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Ultimate Burn

The Ultimate Burn diet pills are said to be able to deliver ‘incredible results fast’. Without the need for any diet or exercise regime these pills are claimed to help users achieve their weight loss goals significantly faster than other products. Could this be the ‘miracle fat burner’ that so many have been waiting for?

In the review below we will look at how exactly these pills can work to affect the functioning of the body to promote quicker or more aggressive weight loss and analyse how safe they might be for users to consume over a long period of time.

Ultimate Burn Pros
  • Uses quite a few proven thermogenic ingredients
  • Company has other products and appears to be reputable
  • Website does not operate on a subscription and automatic billing basis
  • Quantities of some of the main ingredients are made available to view before purchase
  • Exhaustive list of ingredients is made available
Ultimate Burn Cons
  • Hard to find international shipping
  • Contains an extremely large amount of stimulants
  • There are serious side effects associated with the pills and their ingredients
  • No money back guarantee
  • Not available to purchase through any well known high street retailers

Ultimate Burn Review

The manufacturers of this product believe that it can give users the best possible help with their weight loss goals due to the fact that it contains Ephedra Extract in a combination with 2 different specially formulated complexes, which both tackle the way in which the body burns off excess fat. These are the Hell Fire Heat Complex and the Thyroid Complex. So how do these work together to provide an overall more efficient way to promote weight loss?

Claimed weight loss benefits

With regards to our main 5 weight loss properties, the manufacturers of the Ultimate Burn diet pills suggest that their product possesses a modest 2 of these; the ability to work as a fat burner and a metabolism booster. As well as this, although it was not explicitly claimed by the makers of the pills, due to the types of ingredients used, our experts also looked into whether they would also have an additional weight loss property, namely as an appetite suppressant.

Given the sheer amount of thermogenically proven ingredients used to make up the product and the fact that many of these are well known stimulants, are experts agree with the fact that (if the right quantities are available), the pills are likely to be effective in enhancing the metabolic rate and the speed at which the body can burn off fat.

In terms of our own research into the potential appetite suppressing qualities, our experts believe that there may be some minimal to moderate effects but they will certainly not be predominant. This is not an issue though and is in fact more of a bonus since this was not a property advertised by the manufacturers of Ultimate Burn.

How Ultimate Burn Works

The Ultimate Burn diet pills are made up of what our experts like to call 3 categories of ingredients. We have already mentioned that the pills contain 2 different complexes which are each made up of a variety of ingredients in different (undisclosed) quantities that aim to promote weight loss by focusing on one element in particular.

The Hell Fire Heat Complex aims to increase the rate at which fat is burnt by including powerful thermogenic ingredients, while the Thyroid Complex, as the name would suggest, focuses on stimulating the Thyroid hormones to increase a users’ metabolism.

As well as this, multiple stimulants and proven thermogenic agents are used alongside the complexes to boost energy and fat burning even more, so that when these ingredients are taken combined in 1 capsule, the result should be a powerful fat burner.

Due to the effects that the pills may have on the body we would not recommend their use for the following groups of people:
– Pregnant or nursing women.
– Those who may be allergic to any of the ingredients, binders or fillers used in the product.
– Those who have a family history of or are suffering from any digestive conditions.
– Those who have a family history or are suffering from or have previously suffered any type of heart condition or defect.
– Those who are particularly sensitive to Caffeine and stimulant based products.
– Those who are currently using the antibiotic Amoxicillin.
– Those who have a family history or are suffering from Thyroid disorders.
– Anyone under the age of 18
– Those who have any other underlying medical issue.

For more detailed information relating to the effects of this product and how it works to promote weight loss we recommend that you read our How Ultimate Burn Works article and our How to Use Ultimate Burn article.

Key Ultimate Burn Ingredients

The makers of the Ultimate Burn diet pills pride themselves on their specially selected ingredients that give the product its premium power. A full list of all of the ingredients can be found on the main website and since there are so many it was quite hard for our experts to discern which ones were ‘key’.

One we had no problem identifying however was Ephedra Extract, which is the main reason as to why these pills are thought to be so powerful. There has been some confusion over this extract’s links to the previously banned Ephedrine, but potential consumers can rest assured that Ephedra Extract is what remains after the Ephedrine has been removed from the compound. This is said to leave a much safer but still powerful thermogenic and fat burning ingredient.

We chose the rest of our key ingredients based on the quantities used in the pills. Another extract, which seems to make up a relatively large amount of the product, is Acacia Rigidula which contains various compounds including phenylethylamine known for stimulating the thyroid gland.

Citrus Aurantium (sometimes known as Bitter Orange) is also used in relatively large quantities and is known for both increasing the metabolism via its stimulant properties and has also been associated with helping to control the appetite through its Synephrine content. It is believed to be similar to Ephedra.

Learn more about the effects of these ingredients by reading our article Ultimate Burn Clinical Studies.


Weight Loss Power: 50/100

There is no disputing that the Ultimate Burn pills contain a variety of ingredients that are proven to be thermogenic agents and that have been the subject of clinical trials, which prove that weight has been lost via their consumption. The first reservation that we have here is that there are no ingredient quantities listed in either of the complexes and so we cannot accurately predict whether the same results will follow from taking these pills. In addition to this, there is some uncertainty as to how much stimulating the Thyroid will help users to lose weight. It is suggested that this will only be helpful to those who have some sort of pre-existing underactive Thyroid condition and if this is the case, then it would limit the application of the pills quite severely since a lot of the ingredients are said to cause weight loss this way.
Speed of results: 50/100

Despite claims from the manufacturers that the pills will induce rapid weight loss, there is very little information given about how long the pills will take to work. Given that no exercise regime or diet plan are recommended this leads us to believe that the pills may take a while to induce any type of reduction in weight.
Appetite Suppression: 15/100

We have scored the Ultimate Burn pills very low in this area because although they do contain some ingredients which are believed to help reduce the appetite, the actual clinical research did not provide any conclusive evidence. Having said this, they contain a huge amount of stimulants which are themselves known to have some appetite suppressing properties so users may experience some effect although this is likely to be minimal. It must be remembered though that appetite suppression was not something claimed explicitly by the manufacturers.
Long Term Results: 0/100

We have given the pills an extremely low rating here due to the fact that there is no exercise or diet regime in place and the pills are to be used solely on their own as a weight loss aid. None of the effects that the ingredients contained in the pills have inside the body will last long after users have stopped consuming them and so it is extremely likely that since no changes in lifestyle will have been achieved, users will put back on any weight they have lost after they stop using the pills.

Safety: 30/100

There have been a lot of different concerns regarding some of the main ingredients used in these pills and this is why we have had to score them quite low. Although most of the ingredients should result in nothing other than mildly unpleasant effects including nausea, insomnia and headaches. Ingredients such as Ephedra Extract and Citrus Aurantium in particular have been associated with much more serious effects including heart attacks and strokes. Although this should not be common, the risk is very real and there have even been warnings against its consumption.
Value for money: 45/100

The price of these pills is quite high, especially if you buy them directly from the manufacturer, however given that they do have the potential to be very effective this may be a price worth paying. Having said this, we have given only a moderate score due to the fact that such serious side effects have been linked to some of the ingredients since this means that purchasing the pills becomes more of a risk.

Ultimate Burn Side Effects

The most worrying side effects associated with the Ultimate Burn pills concern the use of Ephedra Extract and Citrus Aurantium. Both of these have been linked to heart defects and strokes when used over long periods of time and other serious symptoms such as shortness of breath and high blood pressure have also been suggested.

As well as this, these pills contain very large amounts of stimulant ingredients which is likely to results in many of the symptoms associated with a high intake of Caffeine. This will most likely include cramping, nausea, insomnia, anxiety and even high blood pressure.

For more detailed information on this matter and a more thorough explanation concerning the potential side effects associated with this product and in particular the warnings given regarding some of the main ingredients you can read our Ultimate Burn Side Effects article.

Where to Buy Ultimate Burn

If you have decided to purchase the Ultimate Burn diet pills, we would recommend having a look at our Where To Buy Ultimate Burn page.

Overall Verdict

Having considered all of the information that we have about the ingredients used in this product our experts are inclined to say that it is likely to be able to induce weight loss for users. The combination of proven thermogenic agents with compounds that stimulate the Thyroid gland and metabolism mean that the product can tackle weight loss in a multi-faceted way and when these ingredients are combined the result should be fairly effective.

We do however feel that it is important to stress that this could potentially come at a high price given that some of them have been linked to very serious side effects.

If you would like to know more about the manufacturers, we recommend that you read our Company Behind Ultimate Burn article.

Overall: 32/100

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