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Raspberry Ketone Blast

Raspberry Ketone Blast utilises raspberry ketones as its key ingredient. Unfortunately there is very little clinical backing for the product, and it is sometimes sold as a free trial scam.

Below we have reviewed Raspberry Ketone Blast against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Raspberry Ketone Blast Review

Raspberry Ketone Blast Pros
  • Claims to target three key areas of weight loss
Raspberry Ketone Blast Cons
  • Clinical backing for the product and its ingredients is lacking

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Raspberry Ketone Blast Review

We can see that Raspberry Ketone Blast is advertised based on its key ingredient, raspberry ketones, which have recently gained an extensive amount of publicity. The product is available to buy from the official retailer and from Amazon.

Claimed weight loss benefits

Raspberry Ketone Blast makes three particular claims. Firstly, it says that it is a fat burner, and can supposedly effectively burn the stored fat content of the body and instead translate it into muscle mass. Secondly, it claims to be an appetite suppressant, and so it claims that it will put an end to your cravings and hunger pangs by making you feel full and satiated for longer periods. Finally, Raspberry Ketone Blast aims to provide a significant amount of energy to allow the body to maintain its metabolic practices and activities.

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How Raspberry Ketone Blast Works

woman wondering how diet pill works 538

Raspberry Ketone Blast contains several ingredients, such as Acai Berry and raspberry ketone. It is claimed to suppress the appetite, burn fat, and increase the metabolism through the process of thermogenesis.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are said to boost levels of adiponectin, which is a hormone. Adiponectin supposedly allows the proper metabolism of our fat cells and prevents them from being stored around areas. Adiponectin is also said to play a significant role in increasing our sensitivity to insulin thus keeping our blood glucose levels fairly in check. The official website also mentions a study associated with raspberry ketones in general that demonstrated that the intake of raspberry ketones can result in norepinephrine-induced lipolysis, which is essentially the decomposition of fat cells, though no link is provided to this study. Moreover, raspberry ketones are sometimes said to offer a thermogenic purpose, which is essentially the generation of heat, which may offer a metabolism boost.

Studies conducted on mice to discover features associated with raspberry ketones showed that raspberry ketone can decrease the content of visceral adipose, which is abdominal fat and liver fat. It was also discovered that fat cells show a higher breakdown rate when intake of raspberry ketone increases, thus demonstrating that raspberry ketones can play a fairly significant role when it comes to the breakdown of fat deposits, although it cannot be certain that these effects will be replicated in humans.

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Key Raspberry Ketone Blast Ingredients

Bowl Of Raspberries (538)

As well as containing Raspberry ketones, Raspberry Ketone Blast also contains Acai Berry.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones are chemicals that occur naturally in red raspberries, as well as several other fruits. Since the chemicals are only found in these fruits in small quantities, they are usually made in a laboratory for use in weight loss supplements. Raspberry ketones are said to have a range of health benefits, but are best known for their supposed ability to aid weight loss by helping to burn fat.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is a fruit that grows on Acai Palm plants, quite common in the Brazilian Amazon forest. They are similar in appearance to grapes, though a bit smaller than them. Acai supposedly has antioxidant properties, which is primarily thought to be why it is popular as an ingredient for weight loss supplements.

It is thought that Acai Berry is useful for weight loss owing to the containment of a large amount of fibre. This implies that most of your intake of acai berry goes without being stored because fibre is expelled from the body. Furthermore, acai berry is believed to have ‘detox’ capabilities and to be a source of energy which may be why it is associated with metabolism boosting capabilities.

It is claimed that Acai berry contains a considerable number of antioxidants, and it is in fact these antioxidants that give this particular fruit its purple coloured pigmentation. The anthocyanins in the acai berry may serve as antioxidants and essentially prevent the harming of human tissues and cells, thus keep the body away from infections and diseases.

However, it must be kept in mind that all the research associated with acai berry in terms of weight loss properties is speculative, and we cannot say for sure whether acai berry is successful as a weight loss agent.

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Clinical Studies

Clinical Researcher 538

We find that, as with other information pertaining to Raspberry Ketone Blast, the information about clinical studies has not been revealed by the manufacturers. There do not appear to have been any trials conducted on the product Raspberry Ketone Blast and hence this product has not been clinically tested. However, the manufacturers keep referring to studies associated with raspberry ketones, and we shall do the same to try to understand how clinically reliable this particular weight loss supplement is.

Raspberry Ketone

We discover that there are no raspberry ketone studies conducted on human beings at all, and hence the only evidence that we have is that collected from studies conducted on microorganisms and mice. The first study was conducted on mammalian cultured adipocytes (fat cells). These were used in the concentration of 10 micrograms and the purpose of this particular study was to see the effect of raspberry ketone on lipolysis, fatty acid oxidation and the secretion rates of adiponectin by the body. Effects were measured after 24 and 48 hours, and it was discovered that after 24 hours, the primary marker of lipolysis, which was glycerol, increased by 300% when compared to the control group. Moreover, adiponectin activity increased by 100% over a period of 48 hours.

A second study was conducted, this time on mice who were fed with large amounts of fat from about 6 to 10 weeks. They were then fed fat mixed with raspberry ketones for an additional 6 to 10 weeks, and at the end of this period, each rat’s liver was extracted and weighed to discover if there was any change that could lead us to conclusions. It was discovered through the comparison that there was a 20% difference in weight between the two.

Hence, we see that there are few studies associated with raspberry ketones. Studies conducted on raspberry ketones cannot equate studies conducted on Raspberry Ketone Blast, as the former is simply one ingredient in the latter. The studies associated with raspberry ketones have also only been conducted on microorganisms and mice, and hence we cannot very simply apply their results to humans without certain considerations. More studies are certainly required before any conclusions can be drawn.

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Raspberry Ketone Blast Side Effects

Woman With Stomach Ache 538

The manufacturers of Raspberry Ketone Blast do not mention anything about side effects; while most websites have a FAQs section where you can find some mention of potential side effects or simply a statement that there are no side effects, you do not find anything for Raspberry Ketone Blast. Since all the studies on raspberry ketones have been conducted on mice or in vitro, we cannot be sure of any possible side effects that could occur in humans.

Raspberry Ketones

According to WebMD, raspberry ketones are similar in composition to a chemical called synephrine, and we can make several deductions about potential side effects from this similarity. It is believed that usage of raspberry ketones can potentially result in jitteriness and nervousness, and could be additionally related to high blood pressure and heart beat. Moreover, we do not know much about how raspberry ketones could potentially manifest themselves in the case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, and this is a significant cause of concern.

Acai Berry

When it comes to acai berry, we can find several side effects. We discover that increased intake of acai berry can result in increased bleeding, which can be problematic. Acai berry also contains a chemical called Echinacea, and this can be problematic for the liver. Individuals with liver problems are hence advised to keep away from the usage of acai berry. We also found that acai berry can at times result in stomach disorders, particularly diarrhoea.

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How to Use

Woman With Pills 538

The official website does not tell us much about how to use the product. A single bottle, which is believed to be worth one month’s supply, contains 60 capsules. This leads us to believe that we are expected to have an intake of two capsules per day. However, beyond that we know nothing. Moreover, the manufacturers do not offer any meal plan so we do not know whether we are supposed to take the two pills together or separately, which meals we are supposed to take them with, or whether there is any form of exercise or diet that will supplement this weight loss program.

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Who Makes It?

The company behind Raspberry Ketone Blast is Omni Herbals, and it is based in Los Angeles, California in the United States of America. They have listed their official website link on the website of Raspberry Ketone Blast, and when we clicked on the ‘Contact Us’ tab, we could see a number that you can call from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm Pacific Standard Time (PST). There are also boxes under the same tab where you can fill out your details and add your query, allowing them to respond to you.

We discovered that Omni Herbals also produces several other products, and as the name of the company suggests, they are all herbal in nature. To be more specific, there are three other products, and they are the MAXIMUM African Mango, Pharmacist Weight Loss Formula, and Virility3000. The first is essentially a diet aid, the second is a weight loss supplement but one focusing more on patients of diabetes, and the third one is aimed at increasing sexual capabilities.

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Where to Buy Raspberry Ketone Blast


It is possible to purchase Raspberry Ketone Blast from both its official website and third party suppliers, primarily Amazon.

If you buy a single bottle of Raspberry Ketone Blast on the official website, it will cost you $54.95 (£34.38) with no shipping cost. If you avail the offer of buying 2 bottles of Raspberry Ketone Blast together, your cost per bottle comes down and you have to pay a total of $104.95 (£65.66), again with free shipping. You can purchase 3 bottles together of Raspberry Ketone Blast and bring your cost per bottle further down, and you will in this case have to pay a total of $159.95 (£100.06). This offer too is accompanied with free shipping. Finally, you can buy 6 bottles together and bring your cost per bottle down as much as possible by paying $289.79 (£181.21), with free shipping yet again.

There are several offers up for grabs at Amazon as well. You can purchase a single bottle, which is worth one month’s supply for $19.95 (£12.30), two bottles together for $44.95 (£28.12) with free shipping, three bottles together for $59.95 (£37.50) and free shipping yet again, and finally 6 bottles for $119.95 (£75.04) with free shipping as well.

Unfortunately there have been cases relating to Raspberry Ketone Blast where unofficial sites have started offering ‘free trials’ of the product. A quick internet search for ‘Raspberry Ketone Blast Free Trial’ returned at least four different sites offering the product as part of a free trial. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

This first site appears to be written on WordPress as a blog-style document. Our experts would advise that if you ever see a blog advertising the sale of a diet product that you avoid it completely. This is the most common format in which so called scam sites are found as they are free to use and hard to track. Clicking the ‘get free trial’ picture on this site then takes you to a separate page no longer associated with WordPress or Omniherbals (the manufacturer of Raspberry Ketone Blast). Instead the page given appears to be under the management of a company called Beach Ready Inc.

The layout of the free trial offer is very much standard for these types of promotions and encourages you to submit your personal information before requesting that the company ‘send your trial’ to you. After clicking this you are taken to another page which tells you to enter your billing and credit card details. This page tells you that the ‘free trial’ is not quite so free at all and that you would be charged a £9.95 shipping fee which has been reduced to only £4.95 by a discount that consumers appear to get on their first order. It is important to note that if you do not cancel within a defined period of time, the company will take the full cost of the product directly from your bank account and will send (and charge you for) another bottle every month thereafter.

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Does Raspberry Ketone Blast Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee.

One-off payment: Yes, payment is one-off when trying to purchase Raspberry Ketone Blast from the official website, though unofficial websites sell the product using an auto-billing scheme.

Manufacturing Standard: There is no mention of manufacturing standards.

Accompanying Diet Plan: There does not appear to be a diet plan.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No, a full ingredients list is not provided.

Company contact details readily available: Some contact details are available.

Raspberry Ketone Blast does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee or diet plan, and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and some contact details.

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Overall Verdict

This product contains raspberry ketone, an ingredient that has gained a lot of media attention since its appearance on the ‘Dr Oz Show’. Unfortunately it does not have clinical validity attached with the product as a whole, or with any of the key ingredients. Whilst raspberry ketones have been studied, these studies have been of poor quality and no firm conclusions have been drawn. The product may cause side effects and customers should be aware that it is sold on some websites using a free trial scam.

Average rating:  
 13 reviews
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36 responses to “Raspberry Ketone Blast”

  1. karen bowen says:

    Can I first say that I think that Raspberry Ketone Blast is a con and I can not believe that they can get away with selling methods that they are using to dupe people into buying your product it has left a very bitter taste in my mouth after going to my bank and finding that you have taken £95.00 AND £89.00 out of my bank account and have nothing to show for this transaction and if you do not know the power of internet ie FACEBOOK TWITTER AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA I AM GOING TO MAKE IT MY MISSION TO MAKE THE ABOVE WELL KNOWN

    • dawn says:

      Did you use visa charge back with your bank? also i checked the host for the website and it is in texas. I have contacted them to let them no that the ip address leads back to them as they are a company that helps create web pages etc or host whatever that may be however my report to them was that are actually acting fraudulently and that under there terms and conditions a company acting in a manor not deemed within the law will be investigated and closed and i have asked them to do so and advised that there are numerous people with complaints about this site report to –

      • Mike phillips says:

        Hi dawn,
        Have sent message via other means, thanks again for bringing this company down to its knees(hopefully). Old saying – you get nothing free in this world. Did the product work?

    • Angie Gaubert says:

      I too have just been conned I bought what I though was a free trial got my statement today and been charged £95 and £95.50 I phone the company and was told that I had the option to cancel after 2 weeks because I didn’t I was due the above charges.

      What a scam, I am shaking writing this, my account is now overdue, I will not stop until I have exposed this company for what they are fraudulent and thieving .

      • nick woodhouse says:

        i had exactly the same happen to me, however, I’ve been in touch with my bank who have put a block on it, they also gave me a number for visa debit card dispute who will try and get my money back, i’m with the Halifax so I couldn’t give you the number for that but try your bank and try to get the visa debit card dispute number through them, nothing to loose

        • Glowuk says:

          I have just been conned, I called them and demanded my money back, he put the phone down on me. I contacted the bank (Halifax), the dispute department and they will put a block on the account, but can’t help me to get my money back!!!
          I called the company back, send the products back, but they will take £20 off each item as they have been opened!!! Let’s see if they return my money! So disgusted! How do we close them down???!

      • joanna hutchinson says:

        I myself had a free trial and also found the same ammounts of money had been taken from my bank account visa are looking into it for me

    • Tracey says:

      I too have just been conned and am trying to fyt them through the bank n first as an international student for me it hurts so much coz those are my saving and the refund is stupid for both I got 80 pounds and even the tablets didn’t get to me till two weeks ago and I had order last month which is crazy I need this company to be brought down and justice to be served

    • Kirsty says:

      Yes I too have been scammed by this rubbish. Free trial it said , then £95.00 has been taken out of my bank account. I called the company & I was told”the free trial was only for 30 tablets & they have sent me 60 so have to pay for the other 30″ I told the lady that there was nothing on the wed page to say this. Have since checked & nowhere does it say you pay £95.00.

      • Alan grant says:

        Within 21days mine and my wife’s accounts had had c£800 taken out for the first FREE shipment this is a scam of the highest order and needs to be stopped

    • melanie says:

      The best advice I can give is to report the merchant to Trading Standards.This company is operating illegally as it does not provide a uk based address.
      After much argument with my credit card provider they eventually refunded me those outrageous charges, KEEP PERSEVERING!!

    • Michelle Mckenzie says:

      I too have just found myself conned by this company! £95 taken out my bank without me authorising it, to be told on the phone that I signed up for that! Even though it’s a “try before you buy” scheme?? How can it be when the “free sample” I was sent is actually what the £95 is for?? Card has been cancelled and a refund is being actioned! Raging! Hope you manage to be refunded your loss! Would never recommend this company to anyone and to be honest conning people must be how they make their money!!

  2. Donald Barrett says:

    I to have been conned, I allowed my daughter to use my Visa card ref she also thought free trail, with the option to cancel with in 14 days , do you have a contact number or a e mail address , ref my daughter got no details with her order on how to cancel further orders

  3. frances langley says:

    i too have been scammed £95 was taken out of my account without my permission i emailed customer services@raspberry ketoneblast awaiting reply

    • Alan grant says:

      Had long conversation with Walter Smith at raspberry ketone also contacted credit fraud will be following up to do my best to get money back and closure of company

  4. Milda Zokas says:

    Thank God, I’m not the only one conned, sorry- but I thought and felt that I was alone. To read of others being conned, helps- in as much as now I can see what you are saying / doing to get matters of theise Fraud filled companies sorted and made to take account of their sordid actions. I too thought I was just getting a free trial of 60 caps..Cleanse Xtrem Food supplement £5.00 shipping costs also 60caps..Raspberry Ketone Blast Food supplement..£5.00 shipping cost. ordered 7-4-2014 on line,, money taken out same day[as on my Bank acc.] nothing was mentioned about 14 days email to say that after so & so days they would charge me £89.00 & £95.00. for 60 capsules. It took 2 weeks before I received one package,[Cl,xtr.] another week later I received [Rasp;Ketone.].on 23-04-2014 I noticed in my bank statement, the 2 large shocking amounts had been automatically taken out of my account, without any notification or permission.Most shocking and very upsetting which has left me a pensioner 76,overdrawn. I did phone the Fraud people in my Halifax, they told me to phone the ‘Trading Standards’, waiting to hear. The capsules, manufactured by..’ Sheridan Labs Ltd, 14953 South Heritage
    Crest Way, Suite C, Bluffdale, Utah [84065] United States.’

  5. Sheila Higgins says:

    Hi this has happened to me too – offered free trial of cleansextrem and rasberry ketone blast at 4.95 each (postage only) this amount was taken from my bank with a follow up charge of 89 and 95 pounds then another charge of 95 pounds today – I have asked my bank to put a stop on any more being paid to this company. My bank has asked me to contact the company and request reimbursement but i don’t know how to contact them. does anyone have the web address/email address and/or telephone number. The cleansextrrem actually states it was made in the UK!!! Both packs have the Utah address on- I have received no paperworkwatsoever with any details on – both packs came separately in a plain brown package with nothing else enclosed. any info would be appreciated

    • Jenny Hackett says:

      Phone number – 02031298156, I called them but they were not much help just said they have sent another cleans extreme and taken another £89 from my account with out my knowledge. I have now paid almost £300 for this product which should of been a free trial paying postage only. How are they able to get away with this? I am going to fight on until I get my money back and this company is closed.

    • claire H says:


      Mine came from J.E.M MARKETING an address label was on the packaging that mine came in so I found them on internet & sent an email tonight requesting a refund & telling them not to take anymore money from my account. Also emailed my bank asking them to help

  6. Mrs S says:

    Feeling like such an idiot too! Well and truly conned.

    HOWEVER, don’t panic. I called my credit card company who have put a block on the account to prevent any more (than the £89 thats already gone) money leaving my account.

    I called this number – 020 3356 6290 and spoke to someone who did have my details on the system. I didn’t disclose a single thing. The guy read the number I was calling from and found my details on the system. He has promised that he’s cancelled the account from today and sent an email highlighting this fact. I have got both emails in front of me that state v clearly that my account has been cancelled and no further money will be taken.

    I’m hoping that isn’t also a con.

    I was very calm on the phone and accepted that I’ve lost £89.

    He then offered to refund me £50.

    I have no idea if that refund will ever happen but I live in hope.

    Conned. Feel stupid. Lesson learnt the hard way!!

    Now I’ve got to fess up to my husband that I’ve been well and truly duped!!

    Whatever you do, don’t panic. Call your bank first and then the 0203 number and you’ll be fine…

    Good luck!!

    • claire H says:

      Hi Mrs S

      I have emailed my bank tonight as the same thing has happened to me & also emailed the company that sent the pills to me asking for a refund & not to take anymore payments.
      Payment were taken via my debit card so I have also requested a new one to stop further payments.
      Is there anything else I should do?
      I’m at my wits end

  7. Carol Bingham says:

    Having read all the above comments I would just like to add myself to this long list of those having been scammed by this company. I have had a total of £360.00 taken from my bank account before I noticed. After I have posted this I am off to the bank to hopefully be able to stop any further payments to this company.

  8. Alan Barber says:

    I too have been conned and the bank called S have been little help. I am told they cannot stop payments as I gave my details and signed up to it.
    I have to cancel it with the company but they do not answer phone or reply to emails.
    No help whatsoever.

  9. Marian says:

    Agreeing with above comments,the company is deceptive in how they advertise the product. They do not indicate that the trial turns into a automatic subscription after 14 days. I have lost £379.00 from my account. Mortified PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE!!

  10. Sandra Graves says:

    I agreed to a free trial paying postage they took 2 lots of postage. I got suspicious and looked it up found the bad reviews. I immediateky phoned my bank and cancelled my debit card. Problem solved they can’t take money off a cancelled card. Bank sending me a new one.

    • Kev Chambers says:

      hi just been scammed for 180 cancelled my card today just wanted to know have they taken any more money out since you changed your card?

  11. Elisha says:

    Its so sad to hear that so many people have had money taken from them from this awful scamming company. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I received the product through the post last month and then it shocked me to find and that same day that the company was a scam. I immediately contacted the company via email but had no reply until 2 days latter, during which I had sent them 8 emails. When they finally got back to me, they sent me two emails saying that my accounts have been cancelled and that I will not be receiving any future products from them and that no money will be taken from me. They also sent me a 3rd email apologizing and that the product is mine to keep although they will not refund the shipping and handling costs. One month latter and I have had no products from them and no money taken phewwww. But I still have these unused and unwanted supplements. Any way a life lesson was defiantly learnt here and good luck to any one else who have also been scammed; always read the small print.

    • Rece says:

      Can you please tell me what email or telephone number you use to cancel. Thanks

      • chrisann says:

        Try phoning 02033566290 for raspberry blast 02030144035 for cleanse xtreme I. Phoned both numbers l think one was usa my bank was very helpful l was not their first customer to complain I am so angry at this scam it is still on going

        • Sophie says:

          I was scammed too, you must of of got the same products as me as they were the numbers that I rang when I realised they had taken 89 and 95 pound out of my account for the products! They said they would refund me but take 20 pound off each for usage etc. absolute scam and what’s worse Ive been taking them (they let me keep the products) and they don’t even seem to work!!!

  12. chrisann says:

    I need an address e mail or phone no for cleanse xtreme and ketone blast as I have been scamed any advice thanks

  13. Joseph says:

    Hi all – I too got conned but noticed straight away.
    I had no email from them confirm my free trial so I had to go through all my history on my pc and finally got the details. the con is that you order two products from different departments, so you need to cancel both.
    I called cleanse xtrem and keyton to cancel the same day, in fact within 30 mins.

    I have cancelled both accounts, which I have two emails confirming and also then called again to request a refund for postage as I do not wish to receive them, again I have received an email confirming my refund.

    I now wait to see if I receive my refund.
    I have kept all copies of correspondence so if they do try to take monies from me my bank will have to reimburse me. good luck all

  14. B Dunkerley says:

    I have been scammed as well ordered two products from this company and have read all these comments I have actually cancelled my card at the bank so they can no longer take any money out of my account. The bank is sending me a new card with the sixteen digit number changed so they will not be able to take any money out of my account

  15. g.duval says:

    I was also scammed went straight to my bank to change account details..just want to know does anyone have addresss to where I have to send trial products back

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