Weight Loss Injections – Do They Work & Are They Safe
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Weight Loss Injections – Do They Work & Are They Safe

Weight loss injections also known as shots are injected into the body so that the person can control their bodyweight and lose fat off their body.

Dieting injections - are they safe?For a real, obvious effect a patient needs to have been taken the injections for several weeks before there is any major sign of weight loss. The NHS investigated and have found that taking weight loss injections could be more effective than diet and slimming pills. This is because an injection goes straight into the blood stream and therefore reacts with the body a lot quicker, where as a tablet has to go through the digestive system before it even hits the blood stream. Here is an NHS report in to a new weight loss injection called liraglutide.

The Most Popular Diet Injections

At the moment the three main popular weight loss injections are: Vitamin B12, Lipotropics and HCG.

Vitamin B12 contains only the vitamin itself which is injected into the body; this is known as the ‘energy vitamin’ because it helps with the metabolism of the cells in the body. This vitamin is essential for all bodies to be healthy and fully functional and is also responsible for the construction of DNA. The injection however adds more vitamin B12 into the body and therefore the body has a higher metabolism level. Although this vitamin hasn’t been proven to help lose an excessive amount of weight off the body, it does give the patient a boost of energy which should allow them to take part in more exercise that could lead to losing weight. This vitamin also helps the patient become less tired on a daily basis. Some side effects that have occurred after taking this vitamin have included diarrhea, headaches, nausea, joint pain and a feeling of being swollen all over the whole body.

injections for weight lossLipotropics is also very commonly used for weight loss injections and is known as ‘the fat burner’. It is made up of methionine which is an amino acid, choline which is an essential water soluble nutrient and inositol which is a carbohydrate and when mixed together these chemicals burn fat within the body. It does this by increasing the liver and gallbladder’s role of decreasing the amount of fat deposits and speeding up the metabolism of fat. The injection targets certain parts of the body and dissolves excessive fat of the body that exercise can’t such as the stomach, inner thighs, neck and buttocks. Side effects that have occurred after taking this injection have included stomach pains and urinary problems, depression and exhaustion.

HCG stands for human chronic gonadotrophin and is a hormone which is produced during pregnancy for fertility treatments and as a tumour maker. However it is given as a weight loss injection as it can burn fat tissue and prevent the loss of lean muscle mass. This only works however if the patient is on a low calorie diet of 500 calories or less a day which is virtually impossible to do while keeping a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore taking this injection may lead to deficiencies in essential vitamins and minerals for the body. Women who take this injection are also more likely to get a condition known as ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome which is a life threatening disorder. Symptoms from this can include pelvic pain, shortness of breath, swollen hands or legs and abdominal pain. HCG was banned not long ago and here is the reasons the FDA give for why.

Slimming Pills Instead of Injections

As well as weight loss injections there are slimming pills and weight loss pills available which are also very popular. Some of the pills the public are able to buy in store or over the counter which shows that they are safe however they probably won’t be very effective. Then there are pills that the doctor can prescribe which will be a lot stronger and only given out to patients who need them. These can sometimes work differently to injections as they can target different areas of the body. A very popular type of a weight loss pill is called sibutramine slimming pills can be saferwhich is a pill that decreases appetite however on average it only gets rid of a few pounds. This has minor side effects of high blood pressure and heart disease. Another pill that is very popular is called orlistat and blocks fat absorption. This can cause stomach cramps, problems and diarrhea. Many of the diet and slimming pills that are available haven’t been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) due to health concerns and therefore when given to someone they come with a major risk and notice of the side effects.

A weight loss injection is advised to be taken over a pill because if a pill is taken the stomach acid will break down the vitamin and supplements inside the pill. This means taking an injection gives a direction supply of the weight loss or slimming supplements to the blood which will allow it to work a lot more effectively than a pill.

The Safety of Diet Injections

The big question is if they work? No one can ever be certain if the injection is going to work because what works on one person may not work on another. There have been no scientific evidence of a weight loss injection working successfully with no side effects occurring. Many pharmaceutical companies and health services such as the NHS have tried many times to develop a tablet or injection which can help weight loss. If there was something out there that worked effectively and safely then everyone would be stick thin. However this isn’t the case because even though certain people may have claimed in the past that they are losing weight due taking to a pill or injection what they are taking is most likely going to be unsafe. This is why no big companies have advertised or sold something like this because yes there will be plenty of products out there in the world that will make someone lose all their excess body fat however it is more than likely going to be very risky to take.

are diet pill injections safeAll types of injections can’t always be 100% safe because bleeding or infection can occur. Over the past few years many slimming/diet pills and weight loss injections have been developed and tested, however most of the time the results have shown that they are unsuccessful and sometimes unsafe which has led to serious side effects and risks. This is why none of these pills or injections have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Even though some types of pills and injections may be prescribed by doctors they are only prescribed to patients depending on their body and health situation with clear notice of the side effects.

Everyone should know that prior to anything you take that you haven’t taken before you need to know if there are any side effects or risks involved and if so what they are. A person who is desperate to lose weight needs to conduct their own research so that they know exactly what is being injected or swallowed into their body. They will need to find out any side effects and when is best to take the pill or injection. The person is responsible for whatever they take. Due to the reliability and availability of the NHS it is very easy to see a doctor nowadays and therefore anyone who is trying to lose weight should always try their doctor or health centre first. If this is no use then they should always speak to their doctor or consultant on first on exactly what they are going to take and the doctor or consultant will advise you on whether it is safe or not. Everyone understands that losing weight is hard and that so many ways have been tested and tried to lose weight however the best way is to control your lifestyle. If you live a healthy lifestyle with a correct balanced diet and regular amounts of exercise then this is the best way to control or lose weight. This is the most effective and controlled way but will also have other health benefits towards your body.

The Dangers of Researching Online

A certain percentage of people are tempted to try ways that are faster and easier to lose weight. The internet doesn’t help this matter either. People can be tempted into buying diet and slimming pills or weight loss injections due to the up rise of the internet. Adverts can be seen all over the internet which include before and after photos of someone who apparently took a slimming pill. These images are normally accompanied by text that explains that the person only took the pill for two weeks and lost over so many pounds. This information is most likely going to be twisted and exaggerated or untrue. The power of the internet allows people to exaggerate the truth and thanks to programs such as Adobe Photoshop images can be transformed and edited so well that the person in them doesn’t look the same anymore. In this case the person would look a lot skinnier showing that they took a slimming pill when they actually only photo shopped their own photo. This shows that firstly you should never believe everything you read or see on the internet. But also sometimes the slimming or diet pills and weight loss injections that are being advertised may not have any effect on the person buying it at all but they are just losing their money to the company.

If someone Google searches ‘slimming pills’ or ‘weight loss injections’ there are thousands of results displaying websites that are selling all sorts of tablets or injections which apparently make you skinnier. This can be very deceiving as the websites are made to look very intriguing and attractive and make out that whoever takes them will lose weight in a week or only have to take 1 tablet a day for a week and get a result. The prices aren’t too expensive either which makes it even easier for people to get their hands on them. This is the scary thing about the internet, no one really knows what they are buying especially if it is from a niche company. The tablet could easily be something else and not actually weight loss related at all!

Someone who is on a prescription weight loss injection or pill loses on average five to ten percentage of their total body weight if they keep a low balanced diet and exercise. This may not seem like a lot but it will make a massive difference to obese patients and losing this amount of body weight can decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. This means people are less likely to get problems such as heart disease and diabetes however this may not be the case for everyone and you have to remember that if you do take weight loss injections or pills that they don’t replace your diet or amount of exercise that you take part in. And that the best way to control and lose weight is to keep a healthy and balanced diet with regular exercise.

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