. It fills your stomach making you feel fuller. This is an entirely natural diet pill as it only includes two other ingredients, Sodium bicarbonate and Magnesium stearate.

7. Do I need to exercise or increase the amount of exercise I do when taking the Fulfill Plus pills?

The official website does not mention any need to do extra exercise but exercise is always a good way to boost your weight loss as it burns further calories. Don’t push too hard though as your energy levels may be lower due to a smaller food intake.

8. Where can I buy Fulfill Plus ?

Fulfill Plus can be bought from the official website for £37.90 and from Amazon for £32.17 for a months’ supply. There is no mention of a money back guarantee anywhere. Amazon also offers a subscription option where you can get the product delivered every month for a marginally cheaper monthly price. The product is also available in Holland and Barratt stores.

9. How long can I take the tablets for?

The makers advise that you don’t take Fulfill Plus for any longer than a month of continuous usage. If you are yet to reach your target weight you can take a fortnight off the tablets before returning to them.

10. How much weight could I lose with Fulfill Plus ?

Although the tablets may help to suppress your appetite, more testing is needed to definitively prove this, weight loss may not be increased by much. It comes down to how little you eat which will determine how much weight you lose and how quickly it goes. This could arguably be achieved without the tablets although they could help avoid the hunger cravings.

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