Qsymia Diet Pills Lose Over £25million in America
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Qsymia Diet Pills Lose Over £25million in America

Qsymia's disappointing salesThe diet pill Qsymia has announced large losses in the USA and becomes one of the first anti-obesity pills that has struggled to sell to the public but what are the reasons behind this?

Qsymia is a medication to treat obesity and is a combination of two generic drugs, phentermine and topiramates. The product was approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration on the 17th July 2012 as an additional supplement to a low calorie diet and increased exercise for weight management. The product has been made for adults that have a BMI above 30. The medication is available in certified retail pharmacies and through a mail-order pharmacy network.

Around one-third of American adults are classed as obese and another third are overweight and so you would think that a new diet pill that might help decrease or stop obesity would be quite popular and at least have a large number of orders. However this hasn’t seemed to be the case for Qsymia.

There has to be a reason to back up the statistics of the low numbers of diet pills sold. There are many reasons why this diet pill might not have taken off and we’ll take a look at some below.

Move to Natural Diet Pills

Natural and often side-effect free non-prescription diet pills are getting better and better so many people are opting for these over side-effect riddled prescription diet pills. Examples of these can be found on our best diet pills page.

Gym Memberships

are people choosing gym over diet pillsAs many health consultants suggest that the best and most effective way to lose weight is through exercise getting a gym membership will allow you to go whenever you want be it before or after work or on a weekend. This may be more popular than taking diet pills because people enjoy exercising and get more of a mental and physiological effect rather than just the health benefit that a diet pill provides.

Diet Programmes

There are many diet programmes available for people to weight loss and a very popular programme which many people would recommend is Weight Watchers. This is a programme where you basically watch your weight (self-explanatory in the name) and within this programme people record exactly what they eat which allows them to find areas they need to improve on. Other programmes can include operations and supplements which allow the body to get rid of any excess fat. American could be choosing this option over diet pills as it is a lot easier to adapt and change a diet and the food you eat. Also, diet pills could be a lot more addictive and bad on the body compared to diet pills.

Lack of insurance reimbursement

Insurance is very important when it comes to taking something like a diet pill because they may be completely safe however there it always a chance that they could affect you because everyone is different and will react to the drug differently. The company should offer a good insurance policy as it makes the buyer feel a lot safer. Having a lack of insurance will result in the loss of customers that may use a different diet pill company or a different weight loss route altogether.

Low weight loss

The point of this new pill, Qsymia is to lose weight and fight obesity. If the pill has low or no effect when it comes to weight loss then it is pointless to the customer therefore resulting in losing customers and buyers.

Safety Concerns

diet pill safety is a concernSafety Concerns will have a big impact on who and how many people buy this product. Qsymia has one major safety concern which is that the product could cause birth defects to a new born child. This will definitely have an effect on pregnant and expectant mothers as they won’t want to take the risk while pregnant.

The Troubled History of Diet Drugs

Not all diet drugs have a good history as a high percentage of the diet pills that are available have a variety of side effects that occur when taking the pill on a regular basis. There is a troubled past for diet pills due to some diet pills being a lot more dangerous than first thought. For example in 2010 diet pill called Abbott’s Meridia was removed from all stores and production as it was suggested after a study and many analysis’s that it may cause the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The Product Itself

Maybe the reason for the lack of sales is due to the product itself. If the product isn’t successful in what it advertises then why would the public buy and use it. Many people have claimed that while taking Qsymia they didn’t lose enough weight with an average of only 7.8% weight loss in a year.

Along with this, it has been analysed by the Food and Drug Administration that many people don’t keep up taking a prescription drug/pill for the amount of time they are prescribed for. In fact only one quarter of people analysed kept using a drug for at least three months and 10% kept taking it for at least 180 days. This shows that patients typically give up on drugs quickly which could explain why not as many people as anticipated are buying the diet pills.

However it really depends on the person because what could have no effect on someone could work wonders on another person. For example the average amount of weight loss over a year was 7.8% but some people do a lot better and above than the average. Take Marty McNamara who is a 6-foot 5-inch highway maintenance worker from Ridgecrest, California, he started taking Qsymia 9 months ago and claimed that he dropped from 424 pounds to 332 pounds. This was due to his appetite virtually disappearing and he can now eat only fruit for lunch and not feel hungry.

Mistakes By The Qsymia Makers

makers of Qsymia, VivusVivus is the company behind Qsymia and they are a small pharmaceutical company based in California, USA. They specialise in three areas; obesity, sleep and sexual health. They spent $45 million (around £30 million) on promotion, marketing and sales in the first quarter for their new drug Qsymia. However the company only made sales of $4.1 million leaving them with no profit and a loss of over $40 million dollars.

This is clear evidence that firstly the company may have spent a bit too much money on the product without carrying out the correct tests but also that the American public are finding alternative ways to lose weight which are explained previously. The struggle in sales is evident due to the drop in price in the product itself. Qsymia original stock price was $29 when it went on sale however the company had to drop the price down to $12.41 (over half price) to try and boost their revenue. Now the company have started to offer an initiative to get more people to sign up by offering the first two weeks free. This means when someone signs up to the weight loss scheme they will get 2 weeks supply of the drug for free. The company have done this to boost their customer numbers, along with this Vivus offer a month trial for only $75 dollars.

They believe that if someone carries out the drug for the two weeks that are free and then the following four weeks that it will give the consumer enough time to see if the product is effective enough. Allowing them to then carry on taking the product as normal for a cost of around $150 per month. One customer, Terri Baker of Houston, USA explained that she had not lost any weight after the six week period but said the drug made soda taste flat to her, allowing her to break her soft-drink habit. She plans to give the drug some more time, even though it will now cost her $150 a month.

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