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Safe Diet Pills


The result of any dietary supplement should be to improve your health ( in the case of diet pills via reducing weight ), so its a vital start to ensure that you know about any harm that diet pills might do to your body and which supplements are safe and which are best avoided. There are 2 key ways in which this site helps you find weight loss tablets that are 100% safe.’s Safety Rating

Firstly on each individual product review we have a safety rating as well as any side effects listed. We have reviews on every single weight loss supplement on the market at the moment and a good way of checking safety is to take advantage of this resource and type in the supplement name in the search bar above and take a look at the review.

How to spot Safe and Un-Safe Diet Pills

The second way we can help you to work out the safety of a diet pill is by giving some general rules and guidelines to follow which will help you spot the unsafe diet pills from the safe ones. So here are a few pointers that should give you a good idea of the safety of any weight loss supplement.

Find out whether its legal in the UK

This undoubtedly sounds a little extreme, however I think you would be shocked at how many weight loss supplements that can easily be bought over the net and delivered here in the UK, supplements which are in fact banned or contain a controlled substance or two. Ephedrine is a good example, one of the most frequented diet pill related google searches and it can be bought online however it also causes serious side effects and has even been linked with some fatalities. The best ways to find out about the legality of a diet supplement is to either search our site for the product and all the relevant info, or search Wikipedia which usually has the most up to date information on diet supplements legal status.

Prescription or Over The Counter

The first thing you should know about any prescription supplements is that they have been rated as ‘prescription only’ for a reason and that reason is almost always ; side effects. Prescription weight loss supplements have side effects ranging from relatively mild to pretty uncomfortable stuff ( often increasing trips to the toilet ). The interesting thing about prescription diet pills is that they don’t seem to be any better than over the counter diet pills, in terms of results. With weight loss aids there isn’t a positive correlation between side effects an slimming results. For this reason we suggest you stick to over the counter weight loss tablets, much safer and in our experience generally more effective.

How does the supplement work

There are many different categories of weight loss supplement and by identifying which category the supplement you are looking to buy is in, you can deduct how safe it is for you. For example appetite suppressants rarely have any side effects there job is simply to make you feel full, often using a high fibre complex, which gives basically no safety risk. However some extreme fat burners work by pumping you full of stimulants and caffeine, you lose weight via increased energy but this is a
big stress on your body and its far more likely to
cause you problem than a herbal appetite suppressant.


Overall the safety of diet pills and weight loss supplements is not something you should worry about too much as long as the supplement is UK legal and you follow the guidelines for taking it, this industry is regulated very tightly so any products that pass the authorities checks for safety shouldn’t be a concern. Also take note that when looking for safety of diet supplements, simply type it in our search bar and you will have all the relevant info you will need.