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Protein World Slender Pancakes

Protein World Vegan Slender Pancakes is a pancake mix that is supplemented with protein and a couple of herbal ingredients. The ingredients list is provided, but full information on ingredient quantities and potential side effects is not.


Protein World Slender Pancakes Pros
  • The company sells a range of different health supplements and seems to be safe to use
  • Whey protein has been subject to some early clinical study with positive results for body composition when taken alongside exercise
  • Pancake mix is a unique means of consuming a health supplement
  • Some clinical studies have linked caffeine, present in the mix, to improved athletic endurance
Protein World Slender Pancakes Cons
  • No clinical studies have been undertaken on the product as a whole
  • The majority of the ingredients in the product have not been shown to aid weight loss or aid athletic performance
  • The official website does not disclose any potential side effects or people who should not use the product
  • No money-back guarantee or diet plan available

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Protein World Slender Pancakes Review

This product is described as a delicious, low sugar, high protein pancake mix. Slender World describe the product as ‘guilt free indulgence’, suggesting that the pancake mix is easy to use and makes an excellent option for a healthy breakfast. The company adds that the product can be enjoyed while helping to transform the user’s body. The product is suitable for vegetarians and is soy and lactose free.

The pancake mix contains a range of typical ingredients, like flour and egg powder, as well as supplementary ingredients like whey protein, green tea extract, and guarana extract. Precise ingredient quantities are not provided for all the product’s components.

Protein World Slender Pancakes Claimed weight loss benefits

The official product website does not claim that Protein World Slender Pancakes have any weight loss properties. The official Slender Pancakes site states that the product was designed to help consumers enjoy their food while also transforming their bodies. The company adds that eating the pancakes means that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring.

Overall, no direct claims are made about the product aiding weight loss. It is implied however that the pancake mix can help support the process of weight loss. The guarana extract and green tea extract are also included under the name ‘Thermogenic blend’, suggesting that these ingredients are supposed to act in a thermogenic way, which has been associated with weight loss in the past.

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How Protein World Slender Pancakes Works


Though the official product website does not state directly what the Protein World Slender Pancakes have been designed to achieve in terms of weight loss, some of the ingredients in the product have been associated with some weight loss and muscle gain effects. The key active ingredients in the product appear to be whey protein and the ‘thermogenic blend’, which includes guarana extract and green tea extract. Whey protein has been linked with increased muscle mass and improved body composition in the past, while green tea extract and guarana extract are sometimes thought to have a beneficial effect on weight loss through fat burning and metabolism boosting.

How Each Ingredient Works

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein is the most commonly used supplementary protein ingredient in athletic performance supplements, and those designed to aid body composition improvements. The ingredient is thought to be beneficial for improving body composition in a number of ways, potentially targeting several of the key areas of weight loss. Firstly, whey protein is thought to increase the amount of muscle gained from resistance exercise; by supplying amino acids, the ingredient is said to help muscles to recover and grow from exercise. This in turn is believed to help users lose more fat from exercising while retaining their muscle mass.

By increasing the proportion of muscle compared to fatty tissue, it is thought that whey protein supplementation can boost the body’s metabolic rate over time. This is because muscle tissue is understood to use up more energy for normal function than fatty tissue. Protein supplementation has also been linked to increases in the appetite and satiety, potentially helping users to stick to a low-calorie or portion-controlled diet more strictly.

Chromium Picolinate

Though not claimed to have any specific impact on the Protein World website, chromium picolinate is sometimes added to weight loss supplements because it is believed to have some related effects. Some sources and retailers claim that chromium picolinate can act as a fat burner, potentially increasing the speed at which body fat is broken down and used as an energy source. Others have stated that he ingredient can improve blood sugar control, supposedly helping users to suppress their hunger cravings, particularly for sugary foods. Others still have suggested that the ingredient may be useful for increasing muscle mass and as such, chromium is a common addition to muscle building supplements.


This ingredient is a type of B vitamin that is said to be of importance to muscle maintenance and the metabolism of proteins. Thiamin has been said to be of benefit to consumers who are trying to increase their muscle mass, potentially helping the muscles to grow and improving recovery time after resistance exercise. Thiamin is not typically linked with weight loss, but has been said to have beneficial effects for body composition more generally.


As with most of these supplementary ingredients, there is a lack of clinical evidence available to support the weight loss effects of nicotinamide, but the ingredient is sometimes claimed to have weight loss effects. Some supplement manufacturers claim that nictotinamide can help to suppress the appetite. It is said that the ingredient alters the chemical composition of the brain, potentially making the brain signal to the body that it is not hungry, thus banishing hunger and food cravings. This in turn could help the user to diet more efficiently and reduce snacking between meals. Although not proven, there have also been suggestions that nicotinamide supplementation can also help boost muscle function and recovery from rigorous exercise.

Guarana Extract

Guarana is a herbal ingredient that contains a significant amount of caffeine. It is for this reason that the ingredient is sometimes added to weight loss supplements and claimed to have beneficial thermogenic effects. The ingredient is claimed to improve athletic performance because of the stimulant qualities associated with caffeine intake, which may also help to boost the energy levels of the user. It has also been said to increase the effectiveness of the fat burning process and the speed of the metabolic rate by increasing the internal body temperature (thermogenesis). Caffeine has also been suggested to be useful for appetite suppression in the past, though there is very little evidence to back this claim.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is one of the most commonly used herbal ingredients in weight loss supplements. It contains caffeine so is said to have many of the same effects as those described above for guarana, but the ingredient is also thought to be useful for weight loss due to its catechin content. Catechins such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea are sometimes said to have a positive effect on the fat burning rate and the metabolic rate of the body. The precise mechanisms through which this is supposedly achieved are rarely discussed.

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Key Protein World Slender Pancakes Ingredients

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An ingredients list is available on the official Protein World Vegan Slender Bender product website, but quantities of most of the ingredients are not revealed. The key ingredient appears to be pea protein, though the amount of pea protein. This is supplemented with an array of different amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Some herbal ingredients are also present, including guarana and green tea extract. These herbal ingredients are claimed to be thermogenic, potentially helping to increase fat burning and metabolic rate.

Active Ingredients

Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein is probably the most commonly used protein supplement in the supplement industry. The protein comes in several forms; concentrate is a less-pure form of whey protein than isolate, which may also be seen in the ingredients lists of supplements. The ingredient contains an array of amino acids (the building blocks of protein, and so muscle tissue) and is made during the cheese-making process. It is most commonly used in supplements for athletic performance and weight loss, but has also been used to treat conditions such as high cholesterol and asthma.


This ingredient is part of the vitamin and mineral blend included in the Slender Pancakes mix. It is used to make NADH (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide plus hydrogen) – a chemical that is found naturally in the human body. The functions of NADH in the body include metabolism and creating energy. The ingredient can be purchased in supplement form as a standalone product, which supposedly helps to treat health conditions like high blood pressure, chronic fatigue syndrome, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


This ingredient is present as part of the vitamin and mineral blend. Thiamin is otherwise known as vitamin B1 – it is a soluble vitamin that belongs to the large group of B vitamins. Thiamin is thought to have a range of functions in the body, like its involvement in metabolising carbohydrates consumed in the diet. This ingredient can be found naturally in a number of food sources, from meat to rice and cereals, and is often sold on its own in supplement form to help treat those who are deficient in the vitamin.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium picolinate is known as a trace mineral. This means that the mineral is required by the human body of normal function, but only in very small quantities. The ingredient has a range of functions in the body but is particularly well known for having an effect on the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It naturally occurs in a selection of commonly-consumed foods, like vegetables (particularly broccoli), meat and whole-grain foods, so is rarely required in supplementary form.

Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is present in Protein World Slender Pancakes in the ‘thermogenic blend’. This ingredient is sometimes found in products claimed to aid weight loss and athletic performance, mainly because of its naturally high caffeine content. The substance is taken from the seeds of the guarana plant – a plant found mainly in the Amazon. The ingredient has been linked with other beneficial effects of the body, including in the treatment of conditions such as joint pain and low blood pressure.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is also present in the ‘thermogenic blend’ of this product. This ingredient is very commonly used in the weight loss supplement industry. The extract is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are steamed before being dried. This plant is the same one that is used to make most common types of tea, including black tea. Green tea extract has long been associated with health benefits and as such, is commonly added to traditional herbal medicines to help the treatment of various conditions, including certain types of cancer and digestive problems.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

Protein World Slender Pancakes does not appear to have been subject to any clinical studies as a whole product. Some of the key ingredients have however been involved in preliminary clinical trials to test their potential effects in terms of weight loss, body composition and muscle gain/recovery.

A clinical study is a method used to test whether a product or ingredient works in the way that it is claimed to. In terms of supplements claimed to improve body composition, clinical trials are usually designed with a test group and a control group, to compare the effects of the substance with those of a placebo. They are submitted to scientific journals and checked by scientists before being published.

Clinical Studies On Each Ingredient

Clinical Studies on Whey Protein Concentrate

Of the different sources of protein used in supplements, whey protein is probably the best studied. The ingredient has been used in a number of different clinical trials investigating several different aspects relating to its potential weight loss and body composition effects. It is important to note however that in the grand scheme, whey protein is still in the early stages of testing and so none of its claimed weight loss effects have been definitively proven – more rigorous and long-term trials would be of benefit to the investigation. Here, we will discuss a selection of the trials that have been undertaken to date.

One relevant study, for example, was published in the journal ‘Nutrition and Metabolism’ in 2008. This study looked at the effects of whey protein on weight loss using a specific whey protein product. The trial was randomised and double blind and involved 158 adult subjects. The participants were all given a very-low calorie diet (of 500 calories a day) and took either the whey protein supplement or a control supplement 20 minutes before breakfast and again 20 minutes before dinner. This trial continued for a total of 12 weeks.

Measurements of body composition were taken every four weeks throughout the trial and statistical analyses were performed on the results at the end. All participants had lost a significant amount of weight by the end of the trial, but there was no significant difference between the amount of weight lost in the whey protein and control groups. Nevertheless, those in the whey protein supplement group were found to have lost significantly more fat and less lean muscle mass than those in the control groups.

A second study compared the effects of whey protein to those of soy protein supplementation. This trial was also double blind and randomised, and this time looked at the effects of whey protein, soy protein, and a control of carbohydrate on body weight and composition. They used a pool of 90 overweight and obese subjects, who were divided into one of the three treatment groups. The subjects took their allocated treatment in the form of a beverage twice a day (as in the previous study). Unlike the study above, the participants were not given any dietary advice – they continued to eat and exercise as usual.

Again, body composition measures were taken for the subjects on a monthly basis throughout the 23-week trial period. By the end of the trial, no differences were seen in body weight or composition of the subjects in the soy protein and whey protein groups or between the soy protein and carbohydrate groups. Body weight and fat mass were however significantly lower by the end of the trial in the whey protein group than the control group. No differences were noted in lean body mass, but waist circumference was also reduced in the whey protein group. It was concluded that whey protein, but not soy protein, may be beneficial for aiding weight change.

Clinical Studies on Guarana Extract

Only a small number of studies have tested the effects of guarana on weight loss or athletic performance. The ingredient is however high in caffeine – a substance that has been tested to some degree in these capacities. One study looked at the impact of caffeine consumption on the exercise performance and metabolism of subjects. For this trial, 8 athletes (cyclists/triathletes) were given three treatments in a blind fashion in a random order. They eceived caffeine alone, caffeine in coffee, decaffeinated coffee, and a placebo. The treatments were given an hour prior to a cycling exercise. Significant improvements were seen in athletic performance with the caffeine and caffeinated coffee treatments than with the placebo or decaffeinated coffee treatments. This effect is regularly reiterated in studies on caffeine and athletic performance.

Clinical Studies on Green Tea Extract

A number of studies have been performed to investigate the potential effects of green tea extract on weight loss and related factors. In 2004, for example, a trial was performed to look at the effects of green tea consumption on weight maintenance following a period of weight loss. One hundred and four participants, all of whom were overweight or obese, took part in the trial. They were randomly assigned to one of two treatments following four weeks of a very low calorie diet. They were given either green tea with caffeine or a placebo to take during the 13-week weight maintenance phase. The results showed no significant effect of green tea on weight maintenance following weight loss.

As a few trials have been performed on the subject, a meta-analysis was undertaken in 2009 to summarise the trials to date. The authors of this paper found 11 relevant studies on the effects of green tea on weight loss and maintenance. They combined the results of all of these studies before performing statistical analyses on the pooled data. Results of this trial suggested that green tea extract may be beneficial for weight maintenance following weight loss, and that this looked to be due to the catechins in green tea rather than the caffeine alone.

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Protein World Slender Pancakes Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache  538

The official Protein World website does not mention any side effects that might be experienced as a result of eating the Slender Pancakes mix. Nevertheless, it is important to note that some of the ingredients in the mix have been associated with side effects. Since we are not given the precise quantities of some of the ingredients in the product, we cannot say with any certainty how likely the product is to cause side effects. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using the mix if you are unsure or if you have any pre-existing health conditions. This also goes for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Side Effects Associated With Each Ingredient

Side Effects associated with Whey Protein

Whey protein is thought to be safe for use by most people when taken in suitable amounts, like those found in food. The ingredient might cause some side effects, for example gastrointestinal problems like increase bowel movements, diarrhoea, stomach pain and discomfort, nausea, bloating, and reduced appetite. It is thought that while these effects may be uncomfortable for the user, they might reduce as the body gets used to the increased consumption of protein. Other side effects reported for whey protein include increased thirst, tiredness, and headaches.

Due to a lack of relevant clinical trials, it is recommended that whey protein be avoided by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. It may also interact with some medications; consult a doctor before taking whey protein supplements if you are taking any medicines.

Side Effects associated with Thiamin

Thiamin is thought to be safe for consumption by most groups of people, though there have been some reported side effects. These include, for example, an allergic reaction and skin irritation. As with whey protein, there is a lack of scientific information available with regards to thiamin supplementation in pregnant and breastfeeding women; as such, it is suggested that these groups of people avoid taking thiamin supplements.

Side Effects associated with Chromium Picolinate

The intake of some chromium is required by the human body for good general health; it is however only necessary in very small doses, so taking large quantities of chromium, or moderate doses for long periods of time, is not recommended. Taking too much chromium can cause some side effects; people have reported: mood changes, impaired thinking and judgement, headaches, impaired coodination, skin irritation, nausea, mood changes and dizziness. There has also been suggestion that consuming too much chromium can cause liver and kidney problems; as such, it is not recommended for those who already have liver or kidney conditions.

Side Effects associated with Nicotinamide

As with chromium, nicotinamide is naturally present in the body so is not likely to cause side effects in small doses. It is considered safe for most people. There are however some reported side effects; these include: upset stomach, gas, dizziness, and mouth pain. It is also common for users to experience a flushing reaction (causing redness, itching, burning, tingling and headaches). More severe side effects have also been noted with very high doses; these include digestive ulcers, liver problems, irregular heartbeat and loss of vision. It is advised that you avoid the ingredient if you have heart disease, gallbladder disease, liver disease, kidney disease, gout, diabetes, gastrointestinal ulcer, allergies, or surgery scheduled in the next two weeks.

Side Effects associated with Guarana Extract

Guarana may not be safe for use in high doses for long periods of time. The majority of the side effects associated with guarana are linked to its caffeine content, which may cause, for example, nausea, vomiting, incomnia, headaches, nervousness, restlessness, increased breathing rate, stomach pain, and tremors. More seriously, too much caffeine can cause irregular heart rate, increased heart rate, and increased blood pressure. It is recommended that you consult a health professional before taking caffeine in supplementary form if you have a history of mental health problems, cardiovascular problems, stomach problems, glaucoma, or osteoporosis.

Side Effects associated with Green Tea Extract

Green tea is thought to be safe for consumption by most people when taken in moderate doses. Higher quantities of green tea taken over long periods of time might however cause some more severe side effects. The majority of side effects linked to green tea are due to its caffeine content and as such, are the same as those discussed above for guarana extract. A potential negative effect on the liver is an additional side effects that has been linked with green tea specifically, though this effect has not been proven.

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How To Use

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A small amount of information is provided on the Protein World Slender Pancakes website with regards to how to take the product. Two options are provided. For a ‘fluffy ‘American Style’ pancake’, it is recommended that the user mix four scoops (50g) of the pancake mix with 100ml of milk or water. This is supposed to be shaken and poured into the centre of the pan to make a thick pancake. For a ‘delicate ‘Crepe Style’ pancake, the company recommends using the same amount of the mix (4 scoops), but this time mixing it with 120 ml of milk or water. This should be shaken and poured into the pan in the same way. It is added that if you are using water, you should use slightly less than if you are using milk. It is not indicated how much ‘slightly less’ is.

The product is said to be suitable for vegetarians and is lactose and soy free. The ingredients are listed, but specific quantities for each are not disclosed. Due to the potential side effects associated with some of the ingredients, it is recommended that you consult a doctor before using the supplement if you have any pre-existing health conditions. It is advised that pregnant and breastfeeding women avoid using Protein World Slender Pancakes.

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Who Makes It

The Slender Pancakes mix is made by a company called Protein, which sells a range of supplements designed to aid weight loss or athletic performance. The ‘About Us’ section of the website claims that the company aims to inspire, be real, and work hard. It is claimed that their products are all ‘pure’ and do not contain GMOs.

The official website does not state where the products are made or note any manufacturing certificates held by the facility. The company sells a number of different products in the health supplement field and has a section for lifestyle advice, but they do not appear to provide a diet plan with their poroducts. The ingredients list is available on the Slender Panacakes webpage, but precise quantities are not provided for all of the ingredients. Potential side effects and people who should not take the product are also not provided on the product site.

Contact details are provided for the company, including email addresses and a telephone number. Protein world does not however disclose a prostal address. The company is also active on social media platforms. Customer reviews are given on the product site, but these are not verified so we do not know if they are genuine.

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Where To Buy Protein World Slender Pancakes


Protein World Slender Pancakes is currently not available on the product website, where it is listed as out of stock. Nevertheless, the price is still up, stating that the pancake mix costs £10. This price appears to cover one tub containing 500g of the mix which, according to the usage instructions, should make 10 portions of pancakes.

The only other option to purchase the Protein World Slender Pancakes mix is a deal package, which contains two tubs of the pancake mix (500g each), one bottle of Slender Maple Syrup (415ml) and a free protein shaker. This package costs £20, supposedly reduced from £28, and so would essentially mean the user gets the shaker and maple syrup free if they wished to purchase two tubs of the pancake mix.

Delivery to UK mainland addresses costs £2.99 and takes 2-6 working days. Other delivery options are available, including next weekday delivery, Saturday delivery, and international delivery. It is stated that the country delivers worldwide, but the price of delivery varies depending on the country. There is no mention of a money back guarantee. The Protein World Slender Pancakes mix does not appear to be available to purchase from any other well-known online or high street health retailers in the UK.

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Does Protein World Slender Pancakes Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: No, there does not appear to be a 30-day money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, the payment seems to be one-off via the official Protein World website.

Manufacturing Standard: No, there is no mention of any manufacturing standard certification.

Accompanying Diet Plan: No, there is no mention of a diet plan with this product.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: Yes, the ingredients list is provided, but the specific quantities of each individual ingredient are not available.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, contact information for the company is available on the official website.

Protein World Slender Pancakes does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria because it fails to provide a moneyback guarantee.

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Overall Verdict

Protein World Slender Pancakes is an alternative product to more traditional protein supplements. The mix contains supplementary whey protein as well as vitamins, minerals, and some herbal ingredients. Whey protein has been shown in some early clinical trials to be beneficial for improving body composition when taken alongside regular exercise; we are not however told how much whey protein is present in the pancake mix. Some of the herbal ingredients have been subject to early clinical study but have not been proven to have weight loss effects. The ingredients are provided for the product and the company seems to be safe to use, but information on ingredient quantities, potential side effects, and people who should not use the product is missing from the official Protein World website.

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