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Lean System 7

Lean system 7 is a diet pill made by Isatori, who make a large number of claims about the incredible weight loss ability that their diet pill provides.

This review will investigate and evaluate these claims.

Lean System 7 Review

Lean System 7 Pros
  • Numerous ingredients with some clinical support
  • Encourages use alongside exercise
Lean System 7 Cons
  • Customer feedback mention numerous side effects
  • No official website for product
  • Product isn't displayed on manufacturer's website

Lean System 7 Review

Claimed weight loss benefits

The makers of lean system 7 claim that there are numerous benefits to using the diet pill, including significantly increasing the metabolism, increasing the body’s fat burning power through thermogenesis, and reducing the appetite of the user. Users will also feel a large boost in energy, aiding them in their workouts.

How Lean System 7 Works

Lean System 7 weight loss claimsLean System 7 works by boosting the metabolism through the use of several stimulant ingredients such as Bitter Orange extract (containing Synephrine) and caffeine, which cause a thermogenic reaction in the body. This means that the physical heat the body generates is increased, which requires an increase in the number of calories burnt throughout the day. This increase in metabolism helps to burn fat from the body, provided that there is a deficit in the number of calories consumed per day, in relation to how many calories are burnt by the body per day. Caffeine and another diuretic ingredient, Dandelion, help to flush the body of water, preventing bloating and water retention. These two ingredients can also provide an artificial drop in weight that is temporary, as the body may become slightly dehydrated if not enough water is consumed daily.

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Key Lean System 7 Ingredients

Caffeine containing

There are several active ingredients mentioned within the promotional literature, but there is no definitive complete ingredients list. The key ingredients include several plants that contain naturally occurring caffeine, such as green tea, Guarana and Yerba mate. Caffeine is a stimulant that boosts the body’s metabolism, as shown in clinical studies, which could aid weight loss as well as providing an energy boost. However, too much caffeine can cause headaches, dehydration, increased urination and jitteriness.

Bitter Orange

bitter orange in Lean System 7Another stimulant, Bitter Orange, which contains Synephrine, is present to help boost the metabolism further. This ingredient is regularly used in diet pills as an alternative to the banned drug ephedra.

For more information about the benefits of Bitter orange, we recommend you read our Bitter Orange: Weight Loss Wonder or Naturally Nasty? article.


Dandelion, a diuretic, is also present to help prevent water retention and bloating.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate is present, as it has been shown in studies that it has the positive effect of lowering blood glucose levels by aiding insulin in the breakdown of glucose. There is also some evidence that it may reduce carbohydrate cravings, which may help reduce snacking in between meals.

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Finally, a derivative of black pepper is included with the intention of increasing the absorption rate of the other key ingredients.

For more information, we recommend you read our Lean System 7 Clinical Studies article.


Weight Loss Power: 50/100

Lean system 7 seems to have mixed results from consumers, with a significant proportion losing little or no weight, whilst others report large amounts of weight loss. With the energy boost it provides, it appears that the best results are achieved in combination with regular exercise and a controlled diet plan. Despite the promising ingredients list, better results can be seen with other diet pills, making this an inefficient choice of slimming aid.
Speed of results: 60/100

For those who do lose weight with lean system 7, the results can be seen quite quickly. Most people seem to notice the difference in energy levels immediately, within 15 to 30 minutes of taking each serving. Some dieters see significant weight loss within the first week, although this is a small group compared to those who lose little or no weight. As the diet pill should not be taken for more than 8 weeks, its quick working nature is beneficial, but may cause weight regain if stopped suddenly.
Appetite Suppression: 20/100

Although a few reviews have mentioned that it reduces appetite, overall it seems that lean system 7 does not have a large impact upon appetite levels. Some people even experienced increased levels of hunger.
Long Term Results: 40/100

Over the course of diet pills, some users experience weight loss, but as lean system 7 is not to be taken for more than 8 weeks, it is not a viable long term weight loss aid. Some users claim to have used the pill for a prolonged time against the advice given by the manufacturers, and it does seem to provide steady weight loss in some cases. See our top rated diet pills.
Safety: 45/100

The safety of this diet pill is not guaranteed, mainly because of the large number of side effects that have been reported by consumers of Lean System 7. Not all of the ingredients in lean system 7 are revealed, which raises suspicions about the safety of the product. There are also numerous casual references to clinical studies supporting lean system 7 in the promotional literature on various retail sites, but no links to actual studies. Without clear evidence from clinical studies to show that lean system 7 is both safe and effective, it cannot be said that the diet pill is entirely safe.
Value for money: 30/100

There are many retailers that stock lean system 7, including many bodybuilding websites. This means that it is possible to shop around easily to find the best prices. Prices vary between around £19 and £38 for 90 capsules, the only bottle size available in the UK. Because the dosage is so high for these diet pills, 90 capsules will only last between 15 and 30 days. This can mean that the pill is quite expensive if taking the highest dose, making it even more important to shop around.

Lean System 7 Side Effects

Lean System 7 side effects - headachesA clinical study associated with lean system 7 suggested that there were no serious side effects associated with the use of the diet pill (See Lean System 7 Clinical Studies). However, reading customer feedback and reviews makes it clear that there are some side effects. The large amount of caffeine in the diet pill makes some people jittery, can cause headaches, and can cause withdrawal symptoms when use of the pill stops. The pill does come with the warning that no caffeine should be consumed from other sources such as tea, coffee, soft drinks or energy drinks whilst taking Lean System 7. Caffeine is also a diuretic, as is Dandelion, another ingredient. Users should therefore expect to experience increased levels of urination, and should increase their water intake to accommodate this.

Other consumers have complained of feeling lethargic and physically drained or having increased hunger levels, which is the opposite of what the product promises. Reviews also mention muscle cramps (potentially a side effect of dehydration), heart palpitations and a general “weird” feeling whilst using Lean System 7.

The thermogenic properties of the diet pill mean that increased body temperature is likely. This is more evident in some people than with others, with some reviews mentioning significantly increased levels of sweating throughout the day.

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Where to Buy Lean System 7

There are numerous retailers that stock lean system 7 such as bodybuilding websites, as well as more well-known sites such as Amazon and EBay. This page shows a price comparison of some of these sellers. Currently some sellers of Lean System 7 have made the product unavailable in the UK. Internationally, bottle sizes seem to be 120 capsules (enough for 20-40 days), whilst in the UK 90 capsules (enough for 15-30 days) seems to be the standard bottle size.

For more information, we recommend you read our Where to buy Lean System 7 article. If you have bought Lean System 7, we would also recommend you read our How to use Lean System 7 article.

Overall Verdict

By looking at the ingredients alone, Lean System 7 is potentially a high strength diet pill that may help people to lose some weight in a short period of time with the aid of exercise and a balanced diet plan. However, the large number of side effects reported by consumers makes it hard to recommend this diet pill, especially as a significant number of consumers were unsatisfied with the amount of weight that they lost (or didn’t lose). The lack of a working official website or even information about the product on the manufacturer’s official website does raise some suspicions about the product’s validity as a weight loss aid. Finally, there is inadequate information provided about the associated clinical trials, which adds further doubts about the safety and effectiveness of Lean System 7.

If you are interested in who makes Lean System 7, we recommend you read our The Company behind Lean System 7 article.

Overall: 41/100

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