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Lida Daidaihua

The Chinese supplement lida daidaihua allegedly contains a range of plant extracts that can supposedly burn fat, enhance energy, suppress appetite, boost metabolism rates and even improve well-being. However, pharmaceutical experts have accused lida daidaihua of containing undeclared active ingredients that might be dangerous, which casts doubt on its credibility.


Lida Daidaihua Pros
  • The disclosed ingredients include quantity values
Lida Daidaihua Cons
  • The main ingredient synephrine is called daidaihua in the content list, which is confusing and even misleading
  • The FDA have accused lida daidaihua’s manufacturer of including undisclosed ingredients that can be potentially dangerous

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Lida Daidaihua Review

Lida daidaihua claims to incorporate the four plant extracts: daidaihua (bitter orange), cassia seed, job’s-tears and mulberry leaf, as its active ingredients. The manufacturer suggests that it focuses on a range of vital weight management areas including fat, energy, metabolism and appetite while also expelling toxins and boosting immunity. However, the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) named lida daidaihua as a “tainted” supplement that might pose a risk to health. It’s reported to include hidden ingredient sibutramine, which is banned in Europe and the US. There’s also more than one website alleging to be the “only” official site for the product, which casts more doubt on its validity.

Lida Daidaihua Claimed weight loss benefits

Lida daidaihua product descriptions make various claims regarding the potential of its product and often detail how each ingredient works towards a particular outcome. Lida daidaihua apparently functions to achieve appetite suppression, as well as the elevation of energy and metabolism rates. Alongside these claimed attributes, the product can also supposedly detox the intestines, disrupt the absorption of fat and improve general well-being and immunity. However, there’s no scientific evidence to prove these ingredients have their alleged weight loss capabilities.

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How Lida Daidaihua Works

It’s always helpful have the opportunity to read the manufacturer’s claims for how its product works to achieve weight loss before purchasing, as some supplements target different aspects of weight management. Lida daidaihua claims to work by using ingredients that focus on breaking down fat, creating energy, suppressing the appetite and even cleansing the body to boost health. This is quite a range of weight management areas, which implies that it is likely to be reasonably fast and efficient in accomplishing weight loss. However, there’s little clinical study to provide backing to these assertions and many of these ingredient’s capabilities remain speculation.

Daidaihua/Bitter Orange
Daidaihua is known in English as bitter orange and works like ephedra and amphetamines because of its main stimulating component synephrine. Synephrine can apparently boost thermogenesis and quell feelings of hunger by slowing digestion, which might result in higher calorie-expenditure and lower food intake. Bitter orange is now believed to be safer than both ephedra and amphetamine, although some adverse side effects still exist. Essentially, it targets the adrenergic receptors in adipose tissue to help change fat into useful energy. However, it tends to evade increasing heart rates and blood pressure, which are often overburdened when using substances containing ephedra. Synephrine reportedly constricts blood vessels and boosts energy levels by sparking activity in alpha-adrenergic and beta-adrenergic receptors, which should incite greater physical endurance for exercise. However, there’s little evidence to fully back its capability as part of lida daidaihua.

The chemical components of job’s-tears apparently have diuretic, immunity-boosting, allergy-controlling and antioxidant-like abilities that can reduce and cleanse harmful bacteria in the body. This provides lida daidaihua with the health benefits it reports to have, although its fibre-content apparently also lowers the absorption-level of fat and cholesterol. This would boost fat expenditure and possibly improve the ability to exercise, although many examinations on job’s-tears have been conducted on animal subjects, which limits the reliability of their outcomes.

Cassia Seed
Cassia seeds contain chemicals named sennosides, which agitate the bowel lining and give the supplement its laxative effect. This could cleanse the body of toxins and aid digestive movement to help weight loss, although too much of it could be dangerous. It’s also believed that members of the cassia group contain chemicals that function to inhibit the absorption of fat and hinder its accumulation in the body, which could also boost weight loss. However, some other types of cassia plants may be better suited for this and there’s more proof for its use as a laxative than a fat burner.

Mulberry Leaf
The leaves of the mulberry are strongly believed to have the ability of influencing blood sugar levels, which is why they are sometimes used to help diabetics. Mulberry leaf contains a compound called 1-deoxynojrimycin (DNJ) which apparently helps slow down the digestion of sugar. This means they are absorbed into the blood at a lower rate, which maintains a controlled and consistent blood sugar level. This might be able to suppress hunger pangs, since these usually occur when sugar levels drop in the blood. The chemicals in mulberry leaf work similarly to diabetic medicine, which is possibly why its believed to have a similar effect. It’s also speculated that mulberry leaf contains chemicals that lower LDL cholesterol, which is the unhealthy and dangerous kind, while boosting good cholesterol (HDL). However, these benefits haven’t been conclusively proven to support mulberry leaf’s ability.

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Key Ingredients

The ingredients and their quantities are the most important aspects of a weight loss supplement. Using well-known ingredients and adhering to the widely-accepted recommended dosages boosts the safety of the product, and thankfully the supposedly official website for lida daidaihua reveals exact quantity values of each element. Its active ingredients are possibly more popular in Asia than in the UK or US, but they’ve all reassuringly been used in food or herbal medicine for many years. However, the FDA report suggests that there may be extra, undisclosed ingredients in the product to be wary of.

Daidaihua/Bitter Orange
All parts of the bitter orange plant, called daidaihua in China, are utilised in medicine and the unripe fruit is often used in Indian food. It can be ingested to treat minor issues such as stomach ache and chronic fatigue syndrome, or used on the skin to alleviate swelling. The use of bitter orange for weight loss has escalated since ephedrine was deemed unsafe for consumption and banned in the U.S, so many supplements use bitter orange as a replacement. This is supposedly due to its main alkaloid synephrine’s ability to boost thermogenesis, although this is generally weaker in effect than ephedrine.

Job’s-tears is sometimes confusingly known by many different names, including adlay, coixseed and Chinese pearl barley, although any of these names refers to the same tall member of the Poaceae family. This broad-leafed plant with tear-shaped grains is indigenous to southeast Asia, although it’s now also found in the very warm climates of the Americas and grown in gardens. The grains of job’s-tears are most commonly used in food, liquor and herbal remedies, but it has also been made into ornamental beads. It’s been used to treat warts, arthritis, hayfever and high-cholesterol and is believed to posses cancer-fighting ability, although none of these uses have been tested and proven.

Cassia Seed
Confusingly, the cassia seed is known by many names and is also sourced from a plant that has numerous titles. The seed is often called its pharmaceautical name ‘Cassiae semen’ in scientific studies and ‘jue ming zi’ in China, whereas the plant is referred to as either sicklepod, Cassia obtusifolia or Senna. It grows throughout Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas as part of the Fabaceae family, which also incorporates liquorice, soybean and sweet pea plants. This seed contains proteins, amino acids and fatty oils and is popularly used in folk medicine as a health, laxative and medical aide but few of its reported attributes have been properly analysed.

Mulberry Leaf
Mulberry leaf derives from the Moraceae family, which grows wild in moderate climates and is the main source of food for silkworms in the wild. These leaves come from the white mulberry plant and are often powdered and given to treat a wide range of ailments including: arthritis, joint pain, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. White mulberry is indigenous to China, but was introduced to the US centuries ago and it is now used internationally in various forms. It’s also strongly believed to regulate blood sugar levels by suppressing hyperglycemia, which can supposedly treat diabetic patients.However, its capability in tackling any of these problems have not been confirmed.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical trials are an insightful and generally respected way of determining the safety level and potential value of a product, although many diet supplements aren’t subjected to them. These studies can last for various periods of time and use both human and animal subjects, but short trials using non-human participants are often less trusted than extensive human examinations. Unfortunately, lida daidaihua as a product has not been clinically tested, which means it’s quite difficult to assess the extent of its capability. However, its named ingredients have been clinically examined, although the damaging critical FDA report diminishes the trustworthiness of lida daidaihua’s given ingredient list.

Daidaihua/Bitter Orange
Bitter orange’s chief protoalkaloid is synephrine and this trial examined how it might influence mood, metabolism, blood pressure and heart rate. All of these factors were checked before consuming the synephrine supplement and then 75 minutes later. The results showed that people who took synephrine experienced a 65 kcal elevation in resting metabolic rate (RMR). However, some subjects consumed synephrine with other ingredients, hesperidin and naringin. These people saw a much higher RMR of 129 kcal. None of the participants experienced a change in mood, heart rate or blood pressure, which partly weakens synephrine’s potential.

This extract analysed the safety and efficiency of bitter orange and involved approximately 360 people of different body masses. Blends of bitter orange were given to 44% of the group of participant for 12 weeks, while the others consumed a mix of other elements and synephrine. The results imply that synephrine, both alone or in a mixture, boosted the level of energy and metabolism without inciting negative side effects. However, only an insignificant weight loss was experienced and the trial’s brevity limits its credibility.

This trial studied how job’s-tears (known in this experiment as adlay) can positively affect blood lipids, which are fats in the bloodstream. Hyperlipidemic rats, those suffering from too much fat in their blood, were administered adlay oil extract and then examined for any beneficial changes. The findings implied that adlay decreased the amount of fat tissue in the abdomen, raised antioxidant levels and reduced lipids in the bloodstream, which could all arguably assist with weight loss and improving fitness. However, it’s not established how much is required to achieve this and even if these positive effects could also occur in humans.

Cassia Seed
Many studies look at cassia when administered alongside other ingredients and this study analysed its weight loss potential in a capsule that contained other herbal extracts. Obese participants were invited to take part in this examination but they were required to be between the ages of 18 and 65 years and had to ingest four capsules of either the herbal mix or a placebo three times every day for 12 weeks. This herbal concoction contained 40% cassia extract and was one of three, similar ingredients. The results showed that those taking the capsule containing cassia experienced a substantial decrease in BMI, body weight and feeling short of breath compared to the placebo group. However no differences in metabolic rate was observed. These results support the ability of cassia seed to a limited extent, as it’s unknown how much impact it had individually on the weight loss.

Mulberry Leaf
This study looked at the antioxidant benefits of mulberry leaf on patients suffering from dyslipidemia, which is too much fat (cholesterol) in the bloodstream. A total of 24 patients took 280mg of mulberry leaf extract three times each day before a meal and were then tested to establish any changes. The results showed a substantial decrease in triglycerides and harmful cholesterol in the participants’ blood with no reports of adverse side effects. This doesn’t necessarily support mulberry leaf as a potent weight loss drug, but it implies that its antioxidant qualities might benefit blood and heart health for improved levels of exercise.

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Weight Loss Power: 60/100

Lida daidaihua appears to target four separate areas of weight loss: fat burning, energy boosting, appetite suppression and metabolism elevation, which suggest that it should efficiently combat distinct aspects of weight reduction in each dose. However, there are few clinical studies to support the use of these ingredients as weight loss aides, although they’re often popularly used as herbal remedies.
Speed of results: 60/100

This product contains a mix of detox and stimulant ingredients such as the synephrine chemical in daidaihua and the sennosides in cassia seeds. These should theoretically induce weight loss quite rapidly when combined, as they could work to boost metabolism and energy rates while aiding digestion. However, there’s no tangible proof for this outcome and the product’s website doesn’t give an estimate on when users should expect results.
Appetite Suppression: 60/100

Supposedly, half of lida daidaihua’s four active ingredients, daidaihua (synephrine) and mulberry leaf, have shown some ability to suppress the user’s appetite. This is mainly by influencing the speed of digestion and maintaining steady levels of blood sugar, but there’s no evidence to back the idea that they will achieve this in the dosage level provided in lida daidaihua.
Long Term Results: 40/100

Stimulants such as daidaihua often give only short-lived surges of energy that could lose its potency after rigorous use, which suggests that weight loss might plateau after prolonged use of lida daidaihua. On the other hand, the blood sugar control of mulberry leaf and fibre content of job’s-tears might provide a longer-lasting weight management benefit. However, the laxative effect of cassia seeds might also pose a health risk if overused.
Safety: 10/100

The given ingredient list on the product’s self-proclaimed official website appears relatively safe for consumption, particularly compared to some other weight loss supplements that are crammed with caffeine-based stimulants. However, the FDA has flagged the manufacturer of lida daidaihua as concealing the dangerous ingredient sibutramine, which poses a serious risk of strokes and heart attacks. It’s not clear how the company have responded to this report or whether they have revised the product’s conents, but it strongly suggests that the product should be used with vigilance.
Value for money: 30/100

The health risks seriously diminish the value of lida daidaihua. It still casts doubt on the reputability of the product and its manufacturer, even if its ingredients have been amended. Clinical trials of each element individually show some promise for its weight loss benefits, as well as imply that the alleged weight loss areas it claims to tackle might be achievable. However, except from perhaps bitter orange, the ingredients seem to be used for health improvements than weight loss.

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Lida Daidaihua Side Effects

Woman With Pills 538
Adverse side effects are can be experienced when taking most types of weight loss supplements, which is why clinical testing before putting it on the market is helpful. However, no such tests have been conducted on lida daidaihua as a product, so it’s quite difficult to determine the type of customer that should avoid it and how safe it is for the general public. The safety of its disclosed ingredients has been thankfully studied individually, but the allegedly hidden ingredients in lida daidaihua can obviously not be studied in this review.

Daidaihua/Bitter Orange
Bitter orange can cause some adverse side effects but often only when consumed in large doses. These include: headaches, nausea, anxiety, irritability, fast heart rates and possibly but rarely angina pectoris. It’s strongly advised that people suffering from cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure and glaucoma avoid any bitter orange or synephrine-based supplements. The synephrine chemical might trigger dangerously high heart rates and blood pressures, as well as interfere with other medication, stimulants and anaesthetics.

There aren’t many studies to establish the safety of job’s-tears in supplements, although it’s generally believed to be safe. However, it’s blood sugar lowering ability might negatively affect diabetics and other people suffering from hypoglycemia. Pregnant women should also avoid taking job’s-teas supplements, as it’s been reported to possibly poison embryos and even force the uterus to contract. Overall, the dose in lida daidaihua should be safe for consumption.

Cassia Seed
There are few scientific studies into the safety of cassia extracts, but it’s believed to provoke some stomach and general digestion problems such as cramping, nausea and diarrhoea. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also advised not to take any cassia-containing supplements, although particularly dangerous reactions are very rare.

Mulberry Leaf
Mulberry leaves, and the plant in general, is usually regarded safe to consume. However, there haven’t been many studies conducted to properly analyse it and gather reports of adverse reactions. Similar to job’s tears, it might decrease the level of sugar in the blood to a dangerous rate for people with diabetes, so those with the condition should probably sidestep lida daidaihua. The pollen of the mulberry plant is also believed to incite allergic reactions in those with pollen-sensitivity, however, this shouldn’t be an issue in this leaf extract.

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How To Use

The given usage instructions on the supposedly only official website for lida daidaihua advises that just one capsule is consumed in the morning, either before or following breakfast. It also urges the user to not take more than the dose it recommends (one capsule each day), which is reassuring. Drinking lots of water and not missing meals are also two important instructions that the manufacturer suggests, as it states the user might feel weak and dizzy without enough fluid. The company is also quite exact in regards to the age range of customers who should be consuming the product, which it states is any age between 18 and 65 years. However, pregnant women and patients suffering from apoplexy are warned off taking lida daidaihua, although no exact reason for this is given. A final caution for customers is to not drink alcohol while taking this supplement, as it’s likely to hinder the weight loss process. Oddly, these guidelines don’t include the instruction to visit a doctor before starting a course of lida daidaihua, although it would be wise to do so.

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Who Makes Lida Daidaihua

Lida daidaihua is manufactured by Kunming Lingcao Bio Technology, which was founded in 2001 and is based in Yunnan Province, China. It claims to handle the research, development, production and trading of a variety of supplements that now sell to the U.S, Europe and Asia. The ‘About Us’ section on the supposedly only official website suggests that the company produces a range of other health pills, dietary aides and weight loss supplements, although it doesn’t state what these are and there is no website for the firm itself to find other merchandise. There’s no money-back guarantees offered, although buyers can return the product if it is in its original packaging and within 30 days of purchase. However, this might be more difficult and time-consuming for international customers. There doesn’t appear to be any complaints regarding the purchasing or shipping services from the company, although the negative report from the FDA seriously diminished the reputability of the product itself.

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Where To Buy

The product’s self-proclimaed ‘official’ website sells both strong and normal versions of lida daidaihua, which totals $69.90 (£45.23) and $59.90 (£38.76) respectively for three boxes without posting costs. Another site selling a range lida daidaihua is, which has three boxes of the supplement for $72.99 (£47.23) including shipping. However, eBay has a limited offer of one 30-capsule box for £12.99, but without posting and packaging. Overall, it seems that customers in the UK might have to order online and have their order shipped over, although the reliability of these vendors is unknown. It seems that lida daidaihua can only be bought online, but there are many sites that advertise the product by assuring it’s not fake. This could imply that there are counterfeits on the market, so customers should be cautious when buying over the Internet.

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Overall Verdict

At first glance, lida daidaihua seems to be a creditable aie to boost weight loss. Past research support the idea that its active ingredients can achieve weight loss by combatting different key areas of weight management, although to differing extents. It’s also plausible that it can cleanse the body of toxins and assist digestion, which might improve general wellbeing and add to the health benefits of the product. However, the reproachful report of undisclosed ingredients and inclusion of a banned stimulant is a great source of worry and there is no evidence that the manufacturer has revised lida daidaihua’s contents.

Overall: 44/100

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2 responses to “Lida Daidaihua”

  1. Lilivet says:

    I took Lida 5 years ago and lost more than 20 pounds. Side efects: insomnia, dry mouth. My energy levels increase, no craving for sweet (I have a very sweet teeth).
    My friend took Lida at the same time, she loss a lot of weight, longer time than me. Side efects: insomnia and Increase heart beats but she is a cardiologist and she knew about this side efect.
    No rebound effects where experienced.
    How: 1 pill 30 minutes before breakfast, a lot of warm water, combined with Yoga 5 times a week.
    I did not take Lida for many months, I took for 1 month, stoped 1 or 2 months and took for another month. Totally, maybe 4 months.
    I was pleased with the results.
    My pills came from China, a friend bought it for me.
    This was my experience, I recommend to be careful bacause the hidden ingredients.

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve started taking lida daidaihua 2 weeks ago and so far have lost 3kg. I love how my belly fats have started to go away as well as flabs on my arms 🙂 side effects so far is mild, dizziness but it goes away when I drink lots of water and take meals regularly.

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