How This Site Is Financed
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How This Site Is Financed does not allow advertising nor does it allow subscriptions. What this means is that companies do not pay to appear on the site nor do we charge users for using the site. has helped consumers avoid diet pill scams and provided a platform for people who have fallen victim to scams to help others. The site has also helped to unravel the marketing hype behind products and deliver the facts and clinical evidence in an easy to digest format.

As the website has grown in popularity and traffic, we have had to spend increasing amounts of money on website servers, content writers and editors. Therefore needs to generate the money required to operate the site.

How Does Generate Revenue?

All of’s product reviews are written following our review criteria. Our review criteria ensures that all reviews are written fairly, following the same format. On each review there are links to our ‘Approved’ products. These ‘Approved’ products are products which meet all of the points in our ‘Approved’ product criteria. Some of these ‘Approved’ products have ‘affiliated links’.

These links work in the exact same way as regular links do, however, they are tracked back to our website and may generate payment for our site. This means if someone clicks through the link and makes a purchase, will get a cut of the revenue.

You will not notice any difference clicking these links than if you were to click a regular link, and they will certainly not have any effect on any product purchased as a result of clicking the links.

We don’t track individual’s data, nor do we sell data to third parties without the individual user’s permission.

Where Does The Link Come From?

If a product meets all points on our ‘Approved’ criteria, thus being marked as ‘Approved’, we may ask the manufacturers of the product if we may have an affiliate link in order to have a cut of the revenue generated from our site. The manufacturers then provide us with the link.

In some cases we may accept affiliate links for products which don’t meet our Approved criteria. However, these will still not be marked as Approved, unless they meet our strict Approved criteria.

We try to refrain from building relationships with manufacturers. By publishing our Approved criteria we can remain impartial and cannot be subject to pressure from manufacturers to mark their product as Approved as the criteria is clear and defined.

How Can You Tell When A Link Is Affiliated?

We want it to be clear when a link is affiliated and not which is why we put a * after every affiliated link. This way we allow the user to choose which links they would like to click. We hope you will select the links that help pay for the resources that our website offer.

The only difference between links with a * and links without is that the links with a * will help generate revenue for our site and those without will not make the site any money. There are no other differences.

On pages where we include * links, we provide a full explanation on what this is at the bottom of the page.

Does This Affect The Content Of The Site?

We do not believe that it does. All of our articles and reviews are written by independent writers following our review criteria. The ‘Approved’ product(s) are automatically generated to display on each review. These are not selected by the authors of the review/article.

The ‘Approved’ products are selected using our ‘Approved’ product criteria. A product can only be ‘Approved’ if it meets all points on the criteria. We would never ‘Approve’ a product which does not meet our ‘Approved’ product criteria. Some of these ‘Approved’ products have affiliate links, however not all will. A product that meets our ‘Approved’ criteria that is not affiliated will still be marked as ‘Approved’. Their place as ‘Approved’ will not be jeopardised as a result of not having an affiliate link. We also clearly outline the order in which we display ‘Approved’ products on our ‘best diet pills page’, at the top of the page. Factors that determine which ‘Approved’ products display first are whether they come with a diet plan and length of money-back-guarantee.

What Costs Us Money? costs money to run which is why we have affiliated links. Below we will outline what the costs are of our website, to help you generate an understanding of why we have decided to affiliate products:

1. An editorial team and technical staff

We have a team of writers who write our articles and reviews. We then have a team of editors who look through the content to ensure it meets our review criteria and who then upload the content to our website. By having a team of writers and editors, we are able to upload at least 5 articles every week, ensuring fresh content is always available for our readers.

Our team also consists of designers and coders who ensure the site is easy to use as well as being easy on the eye. By having these members of the team to hand, we are always ready to modify the site to increase levels of usability.

Lastly, is the site admin who overviews every article uploaded to the site as well as always planning how we can further improve the site in order to give users a better experience.

2. Keeping the site running

There are many costs involved in keeping the site up and running including fast servers to ensure the website loads quickly for visitors.