Raspberry Ketone Suppliers
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Raspberry Ketone Suppliers

raspberry ketone suppliersYou may remember how Dr Oz referred to raspberry ketones as a fat burning miracle on his TV show. No wonder, the world today is vibrant with usage of this product. Be it weight loss forums, conversations between weight conscious women, television advertisements or supermarket shelves. Our surroundings today are manifesting tremendous support for raspberry ketones. So what is all the hype really about? Are raspberry ketones the answer to all your woes surrounding weight issues? Can you finally put faith in this one product, amidst all the false promises that you have encountered regarding other weight reduction remedies?

So here’s the million dollar question ­ How do raspberry ketones burn fat? We all know how arduous weight reduction can be. You exert yourself physically for weeks, deprive yourselves of those tempting foods just to remain loyal to a weight loss claim gaining popularity in the market, and yet when you step onto the scale at the end of those weeks, what do you end up with? Disappointment. For your weight is stubbornly stuck at the exact same number, refusing to budge despite your exertions and deprivations. You shift to another weight loss plan, and yet another after that one fails. However, eventually, your stamina has to wean out and you become disillusioned. Fair enough. Then, you hear all the hype about raspberry ketones and how all those in the envious pursuit of weight loss are gushing over it. How do you know it’s not just another false claim, of the kind that you have fallen prey to before? Valid question indeed, and to your delight, we have the answer and the guarantees.

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RK Pure 250

RK-Pure-250Launched by a company titled Golden Essence, RK Pure 250 is being claimed by its manufacturers as being entirely pure. Golden Essence asserts that for raspberry ketones to be efficiently functional as fat burning agents, one needs to consume them in portions of 90 pounds each day. Their pill offers about 250 mg of ketones, and is believed to be sufficient when taken twice a day.

Interestingly enough, their pills are not the only source of raspberry ketone that they provide. Golden Essence has also launched a ketone lotion that also assists in burning fat in addition to slowing down ageing tendencies. The experts at the company believe that a combination of the two, the pills and the lotion, paves the way for effective weight loss.

Raspberry Key

American in origin, this raspberry ketone supplement is also hailed as being entirely pure by its manufacturers. Naturally, one would want to avoid artificial elements as much as possible owing to the scepticism that surrounds them in the minds of customers. Also, with quite a lot of concerns surrounding several supplements not being up to the standards required by certification standards, Raspberry Key may just be what one might want. This product has been reviewed to not only match American certification standards but also in fact exceed them. Their website recommends two capsules a day, which comes down to 100mg of raspberry ketone combined.

Raspberry Ketone Burn

Raspberry-Ketone-BurnRaspberry Ketone Burn encapsulates a very strong and potent fat burning formula. Its website claims that this product leads to an average monthly weight loss of 10 to 12 pounds. This is an amazing rate, be it for those individuals looking to shed just a few bulges away or those treading on a massive weight reduction plan. Raspberry Ketone Burn offers a significantly high level of ketone as opposed to the usual ketone supplements, with each capsule containing 500 mg. For a more comprehensive review of the product, resulting from comparison with other prominent ketone supplements, visit their official website.

Raspberry Ketone Pure

Raspberry Ketone Pure matches Raspberry Ketone Burn in terms of the ketone content, as it too contains 500 mg of ketone per capsule. This product is claimed by its manufacturing company Vital Mend to be free of fillers, binders and added ingredients, thus offering raspberry ketone in a pure and unadulterated form. Its specifications match standards that American legal provisions require, and are hence a safe buy. This product has been in the market for about four years now, and has a stable customer base to support its claims.

Health Spark Raspberry Ketone

This product offers a very interesting combination, that of raspberry ketone, African mango, green tea, baobab, acai, guarana and N­Acetyl L­Carnitine all in one compact capsule. Holland and Barrett provide extensive detail to validate Health Spark’s Raspberry Ketone, noting the raspberry ketone content to be about 198 mg per capsule. Customer reviews have been varied, with some noting it to be all right but not miraculous and some shunning it as ineffective. Nonetheless, it remains a different kind of a supplement, offering an exclusive combination that most other raspberry ketone suppliers fail to do.

Pure Health Raspberry Ketone

pure-health-raspberry-ketoneThis product offers the highest raspberry ketone content from amongst all those in the list. The ketone content is 800 mg per serving, quite a lot indeed when compared to other raspberry ketone suppliers. Yet, Pure Health Raspberry Ketone claims to be a very potent fat burning agent and this considerably high ketone content is the reason it does so. Customer reviews have mostly been very positive, with customers reporting satisfactory weight loss without having to wait for long periods of time.

R9 Raspberry Ketone

R9 Raspberry Ketone lies at the weaker end of spectrum in terms of ketone content. Each capsule contains 100 mg of ketone, in addition to other ingredients such as gelatinee, vegetable magnesium stearate and silica. It is however free of preservatives and additives such as yeast, gluten, sugar and lactose, and hence offers raspberry ketone in a fairly pure form. Its manufacturers guarantee that it has no side effects, and is hence a popular buy.

Raspberry Ketone Plus

Raspberry Ketone Plus also contains 100 mg of raspberry ketone, in addition to African mango, green tea extract and acai berry extract. According to its manufacturers, it offers best results if one starts a workout plan, but is effective just with a diet too. They also recommend taking the capsules at morning with breakfast, as opposed to spanning over the day as suggest by most other manufacturers.

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RK Phase 2

RK-PHASE-2RK Phase 2 also provides 500 mg of raspberry ketone per capsule, and is entirely free from fillers, binders and any other added ingredients or preservatives according to its website. Its manufacturers claim that its usage results in not only effective weight loss, but also a healthier lifestyle. RK Phase 2’s manufacturers point out that they meet all the requirements set forth by Dr Oz when he mentioned raspberry ketones as a fat burning miracle, and may thus be considered a safe buy.

Flawless Raspberry Ketone

Another addition to the list of raspberry ketone suppliers is Flawless Raspberry Ketone, which offers quite an interesting combination­ raspberry ketone of course, African mango, acai extract, resveratrol, and green tea. Each dosage of this product contains 600 mg of raspberry ketone, and is hence believed to be quite a potent supplement. Interestingly enough, Flawless Raspberry Ketone is not only a weight loss supplement but also a health supplement. Its website asserts that it helps in preventing against Type 2 Diabetes, liver diseases associated with fatty acids and atherosclerosis. It also helps maintain the metabolic processes in order and well regulated.

Raspberry Ketone 1234

Raspberry-ketone-1234Raspberry Ketone 1234 is a relatively mild weight loss supplement, as it contains 200 mg of raspberry ketone per capsule. Manufactured by Creative Bioscience, Raspberry Ketone 1234 is amongst the popular ketone supplements out there in the market. Its manufacturers advise considerable water intake while using these supplements, both for health concerns and for effective results.

Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1

Manufactured by the company titled Forza, this supplement is named so because it offers raspberry ketone, caffeine and resveratrol in the ratio of 2:2:1. You may question the role of the other two agents. Well, here it is. Caffeine provides boosts of energy, and resveratrol caters to combating ageing. These two, together with raspberry ketones themselves, aim to offer extensive and effective weight loss. Raspberry Ketone 2:2:1 offers 200 mg of raspberry ketone per capsule, with caffeine also being of the same amount, and resveratrol being worth 100 mg.

If you are interested in another Forza diet pill, please read our FORZA T5 Super Strength review.

Raspberr Ketone Express

Raspberry Ketone Express is an interesting outlier when it comes to listing out raspberry ketone supplements, because it contains about 1200 mg of ketone per capsule. Yes, that’s right, 1200 mg. This concentration is definitely the highest available in the market, and hence its manufacturers claim that its usage can result in losing 14 pounds in 8 weeks. As is the case with most raspberry ketone supplements available in the market, it is free of additives and artificial elements.


Razberi-KManufactured by Swanson, Razberi­-K offers a concentration of 100 mg per capsule, in addition to varying quantities of brown rice flour, gelatine, and silica. Its manufacturers recommend taking the supplement twice daily, combining it with a controlled and balanced diet, and regular exercise. Customer reviews of this product offer varying insights, with some quite satisfied and others slightly disappointed.

Why you should be careful when it comes to raspberry ketones

Certainly, there is no denying that there exists quite an extensive fan base for raspberry ketones. You will quite easily discover advertisements promoting their usage, professionals hailing them as wonders, and customers nodding in their favour. However, there is to every story an other side, and so let us discuss what that is when it comes to raspberry ketones.

Certain views look at raspberry ketones and their suppliers with apprehension owing to the fact that the studies that their advocates quote have been conducted on animals and isolated cells, and hence one cannot be entirely sure of what consequences these raspberry ketones imply for humans. At the one end, it is quite a valid concern, while on the other end, it can be said that it is quite common in the scientific world of today to conduct studies on animals as a means of answering questions for humans. Some views also point to how raspberry ketones carry the potential of manifesting certain side effects, owing to their chemical composition being similar to certain stimulants that do. For instance, WebMD reports here how they can carry the potential of jitteriness and increased blood pressure.

Again, one can discover two sides to the argument. On the one hand, since it is not evident how often and at what dosage these side effects have been believed to be manifested, this issue might not be a serious concern after all. On the other hand, certain side effects prove to be disastrous for certain individuals, and one may question whether it is a risk worth taking.

Thus, there lies significant ongoing debate with reference to the grey areas regarding raspberry ketones. Our advice in this regard lies in effectively analyzing both sides of these arguments, and in any case, discussing these concerns in depth with your doctor before making the final call.

If you want to learn more about raspberry ketone side effects, we recommend you read our Raspberry Ketone side effects article.


There you have it, different raspberry ketone suppliers analyzed for you. You now know the gains as well as the losses, and so we leave it to you to decide which supplier you want to go ahead with if you wish to commence on a weight loss plan that incorporates this new sensation that is the raspberry ketone.

If you want to know more about the hype surrounding raspberry ketones, we would recommend you read our The Raspberry Ketone Diet article.

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