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Secret Diet Drops

Secret Diet Drops is a weight loss supplement that is recommended to be taken alongside a very strict calorie controlled diet. The potential for the drops themselves to have an impact on weight loss has not been proven.

Below we have reviewed Secret Diet Drops against our review criteria to help consumers make an informed decision.

Secret Diet Drops

Secret Diet Drops Pros
  • Company contact details available
Secret Diet Drops Cons
  • The diet plan is very strict and potentially dangerous

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Secret Diet Drops Review

Secret Diet Drops is a weight loss supplement that comes in drop form, rather than the traditional capsule form. The supplement contains a long list of ingredients and comes with a strict diet plan.

Claimed weight loss benefits

The manufacturers don’t appear to explain how the Secret Drops actually work, but what is clear is that they require a very strict regime for taking the drops and following the Secret Diet Drops diet. Some of the ingredients in the product have been touted for working as fat burners, appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters.

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How Secret Diet Drops Works

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It is not made clear what the drops actually do and there are many questions about whether Secret Diet Drops actually work. The aspect that would clearly help you to lose weight is the strict Secret Drops diet which asks you to restrict yourself to particular foods and amounts of foods. What you would hope is that the Secret Drops actually make the strict diet easier but this hasn’t been proven.

The regime it asks you to follow is incredibly strict and doesn’t allow you to eat very much at all. The routine of taking the drops is also very difficult; it asks you to take 15 drops three times a day, which can mean you’re taking up to 45 drops a day.

Secret Diet Drops, as their name suggests, are shrouded in a certain amount of mystery so finding out how it works and if it actually does work isn’t terribly easy. Luckily, their purveyors are obliged to tell you what’s in their drops. The quantities of these ingredients do however remain secret.


Chromium is a metal element (chemical symbol Cr, group 6 in the periodic table) and essential mineral that is a fairly common ingredient in diet pills. Chromium is thought to work by interacting with insulin in order to maintain regular blood sugar level. This effect is said to be helpful to stop sugar cravings when dieting.

Green tea

Green tea, the well known warm beverage, is said to be a metabolism booster and is believed to increase lipid oxidation (fat burning). Green tea is another ingredient found in many diet pills, mainly because it is linked to a number of good benefits.

African mango

Extracts from the edible seed of the African mango have become one of the diet pill industry’s crazes. After being endorsed by Dr Oz (a TV diet specialist in the US), the popularity of African mango tablets soared and now it has been integrated into the recipe of many hybrid diet supplements such as Secret Diet Drops. It is thought to have a positive effect on blood fat levels: it supposedly reduces blood triglycerides and LDL “bad” cholesterol as well as increasing the amount of HDL “good” cholesterol. It is also said to help to decrease blood pressure.


Capsicum is a chemical found in chillies that is thought to boost your metabolism by increasing your body temperature.

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Key Secret Diet Drops Ingredients


The ingredient list in this country for the Secret Diet Drops UK is extensive. Diet pill regulars of African Mango, Green Tea and Chromium are featured in Secret Drops alongside Garcinia and Guarana. All of these are individually believed to help you lose weight but this is not necessarily the case for the Secret Drops as a whole. There is no mention of the amounts of each ingredient, so there is no indication of whether enough of the ingredients are included to have an effect.

The Secret Diet Drops diet plan may be where the weight loss comes from. This has three stages to it; for the first couple of days it doesn’t restrict your food intake at all and you can eat anything you like. For the next 43 days it asks you to stick to pretty much no food at breakfast and at lunch you’re allowed 100g of meat or fish with one type of vegetable but with no oil or butter for cooking, and similarly for dinner. It also allows two snacks during the day, but suggests these are an apple, orange or other fruit. You can get some informed dieting advice from the NHS here.

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Clinical Studies

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As is the case with many hybrid diet supplements, Secret Diet Drops themselves have not actually been subjected to clinical testing. Hence we must rely on studies carried out on the individual ingredients for our scientific information on Secret Diet Drops. The good news is that its main weight loss ingredients are fairly well known and present in many diet supplements, meaning that some testing has been done on them to see if they’re actually effective.

Studies on chromium for weight loss

A meta-analysis done by the International Association for the Study of Obesity which included data from 20 studies done on chromium had a positive outcome. It was found that on average, the individuals taking chromium lost 0.50 kg more than a placebo group. They described this finding as a statistically significant difference in weight loss.

Studies on green tea for weight loss

Green tea extract contains two chemicals that are supposed to cause weight loss: green tea catechins and caffeine. In a meta-analysis of 15 studies done on this combination (over 1200 participants in total), it was found that there was a positive effect on weight loss. It caused an average decrease in body weight of 1.38 kg, as well as reducing waist circumference by 1.93 cm on average.

Studies on African mango for weight loss

A study conducted in 2005 by a group of researchers at Yaounde University in Cameroon involved giving 28 volunteers either an African mango supplement or a placebo. The results showed those who were given the mango supplement lost 4% more of their body weight that the other group. In addition, there was an effect on blood fat levels: a 44.9% decrease in blood triglycerides, a 45.6% reduction in LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) and a 46.9% increase in HDL cholesterol (the good cholesterol). However since this is a small study (there haven’t been many conducted on African mango) the reliability of the results is questionable; with only 28 participants, one can’t say that these figures will be accurate for everyone.

Studies on capsicum for weight loss

A group of 20 trials were analysed at the Manchester Food Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. The verdict of this analysis was that capsicum can help you to burn around 50 extra calories per day. It was also confirmed that capsicum could help to control your appetite and reduce the amount of calories you take in from food. The report concluded by saying capsicum was not “a magic bullet for weight loss” but “could play a beneficial role, as part of a weight management program.”

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Secret Diet Drops Side Effects

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One of the few redeeming features of Secret Diet Drops is that the actual drops aren’t likely to cause you much harm. The ingredients haven’t been associated with any severe side effects, although some are largely understudied and the product itself has not been the subject of any clinical studies.

If you have a medical condition you think may interfere with your taking a diet supplement or if you are pregnant/breastfeeding, you should always consult a doctor before trying any diet supplement.

Unlike the drops, the diet that is recommended to accompany them could make you feel unwell and may have some worse repercussions. The diet is immensely restricting (for the full details of it, have a look at our article on Secret Diet Drops Diet Plan and Potential Dangers) and hence could be very difficult to follow.

Sticking to the diet plan to the letter, you should end up taking in around 500 calories per day. Considering that the NHS’s rough guideline is 2,000 calories per day for women and 2,500 for men, it’s not difficult to see why the Secret Diet Drops diet could be dangerous. A 500 calorie per day diet falls into the category of “very low calorie diets”.

Very low calorie diets (VLCDs) are only supposed to be attempted under medical supervision. In general, doctors only recommend VLCDs for obese people (those with a BMI greater than 30) and even then somewhat rarely. VLCDs are a rather extreme measure that will make you feel drained and lethargic throughout due to how little energy you are taking in. They are also known to cause constipation, diarrhoea and nausea and the participation in a VLCD may even lead to gall stones. Learn more about very low calorie diets on WebMD.

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How to Use

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There are two key features of using Secret Diet Drops: taking the drops themselves and keeping to the accompanying diet plan.
For Secret Diet Drops, the procedure is to take 15 at a time, doing this 3 times per day. Companies selling Secret Diet Drops don’t give any advice as to when during the day you should take each set of 15 drops. You might find it easy to take each one set at breakfast, one at lunch and one at tea/dinner. This would help you not to forget to take the drops (as it would become part of your daily routine) and ensure there is plenty of time for the drops to take effect before taking the next 15. The drops are to be held under your tongue for between 1 and 2 minutes until they are absorbed.

Secret Diet Drops are intended to be taken in conjunction with a strict diet regime. To start the day off, breakfast is a cup of tea or coffee with a small amount of milk and no sugar. No food is supposed to be consumed at breakfast time. At lunch, the allowance is 140 g of a meat or fish of your choosing, supplemented by a small amount of vegetables. Tea/dinner is again 140 g of meat or fish with vegetables. You are permitted two snacks throughout the day; both must be pieces of fruit. Alcohol is forbidden for the duration of the diet.

As you can tell, this is a very strict diet to follow. In addition, since the diet contains so few carbohydrate rich foods, it may be damaging to your health. Restricting calories severely will make you feel drained and can have serious negative consequences. Very low calorie diets are also known to cause mainly short term weight loss; most of the weight lost being water weight which will return once the individual returns to a normal diet. For more information on very low calorie diets, read the NHS guide.

For more information on the secret diet drops diet plan, we recommend you read our Secret Diet Drops Diet Plan & Potential Dangers article.

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Who Makes It?

The company that manufactures Secret Diet Drops goes by the functional name of Secret Diet Drops Limited. The company was started in July 2011.

The UK website of Secret Diet Drops has an ‘about us’ section which lacks concrete information such as where the company is based, instead favouring a very sentimental tale of how the company came into being and grew.

The story goes that the company’s founder was given, by chance, some diet drops from a friend while on a trip to the US. She and her family were so impressed with the effectiveness of the drops that they decided to create the family business that is today Secret Diet Drops Limited. They started manufacturing their own brand of diet drops some months later and since then it has, apparently, been a story of continuing success, with the number of company employees increasing from 4 to 14.

In the end we do find out where the company is based from the “contact us” section of the website: Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, in the northeast of Scotland. The address they give checks out to be real and they provide a decent amount of contact information, including an email address and a phone number. This means you should be able to get in touch if you have any complaints or queries.

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Where to Buy Secret Diet Drops


Despite a number of fairly negative customer reviews, many people are still interested in trying this product. The best place to buy the product is from the official website; it is not available from any high street stores or well-known retailers in the UK.

The options for buying Secret Diet Drops first hand are severely limited. The European site is based in Ireland and do not deliver to the UK or the rest of Europe “due to recent changes in EU postal regulations”. Hence buying from this website is only an option if you live in the Republic of Ireland or outside of Europe. A bottle of the drops costs €44, which is approximately equivalent to £38.

Their UK website is another option for buying Secret Diet Drops. A bottle of the drops from this site will cost you £35, with delivery costing an additional £3.50 for UK addresses and £4 for the rest of the world.

The only other place where you can purchase Secret Diet Drops is from eBay. As these drops come from individual sellers, the prices vary drastically – you could pay between half and double the price on the website. eBay is not somewhere we would recommend buying diet supplements from; there is no guarantee of quality of the product and no accountability for the seller.

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Does Secret Diet Drops Meet our Approved Criteria

Money-back-guarantee: There is no mention of a money-back guarantee on the official website.

One-off payment: Yes, purchase of the supplement seems to be a one-off payment but is only available from the official website.

Manufacturing Standard: This information is not provided.

Accompanying Diet Plan: Yes, a very low calorie diet plan is provided to be taken alongside the drops.

Ingredients and quantities disclosed: No; the ingredients are disclosed but not the quantities.

Company contact details readily available: Yes, these are easy to find on the official site.

Secret Diet Drops does not meet our ‘Approved’ criteria as there is no money-back guarantee and some information is lacking from the official website, including manufacturing standards and ingredient quantities.

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Overall Verdict

Whilst the diet drops contain a long list of ingredients, some of which are popular in weight loss supplements and have been the subject of clinical trials, the ingredient quantities are not provided and the product has not been proven to aid weight loss. The diet you are asked to follow is very restrictive and may be considered to be dangerous. Although not many side effects are linked to the drops, the strict diet could cause unpleasant side effects. The diet may also only be beneficial for short-term weight loss, causing the weight to be put back on when the diet is stopped.

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2 responses to “Secret Diet Drops”

  1. Fearless says:

    I did this diet, and I completed it last week after reaching my target weight. I would say to folks who want to loose weight effectively and keep it off.. to give Secret Diet Drops a go. you will never look back. I know I havent.

    • Elaine gray says:

      I am on it now and losing weight steadily. Frankly I don’t care if it is a psychological effect or not as long as I lose weight! My hair looks great and is now shiny, my skin has cleared up and I feel amazing having lost two and a half stones so far. Yes the diet s restrictive but basically just cuts out the stuff you shouldn’t eat. I am not weak or tired and in fact the opposite is true and I am raring to go to the gym!
      My sister has just reached her target weight and followed the maintenance plan where you test out what will make you put on weight. So far se has regained none of the eight that she lost!

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