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Matrix Night Shredder

Matrix Night Shredder is advertised as a powerful supplement that helps you to burn fat while you sleep, as well as helping rest and recuperation. Unfortunately the ingredients in the product have not been clinically proven to aid fat burning.


Matrix Night Shredder Pros
  • The company is established; it sells a variety of different supplement products and offers a loyalty point scheme
  • A selection of delivery options are available, including international delivery
  • Easy to use capsules
  • The company offers student discount
Matrix Night Shredder Cons
  • No clinical studies have been undertaken on the product as a whole
  • None of the ingredients in the product have not been shown to aid weight loss in reliable clinical studies
  • Specific quantities for the individual ingredients in the product are not disclosed on the website
  • No money-back guarantee available

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Matrix Night Shredder Review

Matrix Night Shredder is a capsule-type supplement that the user is supposed to take shortly before going to bed. The manufacturers claim that the product has fat burning properties that work during sleep. The company also states that the product can promote sleep and help users to feel more rested. The company sells a range of different supplements that are claimed to aid body composition and general health. The website and payment methods seem to be safe, but the claims made about the product’s weight loss capabilities are not proven in scientific trials and some important information is lacking from the official website, including ingredient quantities.

Matrix Night Shredder Claimed weight loss benefits

A number of claims are made on the official Matrix website about the Night Shredder supplement. First and foremost, the product is claimed to ‘shred fat whilst you sleep’. This is said to be achievable thanks to its combination of active fat burning ingredients (namely: rspberry ketone, Irvingia gabonensis, L-carnitine and CLA). This claimed effect coupled with statements that the supplement can help the user to rest, sleep and recuperate, supposedly means that Night Shredder will help the user to achieve their weight loss goals. The product is not claimed to aid other means of weight loss, like appetite suppression or metabolism boosting.

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How Matrix Night Shredder Works


It is claimed on the official website that the product aids weight loss by helping users to lose fat during their sleep. Some of the ingredients in the product have been claimed to work in this way, but none have been definitively proven to have fat-burning qualities. Some studies have been used in early clinical trials in an attempt to determine whether or not they might aid weight loss, but definitive results have not been found. None of the ingredients are associated with appetite suppression or carbohydrate blocking, but some have been said to improve body composition when taken alongside exercise and others are believed to boost the metabolism.

How Each Ingredient Works

Raspberry Ketone

Not much information is available with regards to the detail of how raspberry ketone is thought to aid weight loss, though several claims can be found on the internet. Some people have dubbed raspberry ketone to be a miracle ingredient that has significant impacts on the body; usually it is said to work as a fat burner, but others claim that the ingredient is a metabolism booster and others have said it can help to suppress the appetite. As discussed in the ‘clinical studies’ section below, none of these claims have been proven in clinical studies.


As an amino acid, L-carnitine has several useful functions in the human body. In terms of weight loss, the ingredient is claimed to help make the process of fat metabolism more efficient. Others claim that the substance can help to boost the metabolism and it has also been said to have appetite suppressing qualities in the past. Finally, L-carnitine supplementation has been said to reduce fatigue and improve recovery from exercise. This is because amino acids are the building blocks of protein, which makes up muscle tissue.

Irvingia Gabonensis

African mango is also commonly described as a miracle weight loss aid and a ‘superfruit’. The ingredient is usually described as a fat burner – this supposed effect is sometimes attributed the high fibre content of the fruit. It has also been said to prevent the formation of new fat cells. There are also some claims that the ingredient can have appetite suppressing effects. No reliable clinical studies have shown that African mango has beneficial effects for weight loss.


Conjugated linoleic acid is claimed to have weight loss effects, too. Most of the unofficial sources online state that the ingredient can help to burn fat – some claim that this is because it encourages the body to burn existing fat stores. It is also commonly added to bodybuilding supplements because of claims that it can help boost muscle gain and strength – potentially helping the user to lose fat but retain lean body mass.


This ingredient is listed under the part of the ingredients list for rest and recuperation. Magnesium is not commonly described as a weight loss solution, but there has been suggestion that the ingredient could help the user with the control of their blood glucose levels. Blood glucose levels rise after a meal has been consumed, particularly one high in sugar/carbs, and this is thought to cause hunger and cravings for sugary foods. It is suggested that taking magnesium could help to control the glucose levels and in turn, the cravings.


Theanine is also listed under the rest and recuperation ingredients – not the fat burning ingredients. Nevertheless, as with magnesium, theanine has been linked with weight loss in the past, with some people claiming that the ingredient can help to increase fat burning. Theanine is also said to be beneficial for improving body composition – it is thought that the ingredient helps the user to recover from exercise and build muscle, potentially helping the user to increase the ratio of lean body mass to body fat.


Finally, 5-HTP is added to the rest and recouperation part of the supplement ingredients list. As a precursor to serotonin (a ‘happy hormone’ in the brain) – this substance is best known for enhancing the mood. As indicated on the official Matrix Night Shredder site, this could therefore be a beneficial effect for those who want to feel more relaxed, allowing them to rest. Others have claimed that 5-HTP could also help to suppress the appetite. Serotonin is thought to be directly related to the appetite and feelings of hunger. Some believe therefore that taking supplementary 5-HTP could help the user’s brain to signal to the body that it is full, potentially preventing food cravings and so reducing the amount that the user eats.

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Key Matrix Night Shredder Ingredients

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The active ingredients in Matrix Night Shredder are listed on the official product site. Quantities are provided for each of the two mixtures of ingredient (the ‘Nocturnal Fat Attack Complex’ and the ‘Rest and Recoup Matrix’). However, there is no way of knowing how much of each individual ingredient is present in the product, or what the proportions of ingredients are (i.e. is the ‘Nocturnal Fat Attack Complex’ made up of 100mg of each of the ingredients, or 397mg of one ingredient and 1mg of each of the others?)

Active Ingredients

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a chemical that is naturally found in red raspberries; in supplements however, the ingredient is usually made artificially in a laboratory since it would require a huge number of raspberries to attain just a small amount of raspberry ketone. The ingredient is sometimes said to have miracle weight loss effects and it is most commonly used in weight loss supplement, though can be sold in other health supplements. Raspberry ketone has not been proven in clinical studies to have any benefits for the body.


L-carnitine is an amino acid that is used by the human body for a number of different functions. The substance is present in a number of common foods, such as bread and red meat, but a small amount is also made in the body to support energy production, among other bodily functions. L-carnitine supplementation is believed to help with the treatment of a number of health conditions in herbal medicine – particularly heart problems like heart failure, heart attack and high cholesterol.

Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis is the scientific name for African mango – a large fruit that grows on the African mango tree. The species is native to western Africa and is eaten as food. It is the seeds that are used to make the extract that is added to supplements. Most commonly, the ingredient is thought to have beneficial impacts on weight loss, though some have claimed that it can help to lower cholesterol and help in the treatment of diabetes. Despite these claims, it has not been proven to have any significant impact on the body.


CLA is short for conjugated linoleic acid – it is a form of fatty acid that is used in the body to support a number of different functions required for good general health. It is made up of a group of chemicals and is commonly consumed in the day to day diet in foods such as meat and dairy. Besides its use in weight loss and muscle building supplements, the ingredient has been said to be beneficial for the treatment of conditions such as atherosclerosis and cancer.


Magnesium is a mineral that is naturally present in high quantities in the body as well as in a range of different food products, such as vegetables and cereals. It is widely used by the body and a certain amount is required for good health. It is important for the bones, blood and heart and is thought to be useful in the treatment of a whole range of health problems, from cystic fibrosis to heart problems and altitude sickness.


Theanine is another type of amino acid – as such, it is used in the building and maintenance of protein. It is naturally found in some forms of tea, including green tea. It has been said in the past to have beneficial health effects, such as reducing stress, improving brain function and encouraging normal sleep. These claims have however not been conclusively proven in clinical studies and the European Food Safety Authority has concluded that there isn’t enough proof for companies to claim that it has health benefits.


5-HTP is made from and amino acid and is a involved in the production of serotonin – a neurotransmitter in the brain. As such, the substance is used to increase the amount of serotonin made by the body, which is thought to have certain health benefits. In particular, taking supplementary 5-HTP is believed to help in the treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia and other sleep disorders, and Parkinson’s disease, among other conditions. For many of these conditions, a lack of serotonin is sometimes thought to be a contributing factor.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

There do not appear to have been any clinical trials performed on Matrix Night Shredder as a whole product. The official website does not mention any clinical studies on the product or any of its ingredients. There have been some early studies on some of the ingredients in the supplements, but many of these have been sponsored by supplement companies and few are truly reliable.

A clinical study is a method of testing used by scientists to determine whether a product or ingredient has the desired effects. The team usually uses controlled methods to see whether the substance in question is safe and effective when compared to a placebo.

Clinical Studies On Each Ingredient

Clinical Studies on Raspberry Ketone

A few studies have been performed on raspberry ketone and the ingredient’s potential weight loss effects; these have however mostly been sponsored by supplement companies so whether or not the results might be biased is not known. Moreover, they are only small scale, very early studies that have not used human subjects and though some of the results are positive, it is important to remember that they cannot be deemed reliable until much bigger studies have been undertaken on large groups of humans by completely independent researchers with no vested interest in the ingredient.

One study was published in the journal ‘Life Sciences’ in 2005. This trial was performed on groups of mice – mice were given a high fat diet with 0.5, 1, or 2% raspberry ketone for a period of 10 weeks, or the mice were given a high fat diet for six weeks and then given the same diet but with 1% raspberry ketone for the following five weeks. The paper states that raspberry ketone was found to prevent the increases in body weight and fat tissues that would be expected with the high fat diet. The substance was said to significantly increase the process of fat burning and it was concluded that raspberry ketone can prevent and improve obesity.

Another study was performed in 2010, this time using just isolated fat cells (not using animal or human subjects). The author treated fat cells with a small amount of raspberry ketone and reported the effects. It was found that raspberry ketone could significantly increase the rate of fat burning in certain cells, perhaps through increasing the secretion of some hormones. It was concluded that raspberry ketone ‘holds great promise as an herbal medicine’ – a very bold statement to make based on such a small scale study.

Clinical Studies on L-Carnitine

Several trials have also been undertaken to investigate whether or not L-carnitine supplementation can result in weight loss. A small number of trials have been performed on this topic using human subjects and a meta-analysis was published in 2016 to help draw firmer conclusions from these trials. A meta-analysis is a means of gathering together the data from all of the studies that have been published to test the same thing (in this case, the effect of L-carnitine on weight loss). The authors of this paper identified nine such trials, all of which were of relatively good quality. The results of these trials were brought together and statistical analyses performed on them as one larger dataset.

It was found that those who received carnitine did lose significantly more weight when compared to the control group, and had a reduced BMI. When duration of treatment was taken into account however, it was noted that the effect of carnitine supplementation on weight loss significantly reduced with time.

Clinical Studies on Irvingia Gabonensis

African mango is another ingredient that has been studied a small amount, but mostly during small-scale, unreliable trials. A systematic review paper was published in 2013 to consider the results of trials on the topic to date. The authors of this paper searched the scientific literature for studies on the effectiveness of Irvingia gabonensis for overweight and obese individuals. They included trials that were randomised and controlled, comparing African mango supplementation with a placebo. Only three studies were identified that fitted these criteria, and none of them were as reliable as the authors would have liked.

All of the studies concluded that African mango could significnatly reduce body weight when compared to a aplcebo, and this weight loss was notable up to around ten weeks of supplementation. Two of the three trials also reported notable reductions in body fat, and all noted a reduction in waist circumference with African mango. The authors of this review study concluded that the trials available to date are not of high enough quality to determine whether or not African mango could aid weight loss, and suggest that the ingredient should not be recommended as a weight loss aid.

Clinical Studies on CLA

As with some of the other ingredients in Matrix Night Shredder, CLA has been tested in some clinical trials for its anti-obesity effects. The studies on CLA typically look at its effect on body composition as a whole however, not just weight loss. Again, a review study has fortunately been published on the effects of CLA on body composition, helping to provide an unbiased look at the literature to date.

The study, published in 2015, highlights reports that suggest CLA can improve body composition and reduce body fat levels. It is noted that the ingredient might boost the mechanism of fat burning and reduce the accumulation of fatty acids on fat tissue. It was concluded however that while some studies using human subjects did report positive results for CLA and weight loss, the results are not consistent and some have reported negative side effects of CLA supplementation.

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Matrix Night Shredder Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache  538

The official Matrix Night Shredder website does not mention any side effects apart from to say that the product does not have negative side effects such as insomnia that are often caused by other fat burning weight loss supplements, which typically contain stimulants. It goes on to state that Night Shredder is ‘perfect’ for those who wish to lose weight but not take stimulant based supplements. Matrix does not mention any potential side effects associated with the product. Most of the ingredients are associated with some side effects and some are largely understudied, meaning that their potential side effects are not yet known.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Side Effects associated with Raspberry Ketone

There is very little information available with regards to the potential side effects of raspberry ketone since only a very small number of clinical trials have been performed on the ingredient and no reliable studies have looked specifically at its safety when taken in supplement form by humans. It is also important to note here that we are not told how much raspberry ketone is present in one serving of Matrix Night Shredder. Contrary to claims on the official Matrix Night Shredder webpage, it is stated on WebMD that the ingredient is quite similar in chemical composition to some stimulants and in turn, might have similar side effects. These may include high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and jiteriness.

Side Effects associated with L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is deemed to be likely safe for use by most people of good health. The ingredient can however cause side effects when taken in supplementary amounts. These may include: upset stomach, vomiting, heartburn, diarrhoea, and nausea. It has also been linked to causing seizures and to causing an unpleasant odour of the urine, sweat and breath. Due to a lack of reliable information, it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid taking L-carnitine supplements. It is also advised that you avoid the ingredient if you have hypothyroidism, kidney failure, or a history of seizures.

Side Effects associated with Irvingia Gabonensis

This ingredient is considered to be possibly safe for use by adult for short periods of time (up to four weeks). There is however an overall lack of reliable clinical studies on the ingredient, so its safety is not fully known. Some side effects have been reported for the extract, including headaches, flatulence and sleep problems. Due to a lack of understanding about the ingredient, it is recommended that anybody with a pre-existing health condition consult a doctor before taking Irvingia gabonensis and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding avoid the substance entirely.

Side Effects associated with CLA

Conjugated linoleic acid has been associated with some side effects, including nausea, diarrhoea, upset stomach and fatigue. The ingredient is considered to be likely safe in amounts consumed in foods from the normal diet, and possibly safe when intake is greater than dietary amounts (when taken in supplementary form). In supplementary amounts, the ingredient is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, those with bleeding disorders, upcoming surgery, diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

Side Effects associated with Magnesium

Magnesium is thought to be likely safe for use by adults of good health. It is recommended that people don’t take more than 350mg of magnesium a day; unfortunately we are not told how much magnesium is present in a serving of Matrix Night Shredder. Magneium supplementation can cause side effects; these include: upset stomach, neusea, diarrhoea and vomiting, among others. Large amounts (more tha 350mg a day) might not be safe; these could cause more severe side effects, such as irregular heart rate, slowed breathing, low blood pressure, coma, confusion, and even death.

Side Effects associated with Theanine

Theanine is considered to be possibly safe for use in the short term (up to once a week for three weeks). Its safety over longer periods of time is not know and due to a lack of information on the topic, it is recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid the ingredient.

Side Effects associated with 5-HTP

Considered possibly safe for use by healthy adults, 5-HTP is thought to be OK to use in doses of 400mg or less per day for periods of up to one year. There have been reports of the ingredient causing eosinophillia-myalgia syndrome, which can cause significant muscle tenderness and blood abnormalities; it is not yet clear whether or not 5-HTP directly causes this condition. It may also cause side effects such as nausea, heartburn, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle problems, sexual problems and drowsiness. It is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, or those who are undergoing surgery within two weeks.

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How To Use

Woman With Pills 538

The official Matrix Night Shredder product site provides some information about how users should take the supplement. It is stated on the official site that two tablets should be taken 30-45 minutes before the user intends to go to sleep, on a daily basis. It is claimed that the supplement is ‘perfect’ for those who wish to lose weight without the help of stimulant-based supplements. It is noted that this product does not cause the side effects that are associated with stimulants. There is no mention of any side effects that are associated with the product, but there is a long list of potential side effects linked to the ingredients in the product.

These side effects are more likely to occur in higher quantities of the ingredients; unfortunately, the company does not disclose how much of each ingredient is present in a serving of Matrix Night Shredder. There are also a number of groups of people who should not take the ingredients. Due to a lack of research on some of the ingredients in the product and the company not disclosing ingredient quantities, we recommend that anybody with a health condition consult a doctor before taking this supplement, and that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid the supplement entirely.

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Who Makes It

Matrix Night Shredder is made by a company of the name ‘Matrix Nutrition’. The company claims that users can have ‘100% confidence’ in the quality of its supplements and its suppliers, stating that all of the products on their website are subject to multiple rounds of testing before making it to the customer. It is claimed that quality and consistency are of utmost importance to the company and the company adds that the products are made in a ‘state of the art UK facility’. There is however no mention of any official manufacturing standards or certificates.

The ‘about us’ section of the website states that the company was set up in 2007 to supply customers with quality and effective, but affordable, sports supplements and accessories. Full contact details are provided for the company, which appears to be based in Lancashire, England, including a telephone number, email address, postal address, and online form that customers can fill out.

The company offers student discount and payment methods seem to be safe. It is however important to note that the claims about Matrix Night Shredder are not verified by clinical studies; the company uses a selection of largely un-tested ingredients and they fail to mention any side effects or people who should not take the product on the official site.

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Where To Buy Matrix Night Shredder


The customer appears to have two retailer options when it comes to purchasing Matrix Night Shredder – the official Matrix Nutrition website or a third-party seller on Amazon. The product is sold in bottles of 60 tablets. For one bottle of 60 capsules on the official site, it costs £14.99, supposedly on offer from the RRP of £29.99. This option is not available on Amazon.

For two bottles (containing a total of 120 tablets), it costs £28.48 on the official site. On Amazon (via a seller called ‘Supplement-Centre’), two bottles costs £14.99 – the same price as a 60-tablet bottle on the official site. Three bottles (containing a total of 180 tablets) costs £27.74 on the official Matrix Nutrition site. This option is not available on Amazon. The Amazon seller does however have a final deal, of 240 tablets for £24.99 – an option that is not available from Matrix Nutrition and is much cheaper than the options available on the official product site.

On the official Matrix Nutrition site, delivery costs £3.99 to UK mainland addresses (an additional £2 for the first 10 kilos and 75p per extra kilo is charged to those based in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands) but is free on orders of £65 or more. Delivery on Amazon costs £3.99 to UK addresses.

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Does Matrix Night Shredder Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, there does not appear to be a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, the payment methods seem to be safe and one-off.

Manufacturing Standard: No, there is no mention of any manufacturing standard certification.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan with this product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, the ingredients list is provided, but ingredient quantities are not disclosed.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, the company provides a telephone number, email address and postal address.

Matrix Night Shredder does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a moneyback guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

The official Matrix Nutrition website makes a number of exaggerated claims about Matrix Night Shredder; namely, it is stated that the supplement will burn fat while you sleep. Unfortunately this claim is not backed by scientific evidence and as such, is misleading for the consumer. The company does not provide ingredient quantities on the product site and makes no mention of potential side effects associated with the product or people who shouldn’t take it. The product will not be suitable for everybody so we recommend you consult a doctor before trying Matrix Night Shredder. The cheapest option is to purchase the product from Amazon (rather than directly from the product website).

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